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Christie’s sells 2 pieces of Boehmer et Bassenge

Two exceptional jewels signed by Boehmer et Bassenge will be sold at Christie’s.
The house Christie’s has been chosen by Boehmer et Bassenge to launch their new Maison of fine jewelry based in France. And the debut goes with the introduction of two exceptional jewels from their first collection. In short, a star is born and is located straight above the sky of Paris. The Maison is named in honor of Charles Boehmer and Paul Bassenge, Parisian jewelers of the eighteenth century, they created a series of exceptional diamonds and a necklace historically famous during the reign of Louis XV. Have you read The Three Musketeers by Alexander Dumas? Have you at least seen on television cartoons of Lady Oscar? Well, just that necklace. The brand was born in 2013 on the initiative of RDH Diamonds, a company based in Antwerp and that, as its name indicates, trades in white stones that make the world go crazy. And first-rate: the Maison works exclusively with large stones, D color, Flawless clarity, perfect polish and symmetry. With this recipe were created exceptional jewels: just a couple of pieces a year. And now Christie’s “is honored to present two, a necklace and a pair of earrings,” premiered in Hong Kong, London, New York and Geneva. The pieces will be included in an auction of Magnificent Jewels to be held on November 15 in Geneva. Warning: will be offered without a reserve price. So that means that each piece will be sold, no matter the final price reached in the room. If you want to prepare …

Miroir de l’Amour are the world’s largest perfect pear-shaped diamond drops ever to be offered at auction. Each drop is a D colour, Flawless clarity diamond of 52.55 and 50.47 carats, with symmetrical cuts. Such perfection is rarely seen. The center stones sit below 30 Internally Flawless D colour diamonds in pear and marquise-cuts weighing 20.41 carats, bringing the total weight of the earrings to 123.43 carats. Estimate of Miroir de l’Amour earrings is US$20-30m. Le Jardin d’Isabelle is a mesmerizing diamond necklace containing three very important D colour, Flawless clarity diamonds of 31.38, 12.11 and 8.07 carats. Composed into a garland of flowers and accented with intense pink diamond bows, it is a necklace of pure quality and magnitude, made from 176 white pear-shaped, marquise-cut and round shaped diamonds, accounting for 91.80 carats. All stones are of D colour and Flawless clarity. With an intense colour, the pink accents are made of 258 diamonds, accounting for 3.92 carats. Every step of the design process is preserved, including the designer’s original gouache drawings which are part of the offering. Estimate of Le Jardin d’Isabelle necklace is US$8-12m.  Federico Graglia

Collana di diamanti Jardin d'Isabelle
Collana di diamanti Jardin d’Isabelle
Miroir de l'Amour sono orecchini perfetti, con diamanti a forma di pera.
Miroir de l’Amour sono orecchini perfetti, con diamanti a forma di pera.

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