Collana con smeraldi e diamanti
Collana con smeraldi e diamanti bianchi e colorati

Gucci high jewelry in the Labyrinth

Life is a labyrinth, life as a couple is a succession of labyrinths, not to mention work relationships. The Gucci high jewelery collection, called Labyrinths, is inspired by winding paths that were once reconstructed in gardens where the game is to find the right way out. There are 140 unique pieces divided into three themes. But the interpretative path is quite simple: for everyone it is a journey into beauty, like that found in a labyrinth-shaped garden. Furthermore, compared to the past, Gucci adds a reinterpretation of the letter G which distinguishes the Maison.

Bracciale rigido ispirato a un bouquet fiori con rubellite di 30,57 carati, tsavoriti e altre rubelliti
Flower bouquet inspired bangle with 30.57 carat rubellite, tsavorites and other rubellites

One of the lines in the collection is inspired by the concept of symmetry and orderly beauty. Which is also the style behind Italian gardens, where nature is contained in the geometric lines decided by the green architect. Gucci interprets this concept with jewels such as the set marked by rubellite and tsavorite as if they were elements of a floral bouquet. A band bracelet is embellished with a 30.57-carat pear-shaped rubellite tourmaline with a special star-cut pavilion, with other tsavorites and rubellite beads.
Collana con tormalina paraiba a goccia, zaffiri, tanzaniti, smeraldi, diamanti
Necklace with drop-shaped paraiba tourmaline, sapphires, tanzanites, emeralds, diamonds

The second line is dedicated to the concept of geometric splendor, which is the basis of all high jewellery, as well as that of the labyrinth. Large necklaces are part of this theme, also in this case marked by maxi colored stones. Like the necklace with a 53.25-carat lagoon tourmaline together with a 19.68-carat Ethiopian opal, with mandarin garnets and other opals and diamonds.
Anello con diamanti e rubellite
Ring with diamonds and rubellite

Finally, the third theme of the collection is dedicated to lush nature, including fauna. As with the dragonfly-inspired earrings. Also in this case the protagonists are colored gems, such as large Paraiba tourmalines, emeralds, white and colored diamonds.

Orecchini ispirati alla libellula
Dragonfly inspired earrings

Anello con tormalina verde e granati mandarino
Ring with green tourmaline and mandarin garnets
Collana in oro bianco con spinello di 28 07 carati, rubellite, tsavorite e il motivo con  la G
Necklace in white gold with 28 07 carat spinel, rubellite, tsavorite and the G motif

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