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Michele della Vallem pupazzo di neve  in cristallo di rocca smerigliato, zaffiri gialli tondi, smeraldi e rubini, smalto nero, zaffiro arancione cabochon tondo, diamanti tondi, oro bianco, giallo e annerito 18 carati

Michele della Valle & friends with Christie’s online

In view of Christmas, from 23 November to 7 December Christie’s offers an online auction entitled Jewels Online & Colorful Whimsy: Jewels by Michele della Valle. The sale includes high-end […]

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Nikos Koulis, orecchino della collezione Universe (immagine da Facebook)

How to wear just one earring

The single earrings, that is, earrings that are worn one at a time. But when can you wear just one earrings? Here are the rules to follow ♦ Large and […]

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Orecchini con rubini di Michele della Valle

Success in New York of Sotheby’s auction

No diamond had a crazy price, but the Sotheby’s auction in New York has also achieved a record: it was the first sale of jewelry during the coronavirus emergency. The […]

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David Webb, spilla Winged Pig con oro e diamanti

The jewels of the year of the pig

The jewelry in the shape of a pig, the animal of 2019 according to the Chinese horoscope ♦ ︎ There are animals that reign on Facebook or Instagram: cats, dogs, […]

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Coppia di gemelli in oro di TIffany

Cufflinks with Sotheby’s

Cufflinks for men made by the big names in jewelry: they are auctioned by Sotheby’s ♦ ︎ Cufflinks are probably the only kind of twins that does not worry a […]

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Bracciale Art Déco con diamanti e rubini di Van Cleef & Arpels, 1940

At auction the jewels of the former Olympian

From the Olympic gold to the gold of the jewels: Bonhams auctioned those of the former champion Katherine Domyan ♦ ︎ Gold attracts gold. It is not a magnetic effect […]

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David Webb, bracciale con smeraldi, rubini e smalto a forma di volpe

Bonhams celebrates David Webb

Rubies, sapphires, diamonds and 16 pieces by David Webb at Bonhams auction in New York ♦ ︎ Even if you do not have the money to buy the magnificent jewels […]

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Anello con diamante rosa di 8,42 carati, fancy rosa intenso, taglio brillante, ma «modificato rettangolare», chiarezza VVS1. AI lati due diamanti baguette

Jar and a pink diamond are the stars at Christie’s

A pink diamond and a ring of Jar are the stars of Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in New York ♦ ︎ Spring returns to pink, like peach blossoms and like […]

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Anello con coppia di diamanti blu di Graff: 12,5 milioni di dollari

Graff in blue, Christie’s golden year

With two twin blue diamonds from Graff it closes a golden year for Christie’s ♦ ︎ In view of Christmas, the wallet opens more easily. Especially if the expense is […]

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David Weeb, anello Paisley in oro e platino con rubini cabochon, smeraldi, zaffiri, diamanti taglio brillante, smalto blu

David Webb in Paisley shape

David Webb presents at Couture its renewed collections ♦ Exoticism is the kind of cultural and artistic reference inspired by forms and stories of distant lands. Today is no longer very […]

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Anello fibbia ovale della collezione Manhattan Minimalism. Oro, diamanti, smalto, platino. Prezzo: 27.000 dollati

World Wide David Webb

David Webb extends the proposal: collections inspired by the seventies and a more affordable line ♦ When, in 2010, Mark Emanuel and Robert Sadian bought David Webb, a historic American jewelery […]

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Cartier, bracciale in platino con diamanti rotondi, carré e ovali, con rubini ovali degradanti. Stima: 70-90.000 euro

Il Ponte between Cartier and Krizia

From Cartier to Krizia: a sale of jewels other than the usual organized by Il Ponte Casa d’Aste ♦ There is Cartier, there is Boucheron. But, above all, there are Italian […]

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Bracciale in oro, diamanti e rubini

Sotheby’s, the first auction in 2017

The first auction of Sotheby’s jewelry of 2017 is scheduled for 1 February in New York. Here’s what will be on sale. It’s already time to look at the auctions […]

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Collana in stile azteco, particolare

The David Webb’s totems

The jewels, colors, imagination and a bit ‘of primitive energy by David Webb jewelry Color collection. With a play on words, you could call it as the World Wide Webb, […]

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Bracciale con zaffiri e diamanti di Van Cleef & Arpels. Stima: 1,7-2,7 milioni di dollari

Christie’s Magnificent

Pink diamonds, sapphires of Kashmir, of noble ancestry jewels: November 15th auction of Magnificent Jewels by Christie’s. Get out with your binoculars if you can not prepare maxi checks: in […]

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Hemmerle: orecchini realizzati a mano con zaffiri, rame, oro bianco

Four to Pad

Four signatures of the jewel at Pad in London, the largest trade show dedicated to luxury design. In London the Pad comes back and turns ten. For lovers of antiques, […]

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Jubilee Ruby, anello firmato Verdura. Stima: 12-15 milioni di dollari

Christie’s with an exceptional ruby

A ring with a large ruby, the Ruby Jubilee, will be the major piece of the auction of Magnificent Jewels programmed by Christie’s for 20 April. Why jubilee? Well, because […]

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Bracciale di Pomellato

New York stage for Gemfields

Gemfields, global giant in the production of precious stones, debuted with unique pieces of jewelry signed by big as David Webb, Stephen Webster and Kimberly McDonald, Federica Rector, G, Hippolyta, […]

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Grande diamante fancy Vivid Yellow da 75,56 carati

Christie’s goes with yellow in NY

It comes another auction that focuses on an exceptional diamond: it is a stone of 75.56 carats, fancy yellow, that I will be sold at Christie’s in New York on 20 […]

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Rahul Kadakia con una selezione di gioielli appartenuti a Elizabeth Taylor venduti in una speciale asta organizzata da Christie’s nel 2011, che ha messo a segno un record di 116 milioni di dollari

Rahul Kadakia, the guru of the jewels

The numbers to eight digits achieved in jewelry auctions are no longer an exception: «A decade ago, you’d only hear these numbers in pictures sales; a Picasso sold for $10 […]

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