— March 19, 2015 at 6:00 am

Ops! The new fashion bijoux

The fashion bijoux to the conquest of Baselworld, the temple of the jewelery: at the big event, in fact, there is also Opsobjects, a brand that has emerged as one of the most innovative. The collections of jewelry for 2015, presented at the stand of the fair in Switzerland, are different: there is a line designed with an eye to the tropics and the one that is inspired by the British rose gardens, or to the thousand bright lights of New York. In short, a world tour of colorful bracelets and pendants, for a jewelry that is meant to be worn every day, on all occasions, in all places. A fashion jewelery which was one of the successes of recent years, especially among young people, who wear silicone and resin with the same ease with which mothers choose silver and gold. Giulia Netrese

Collezione Ops!Objects  Tropical
Collezione Ops!Objects Tropical
Collezione Ops!Objects
Collezione Ops!Objects Pop
Bracciali Ops!Objects  Cherie
Bracciali Ops!Objects Cherie
Bracciali Ops!Objects
Bracciali Ops!Objects
Collezione Ops!Objects Boule
Collezione Ops!Objects Boule

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