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Bracciale di Mark Davis in bachelite e diamanti

4×4 diamonds at Couture

At the Couture in Las Vegas the diamonds of Canadamark in 4×4 version directed by Muse ♦ ︎ The Couture in Las Vegas organized between the Wynn and the Encore […]

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Nikos Koulis. Copyright: gioiellis.com

Nikos Koulis always says Oui

The renewed Oui collection signed by the famous Greek designer Nikos Koulis ♦ ︎ Saying yes is simple, but to say Oui one must be French, or be Nikos Koulis. […]

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Nikos Koulis, collana della collezione Universe Line

Nikos Koulis, poetry is geometry

The Universe Line collection by Nikos Koulis: geometry becomes poetry (thanks to a patent) ♦ ︎ Celebrated, rewarded, cuddled: Nikos Koulis is undoubtedly one of the jewelery designer that have […]

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La collana vincitrice al Couture, diamanti e cristallo di rocca

The third of Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis won the Couture Design Awards for the third time with this necklace. But among the jewels in black and white appears the yellow gold ♦ ︎ For the […]

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Carolina Bucci, premio Best in Gold  ai Couture Awards 2018

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards

The 15 winners of the Couture Awards in Las Vegas. An Italian, Carolina Bucci, no Frenches, Fernando Jorge does an encore and … ♦ ︎ A rather disappointing show for […]

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Nikos Koulis, orecchino della collezione Universe (immagine da Facebook)

Nikos Koulis, an Universe applause

Universe, the new amazing collection by Nikos Koulis ♦ ︎ At Las Vegas Couture, he was been rewarded for two years in a row. In 2017, however, the jury considered […]

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Bracciale della collezione Lingerie

Nikos Koulis in Lingerie

The new collection by Nikous Koulis: it’s called Lingerie and uses silvery pearls of Thaiti ♦ Last year, for the second consecutive time, he won the Haute Couture at the Couture […]

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Collana Venice di Qayten

In VicenzaOro the design wins

The Design Room in VicenzaOro January 12 outstanding authors of tomorrow’s jewelry. One of the best innovations of VicenzaOro January edition was the introduction of the Design Room. While some […]

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Sergio Antonini alla premiazione dei Palladio Awards

Palladio awards to Koulis, Mennella and Antonini

At Palladio Awards, win prizes the creatives Nikos Koulis, Faraone Mennella and Antonini. Call them the Oscar of jewelry. Definition easy to understand, but inappropriate. If only because Italy has […]

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Galerie Lerique, spilla in ottone e cristalli. Prezzo: 270 euro

The 29 jewels suitable for New Year

The shoes and the dress you can found them, but you must decide what to wear, in New Year’s night, about the jewels. It is the most important night of […]

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Gumuchian, bracciale Honeycomb in oro giallo e 42 diamanti taglio brillante per 1.86 carati. Prezzo: 23 mila dollari

It’s a cuff time

A beautiful  cuff bracelet: there is nothing like a jewel to make it a little more sparkling a dress off. So instead of overlaying thin chains or bangle, the trendsetters […]

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Nikos Koulis, collezione Oui anello in oro bianco con smalto grigio, diamanti e zaffiro rosa. Dall'account Instagram di Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis still says Oui

Evolve with freshness: the creativity of Nikos Koulis is confirmed with the new version of Oui collection, winner of the Couture Design Award 2015 for the bridal category (http://gioiellis.com/i-14-vincitori-degli-oscar-del-gioiello/ ). The […]

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Bracciale di Pomellato

New York stage for Gemfields

Gemfields, global giant in the production of precious stones, debuted with unique pieces of jewelry signed by big as David Webb, Stephen Webster and Kimberly McDonald, Federica Rector, G, Hippolyta, […]

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Collezione Oui, anello con diamante, smeraldo e smalto

Nikos Koulis, Oui

Nikos Koulis is a greek designer based in Athens that Jck to Las Vegas in 2015 won the Couture Design Award in the Category bridal for her first collection, called […]

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Best in Pearls: Autore, bracciale Orange Blossom in oro giallo con pavé di diamanti bianchi, verdi e gialli e una perla South Sea Keshi e due perle South Sea a goccia

(Italiano) I 14 vincitori degli Oscar del gioiello

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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