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Gübelin Gem Lab launches Gem Passport with Ai

Artificial intelligence is the big trend: it was inevitable that it would also involve the world of gems. The first to use it was the Swiss Gübelin Gem Lab, one of the most reliable gemstone certification companies in the world. Gübelin presents a new service: the Gem Passport, designed to guarantee the quality of emeralds, rubies and blue sapphires up to 3.00 carats with an authentic document from the Gübelin Gem Lab. Gem Passport is based on Gemtelligence, a platform that determines the origin and processing of colored gems using machine learning. This technology allows reliable laboratory tests at a very attractive price.

Gem Passport by Gübelin Gem Lab
Gem Passport by Gübelin Gem Lab

We believe that the Gem Passport is a very attractive and convenient service for stones that have not previously been accompanied by a testing document from a globally respected laboratory, giving peace of mind to brands and retailers too.
Daniel Nyfeler, general director of Gübelin

Daniel Nyfeler, direttore generale di Gübelin
Daniel Nyfeler, direttore generale di Gübelin

The Gem Passport is a novelty: for some more commercial stone sizes and qualities, the sector has until now been reluctant to invest in gemological reports from prestigious evaluation laboratories. An appraisal on a gem, obviously, is a cost which, for a small stone, can be considered excessive. Obstacle overcome thanks to the results of the deep learning software Gemtelligence, which allows the Gübelin Gem Lab to launch the Gem Passport. A certificate of quality and authenticity is an advantage for jewelry brands and retailers, as it increases the buyer’s confidence in the quality of the stone.
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The Gem Passport contains the main identifying characteristics of a gemstone, such as species and variety, country of origin and simplified information on the state of treatment. The Gem Passport focuses on the key characteristics of the gem, determined by artificial intelligence. This reduces the test workflow, especially labor-intensive microscopic evaluation, and allows for a lower price.
Pietre di colore: zaffiro, rubino, rubellite e zaffiro giallo
Color stones: sapphire, ruby, rubellite and yellow sapphire

Gem passports are available for unmounted rubies, blue sapphires and emeralds up to 3.00 carats. This new and innovative gemological document is offered at a very competitive rate of 200 Swiss Francs (215 US dollars), making it attractive for smaller sized or moderate value gemstones. Gem Passports do not contain any additions of quality or rarity, i.e. no commercial color calls, appendixes, information sheets or grading documents. All Gübelin Gem Lab locations offer the Gem Passport.

The Gem Passport demonstrates our commitment to innovation and expresses our pioneering spirit. We want to contribute and support the sector by making gemological documents accessible for smaller stones that have often not been within our scope until now. Gem Passports are the next step after Gemtelligence. They are an addition to our range of services and represent an interesting solution to accompany gems of more moderate value.
Raphael Gübelin, president of the House of Gübelin

Launched in 2023, Gemtelligence is already applied, tested and established. The evaluation of the analytical data is completely managed by a new AI-based software, Gemtelligence, which was developed using tens of thousands of data points collected by the Gübelin Gem Lab over decades.

Raphael Gübelin, presidente
Raphael Gübelin

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