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Pinky rings for women, what you need to know

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What should a pinky ring for women look like? And, above all, why are there rings that must be worn on the little finger? Let’s talk about the signet or chevalier rings. They are all the rage and many women are wondering whether to wear such a ring on their little finger. In fact, there are good reasons to wear a ring on your little finger. But not all rings are recommended to be worn on the smallest finger of the hand. So let’s see what women’s rings for little fingers look like.

Anello chevalier indossato
Anello chevalier indossato

The pinky rings
Let’s first open a quick parenthesis: the signet ring, or chevalier, as the definition already indicates, has a history that originates in the nobility. In ancient times, only a few men and women could write, and even kings and emperors were illiterate. Also, it was necessary to seal the correspondence with lacquer wax, to prevent it from being read by others. The seal of the family was then affixed to the lacquer wax, which was engraved on the noble’s ring. Over time, then, this type of rings served only as an ornament, to flaunt belonging to a noble family. Nowadays it has spread, however, as a simple jewel, which can be worn by anyone. But, if you are not a countess, marquis or princess, it would be wiser to avoid choosing rings with fake badges.

Anello chevalère in oro bianco, diamanti, cristallo di rocca e smeraldo Muzo
Anello chevalière in oro bianco, diamanti, cristallo di rocca e smeraldo Muzo, alta gioielleria Boucheron

Signet rings were in the past almost exclusively worn by men, in fact they are also called chevalier (knight). Over time, however, women also began to wear rings of this type. So, don’t worry: women can safely wear signet rings too.

On which hand to wear the ring? The signet ring or chevalier ring is usually worn on the little finger of the secondary hand. If you mainly use the right hand, then, it will be more comfortable to wear the ring on the left hand and, conversely, if you are left-handed you will wear the chevalier ring on the right hand. This principle also applies to men.

Anello chevalier indossato
Anello chevalier in oro rosa indossato

Why is the ring worn on the little finger?
As we have said, the signet ring originally had a practical function: it replaced the signature of a noble. But to house the family crest or personal symbol, it was necessary to use rings with a rather large surface. Wearing a large ring of this type on the little finger was easier, because it did not hinder the movements of the hand, perhaps to hold the sword.

Today, the habit of wearing chevalier rings on the little finger has simply remained, even if the size has decreased. In fact, there are also those who wear this type of ring on other fingers of the hand. It’s wrong? There is no law that prohibits wearing a signet ring on a finger other than the little finger. Prince Charles of England, for example, wears the chevalier ring strictly on his little finger. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, exhibited it on her ring finger. It also depends on the proportions of the ring, of course: a jewel with a large surface could be uncomfortable and out of proportion on a little finger.

Anello con sigillo di PdPaola indossato sul dito anulare, grazie alle dimensioni non eccessive
Anello con sigillo di PdPaola indossato sul dito anulare, grazie alle dimensioni non eccessive

Which ring to choose?
The signet or chevalier ring to be worn on the little finger, as we have seen, has lost its original meaning, although many people with noble titles continue to use them. The jewelers have thus indulged in many different variations. There is, however, a rule: choose a ring that is proportionate to the size of your hands. A signet ring doesn’t have to overhang your little finger, but add a touch of elegance. Also, if you wear a chevalier ring that is too large you will find yourself clumsy when you have to grab an object and the jewel could be annoying.
Anelli di Alexandra Abramczyk
Anelli di Alexandra Abramczyk

Anello al mignolo del principe Carlo d'Inghilterra
Anello al mignolo del principe Carlo d’Inghilterra

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