news — February 12, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Poll: one in three women want a ring

One in three women would like a diamond but, sad to say, most men prefer to give nothing. The preference (which seems a little bit interested for the truth) emerges from the survey conducted by the brand of jewelry Giamore.
At the presentation of the Italian brand was launched a survey on the tastes of Italians about music, travel, cinema, and luxury gifts. Result: Among the gifts most desired by men and women, the journey is in first place, chosen by 54% of respondents. The second choice is instead on the jewel: 14.5% prefer it to anything else, and two thirds of the preferences come from women.
Yeah, but what kind of jewelry? The ring is the preferred (35.1%), while the watch is wanted from 27%, especially chosen by men (almost 73%). Only 17% of males, however, dreams a ring. Among other gifts in the standings, bracelet wins third place with 15.3% of the vote, equally distributed between males and females. And then earrings (9.01%), pendants (8.1%), cufflink (2.7%) and the twins (2.7%). Not only: 30.4% of Italians (or, better, Italian women) want one or more diamonds as a gift (only 21% of men, that prefer gold and silver). Rubies, diamonds and topaz fascinate just over 10%, while 8.7% prefer others, in 69% of cases bijoux made in steel. Federico Gragliadonne-diamanti donne-e-gioielli

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