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One hundred wedding rings from Stroili

One hundred wedding rings from Stroili

Spring is the period in which the greatest number of weddings are concentrated. And the ring is one of the necessary elements for the event: for this reason Stroili dedicates […]

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Stroili, cavigliera Lady Chic

Stroili summer style with Lady Chic

It’s time for summer bijoux: simple, inexpensive, easy to wear. For the new season, here is a new collection by Stroili, an Italian brand of affordable bijoux that has joined […]

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Anello in ottone rosato

The Vivian interlace by Stroili

A weave reminiscent of a quilted fabric, but light and airy: the Vivian collection by Stroili is made with a golden, pink or white rhodium-plated brass thread, with the addition […]

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Anello in oro bianco della collezione Sophia

Sophia’s world for Stroili

x The word sophia in the Greek language means wisdom. It is not certain that women named Sophia are necessarily wise, but on the other hand, with their name they […]

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Orecchini della linea Vivian

Stroili with Vivian for Valentine’s Day

Don’t look for a hidden meaning or some surprising reference in the Vivian collection by Stroili. The name matters little. Even in the special edition for Valentine’s Day, these bijoux […]

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Orecchini Lady Sweet

Hearts and words for Stroili

Do you prefer the jewel with a message or without? In case, for Valentine’s Day the Italian brand Stroili offers the choice between two options: the Lady Message collection and […]

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Anello con cubic zirconia rosse

Rainbow Valentine’s Day for Stroili

Valentine’s Day against the tide for Stroili. The Italian brand of affordable jewelry, in fact, dispels a myth: love is not just red. For the party of lovers, in fact, […]

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La boutique Stroili in corso Vercelli, a Milano

The new Stroili flagship store in Milan

Stroili doubles a few meters away with the new flagship store in Milan. The new boutique, in fact, is located in Corso Vercelli 24, not far from number 30 (inside […]

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Bracciale rigido in acciaio rosato

The Disney family with the Stroili brand

Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy: the two pairs of cartoon characters (and comics) now also arrive in the Stroili house. The Italian brand, which has been part of the […]

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Il flagship store Stroili Oro a Milano

At school with Stroili

At school with Stroili. But not for a bijoux lesson. The Italian brand, on the other hand, sides with Unicef to ensure educational continuity in emergency situations with School in […]

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Orecchini della collezione Violet

September Violet for Stroili

Violets, a romantic flower, one of the most popular of the last century. But these flowers also have a fashionable color, which has been revived by Stroili with the Violet […]

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Collana della collezione Waterfall

Autumn is Waterfall with Stroili

Ready for autumn? Here is one of the first collections for the new 2020 season: Waterfall by Stroili. It is a collection of bijoux that is inspired by the sensation […]

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Orecchini a lobo in oro bianco e zircone con carrozza di Cenerentola

Cinderella gets into the carriage with Stroili

Instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, Stroili turns Cinderella’s anniversary into a collection of bijoux. Or, to be more precise, the spell is used to celebrate the 70th […]

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Bracciale Love

The new jewels with message from Stroili

For Christmas, Stroili offers a collection of bijoux with engraved messages. The jewels with explicit messages, that is written and not only suggested by the shape of the jewel, are […]

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Bracciale flessibile Darling

Stroili for Christmas with Darling

Hearts in metal and spheres with glitter for the Darling Christmas collection by Stroili ♦ ︎ Bijoux in rose or rhodium plated (silver color) with heart charm and rhinestone ball. […]

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Bracciale rigido in acciaio con pvd rosa

Stroili smiles with Lol

Stroili smiles in the summer with the Lol collection: images and price ♦ ︎ In the language of the internet the acronym Lol is the abbreviation of laugh (ing) out […]

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Orecchini grandi della collezione Heaven

The spring paradise of Stroili

Heaven, the new Stroili collection of bijoux: images and price ♦ ︎ The new season of Stroili begins with a heavenly magic. Heaven is the line of bijoux proposed by […]

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Stroili, lettere della collezione Poème

From Stroili a poem in pendants

The Poème collection by Stroili with a dash of Christmas, but not only ♦ ︎ There are children who on Christmas Day recite the poetry studied at school for that […]

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Medagliette della Holy Collection

Stroili, Christmas with the Holy Collection

The pendants and necklaces dedicated to the spiritual world with the Holy Collection by Stroili ♦ ︎ Winter is the period in which many of the most felt festivals occur. […]

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Bracciale in oro bicolore. Prezzo: 279 euro

Beverly style by Stroili

The max Beverly collection by Stroili, simple and at super-accessible prices ♦ ︎ The name suggests the hills near Los Angeles where many Hollywood actors live. But the Beverly collection […]

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