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Gemelli in oro rosa con diamante

The spirals on the wrist of Gobbi

Spirals are a small universe that occupies a precise place in the world of jewelry: to be precise, the center of Milan, a stone’s throw from the Duomo. The spirals […]

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Collezione Dedalo, bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti e ceramica bianca

Gismondi 1754 in the Dedalo of Genoa

Genoa, an Italian city overlooking the sea, has the oldest district crossed by an intricate maze of alleys. And Genoa is also the city of Gismondi 1754, a jewelry brand […]

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Gemelli Orso e Toro in oro e rubini

The most precious cufflinks of England

A gift for him: the most refined cufflinks in England: they are those of Deakin & Francis. Here is a (small) selection of their cufflinks ♦ If you allow, today […]

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Gemelli della Gioielleria Villa

Villa, cufflinks with double fantasy

The endless series of cuff links of Gioielleria Villa in Milan: for men or women, combines craftsmanship and goldsmith virtuosity. There are jewelry for men that the Big Brother lovers […]

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Bronzo rodiato incrostato di radice di zaffiro

With Begum Khan the polished is him

The cufflinks for men (but not only) elegant, extroverted, precious signed by Begum Khan. The jewelry for men, we say it out loud, are in most cases ugly. There’s also […]

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Coppia di gemelli in oro di TIffany

Cufflinks with Sotheby’s

Cufflinks for men made by the big names in jewelry: they are auctioned by Sotheby’s ♦ ︎ Cufflinks are probably the only kind of twins that does not worry a […]

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Gemelli della collezione Les Montres

Antorà, art cufflinks

Antorà’s cufflinks, Catania’s brand that conquered the world ♦ ︎ Cufflinks? I’m no longer a jewel only for a man. There are women who wear shirts and show up glittering […]

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Jan Leslie, gemelli a forma di televisori

A Jan Leslie tv at cuff

The new cufflinks in silver, imaginative and ironic, signed by Jan Leslie ♦ At Couture in Las Vegas were born two. In the sense of cufflinks, jewelery that are used […]

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Linea Gourmet, con corniola, lapis o occhio di falco

Vhernier in pairs

The Vhernier cufflinks, for man, but also for women: the three lines with different characteristics. They are presented as the masculine side of Vhernier. But it is not unlikely that […]

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Legittima Difesa: bracciale 178 euro, collana 158, gemelli  280, porta chiavi 490

Hands up, Legitimate Defense

In the United States, a country where the weapons in circulation (310 million) are the same of people number (318 million), the collection shown at Jck Show in Las Vegas […]

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Gemelli con meduse

The mysterious Sicily of Agalma Medusae

Dolce & Gabbana are not the only ones to reinterpret the myth of Sicily, land of contradictions and rare beauty: the brand Agalma Medusae, which we have already talked about […]

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Anelli Pegaso

Stephan Hafner among the stars

In the stars we read the past, but in the sky are also pinned their hopes for the future: no wonder, then, about the news in the collections by Stefan […]

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Anello Sixteen Stone in platino, oro giallo con diamanti e zaffiri rosa di Jean Schlumberger, fedina Tiffany Soleste in oro giallo con diamanti, anello Tiffany Etoile in platino con diamanti

(Italiano) Tiffany, l’elenco dell’amore

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Vacationing with Armani

Vacationing with Armani

Silver with white crystals applied: is the formula for the winter collection branded Emporio Armani. Made from Fossil, which has the brand licensing, the collection is a continuation of the […]

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Dolce & Gabbana, pendente della collezione King

A crown for Dolce & Gabbana

A crown for Dolce & Gabbana. The two designers propose a jewelry collection for men, but nobody prevents to wear a crown to a woman, as evidenced by Great Britain, […]

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I gemelli che consentono la rotazione delle fasi lunari

Comete in the Cosmos

Comete Gioielli: a name evokes space, the galaxy, the stars. And here is a new collection: Cosmo. It is a line that is part of the collections called Italian Stories […]

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Particolare dei nodi in argento

Ferragamo, a Node for man

For anyone who might have forgotten, Thursday, March 19th is the Father’s Day: agree, is not as celebrated as other occasions, and then, the brand Salvatore Ferragamo Jewels has decided […]

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Gemelli personalizzabili di Pignatelli

Pignatelli’s cufflinks

If Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to make a gift to him? Carlo Pignatelli offers the classic jewelry for the man, the cufflinks. In this case the closure metal is […]

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I gemelli con Lupin. Prezzo: 29 euro

Lupin al polso

Chi ha meno di 40 anni di sicuro almeno qualche puntata dei cartoni animati di Lupin lo ha seguiti. E chi ha più di 40 li ha visti tramite figli […]

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Anello firmato Cartier

Valzer prezioso con Dorotheum

Quella del 26 novembre a Vienna è l’ultima delle quattro aste speciali che Dorotheum organizza ogni anno: 203 lotti selezionati dagli esperti della casa d’aste viennese pensando al gusto del […]

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