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Atelier Vm rings with fingerprint

Fingerprints are not necessarily only important at crime scenes. Even in love, the imprint of the fingertips can be a sign to be preserved. The Milanese brand Atelier Vm thought of this, offering a series of jewels whose protagonist is the curved lines of the hands that characterize the identity of a man or woman. Atelier Vm presented two new wedding rings, which follow a chevalier ring and pendants to add to a necklace or bracelet. Their peculiarity is that they can be personalized with the fingerprints of the person you love, or of the person wearing the jewellery.

Anello chevalier in oro 9 carati con impronta digitale
9ct gold chevalier ring with fingerprint

The wedding ring is 3 millimeters thick and can accommodate more than two fingerprints, perhaps four or even five, depending on the space available. The price is around 900 euros, 1000 pounds or 1200 dollars. The imprint is imprinted in the 18-karat gold seamlessly and, obviously, makes the jewel unique. In the case of wedding rings it is also a symbol that seals the life of a couple. The digital impression is acquired at all Atelier Vm sales points, where the cast of the fingers is made. There are no limits for those who want a jewel with a fingerprint, except age, which must be over five years.

Ciondolo in oro giallo 9 carati
9ct yellow gold charm
Anello in oro con impronte digitali
Gold ring with fingerprints

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  1. hallo zusammen

    Gerne möchte ich meiner Mama ein besonderes Geschenk machen. Ein Ring mit mit veiden Fingerabdrücken von uns Kindern wo ein Herz ergibt. Bieter Ihr dies an

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