Bracciale in oro giallo
Bracciale in oro giallo

There is Poesia on the Milky Way

The Milky Way is made up of billions of stars and probably even higher is the number of planets that orbit around the bright stars that make up the galaxy to which the solar system is a part. But, apart from the astronomical notes, the Milky Way has been a source of inspiration for philosophers, painters and poets since the dawn of humanity. Perhaps this is why Poesia Gioielli, a brand aimed at a young audience of the Italian Maison Crieri, offers jewels gathered under the name of the Milky Way collection. The number of elements that make up the jewels in the collection are obviously less numerous than those in the celestial vault.

Collana in oro rosa
Rose gold necklace

But the thin chains that connect a sequence of spots that enclose small sapphires, tsavorites or rubies seem to be inspired by the astral constellations. The Milky Way collection consists of mono earrings, bracelets and chain necklaces in white or rose gold. It also includes a necktie necklace with a thin white or pink gold chain.

Collana in oro bianco e zaffiri
Necklace in white gold and sapphires
Collana in oro giallo e zaffiri gialli
Necklace in yellow gold and yellow sapphires
Bracciale in oro bianco
White gold bracelet

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