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Anello Wave in oro rosa e diamanti di laboratorio

The waves of Lark & ​​Berry

Lark & ​​Berry points out that it was the first jewelry brand to offer only lab-created diamonds. And, of course, he hasn’t changed his mind over the years. Now that […]

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Anello con tormalina, smeraldi, oro giallo, smalto, diamanti

Sarah Ho’s surprising plots

The innovations offered by technology also serve to change the creative path. As in the case of the new collection of the London designer Sarah Ho. In recent months, she […]

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Anello Radiance in oro 18 carati, peridoto, zaffiri rosa, malachite. Il gioiello si può trasformare in pendente staccando la parte superiore dal cerchio dell'anello

Art deco peridot for Annoushka

The birthstone of August is peridot (see also: All about the peridot). Probably for this reason the British designer Annoushka Ducas has chosen the summer month to present her new […]

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Spilla con diamanti su conchiglia di Verdura

Simon Teakle’s stellar vintage jewels

Not everyone likes the jewels of the latest collection, or those related to the fashion of the moment. On the contrary, there are those who love jewels that have a […]

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Orecchini con smeraldo

High jewelry in 3D with Jaubalet

High jewelry designed also thanks to 3D printers: it is Jaubalet’s idea to create custom necklaces, rings or bracelets ♦ ︎ London, 1 Berkeley Street, but also Place Vendôme, Paris, […]

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Anello in oro bianco, con perla dei Mari del Sud, granato e diamante

The Bauhaus by Alexandra Jefford

The Bauhaus and the design of the thirties revive in the jewels of Alexandra Jefford ♦ ︎ Alexandra Jefford has been making and designing jewelry for years. In short, she […]

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Collana con pendente portafortuna in oro, cristallo di rocca, madreperla e pavé di pietre semi preziose

The inspirations of Noor Fares

Noor Fares, a refined jewelry designer, married the artist and businessman Alexandre Al Khawam in 2015, with whom she had a child. She lives in Belgravia, an exclusive district of […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo 18 carati, ottone, corallo, plastica, carta da parati vintage e pesci in resina

Tessa Packard, british style

Alongside traditional jewels, Tessa Packard surprises with precious but also fun creations ♦ Tessa Packard is the creative director of the brand that she founded in 2013 and that in […]

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Anello con diamanti, smeraldi, zaffiri rosa, viola e blu, tanzanite

Leyla Abdollahi, the charm of the two worlds

The jewels of Leyla Abdollahi, winner of the Couture Design Awards ♦ A few years ago she won a special prize: The Best in Debut at Couture at Las Vegas 2017. […]

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Anello in oro e diamanti della collezione Mad Love

The sins of Hannah Martin

Sin is not a sin according to Hannah Martin, a British designer who goes beyond the ︎ conventions ♦ “This mysterious, driving power beguiles, controls and manipulates the house in which […]

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Anello con moneta d'oro antica 18 carati

Coins and gold threads, Nina Bukvic’s jewels

Ancient coins and gold threads. At the moment, the jewelry production by Nina Bukvic revolves around these two elements. The coins, in particular, are a constant in her proposal, as […]

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Anello in argento placcato oro 14 carati con piccoli topazi

The praise of case of Completedworks

Bijoux made in London, with a modern, unconventional design and, of course, in tune with the fashion atmosphere and attentive to sustainability of the English capital. The name is already […]

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Anello con due diamanti taglio pera

The precious legacy of Jessie Thomas

How many fathers are there who would not be proud of a daughter who follows in his professional footsteps, perhaps with greater success? And what happens to the goldsmith master […]

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Orecchini in argento placcato oro e cubic zirconia

Double life for Talita

The name Talita means little girl in the ancient Aramaic language. Today it also indicates the brand founded in 2019 and based in London by two (almost) young girls: Talya […]

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Ear cuff in oro bianco, tormalina rosa, opale rosa e diamanti

Sabine Roemer, high jewelery for high society

x You attend the London high society. But she also has a social sensibility: Sabine Römer (name that is more often spelled Roemer, because the Anglo-Saxon language does not know […]

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Collana in bronzo placcata oro 18 carati

The free chains of Tilly Sveaas

What is the paradox for a jeweler? Choosing creativity to escape the chains of a fixed job, but then choosing chains as a model of style. This is what happened […]

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Anello in oro con opale

Careful to Max Danger

The dangerous ideas of Max Danger: bees and robots become jewels inspired by comics. And they have appeal ♦ What’s more dangerous than ideas? So, perhaps it is not surprising […]

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Spilla KIss in oro, perle e al centro una moneta in argento di Eubea (Grecia) del secondo secolo a.e.v.

The never ending story of Elizabeth Gage

The jewels of Elizabeth Gage one of the most prolific designers, with a career of 50 years behind ♦ It is considered one of the most influential jewelery designer of the past five […]

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Orecchini Rainbow Zelda con morganite e perle di berillo

Sarah Ho’s Precious Rays

Born in Macau, Chinese name, Western appearance. And she lives and works in London. But Sarah Ho‘s origins would not be important were it not for her jewels to boast […]

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Anello in oro rosa con diamante taglio a pera

Thelma West between pride and prejudice

She have founded and run Igr London, an independent diamond and precious stone laboratory. She founded and directed Yeraua Diamonds, a diamond trading company. And finally, she founded a jewelry […]

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