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Stroili remains in Italy

We change, we had joked: Stroili will not be sold to an Indian ( The newspaper Corriere della Sera, in an article by Carlo Turchetti, grinding the news published in November on the same pages. The owners of the brand of jewelry, the fund Investindustrial of Andrea Bonomi (which holds 31% indirectly), together with Intesa Sanpaolo (12%), 21 Investments (Benetton, with about 9%) and Wise Sgr ( about 9%), plus the Ergon fund, Francesco Micheli and De Nora family, have asked too much, or the bottom Emerisque direct from the Indian Ajay Khaitan, has rethought about it. Conclusion: Stroili remains Italian until further notice, and continues to be directed by ceo Maurizio Merenda. The purchase price of around 300 million, major of the revenues (230 million) may have discouraged investment. To purchase Stroili had also spoken of the Italian fund Clessidra by Claudio Sposito, which is headed for the activities related to luxury, to the former administrator of Bulgari, Francesco Trapani. Federico Graglia

Stroili orecchini
Vanité: orecchini in argento dorato e glitter. Prezzo: 99,90 euro
Selfie d’ordinanza di Elisa Sednaoui e il ceo Maurizio Merenda

Andrea Bonomi

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