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Bracciale con opali, zaffiri e diamanti su oro bianco

The mosaic of Sutra

The Mosaic collection by Sutra: small stones compositions in blue or red shades ♦ ︎ A sentence is, after all, a mosaic of words. And Sutra is a Sanskrit word, […]

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Garavelli, anello in oro bianco e diamanti neri

The masks of Garavelli

Not just for carnival: the masks of Garavelli’s Face collection ♦ ︎ You do not need to be a follower of Anonymous to wear Guy Fawkes’ masks: for example, it […]

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Anello arabesque in oro bianco e brillanti, con importante smeraldo cabochon, 12,72 carati. Bracciale manchette in oro bianco e brillanti, con vaghi in smeraldo e tre smeraldi cabochon centrali

Crivelli in colors

Crivelli’s Suggestioni cromatiche 3: diamonds, but also emeralds and sapphires ♦ ︎ White diamonds, a classic by Crivelli, are flanked by fancy varieties, but also sapphires, rubies, emeralds, apatites, paraibe […]

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Antonini, collezione Siracusa, anello in oro bianco e zaffiri

Antonini returns to Syracuse

Among Antonini’s new products presented at VicenzaOro January there is also a capsule collection of the Siracusa line ♦ Last year the jewels won an International Palladio Award as Best […]

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The geometries of Riviére

The geometries of Riviére

The Savoir-vivre collection of the Roman Maison Riviére: geometries in gold and precious stones ♦ ︎ Riviére, a Roman Maison that has been back in the foreground from few years […]

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Crivelli, anello con doppio fiore in oro bianco, diamanti bianchi e fancy di diverso taglio

Crivelli’s new chromatic suggestions

Crivelli jewelry made of diamonds and precious stones in the tradition of Valenza ♦ ︎ Flowers, love and fantasy. More diamonds, precious stones and so much gold. The Maison Crivelli […]

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Anello in oro bianco, diamanti e zaffiri rosa

The curves of Switzerland with Baenteli

The Sphere collection by Baenteli, curved lines with diamonds, sapphires and rubies ♦ ︎ Precious Switzerland is not just watches: jewellery such as by Baenteli (see also: Baenteli, Swiss made […]

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Iris, anello in oro, diamanti, acquamarina

New fantasies by Paolo Piovan

New fantasies, same fantastic ability to create jewels: the last pieces signed by Paolo Piovan ♦ ︎ That Paolo Piovan, jeweler of Padua, is one of the most fanciful brands […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri e rubini

Giorgio Visconti blossoms with Allure

Giorgio Visconti’s Allure jewelery line: diamonds and precious stones are transformed into flowers ♦ ︎ Allure is a French word that means charm, portamento, distinguished trait, elegance. It was no […]

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Anelli in oro rosa con diamanti bianchi e fancy

The Color Suggestions of Crivelli

The Crivelli jewels for the winter season presented by the Maison of Piedmont ♦ ︎ Chromatic suggestions. It is named the new winter season of Crivelli, Maison of Valenza with […]

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Palmiero, orecchini Estate pendenti. Oro bianco, diamanti e zaffiri

Palmiero four seasons

The four seasons of Palmiero are small precious mosaics ♦ ︎ One of the characteristics of Italy, in addition to good food, art and long history, is the landscape. Seas, […]

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O meu caminho, orecchini Folhagem ( monstera deliciosa) in oro bianco con tsavoriti e diamanti neri

The domestic jungle by Carla Amorim

There is the Brazilian flora in the new collection by Carla Amorim, a designer jewelry that reconnects to the Brasilia’s architectures  by Oscar Niemeyer and the exuberant nature of the […]

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Orecchini Snowfall con zaffiri e diamanti

Graff’s precious winter

Snowfall, the Graff’s High Jewelry Collection for the Winter 2017-2018 ♦ ︎ It is the destiny of those who always work with a season or two in advance: while everyone […]

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Chanel, collier di diamanti e zaffiri

Chanel, the high jewelery is sailing

The high jewelery signed by Chanel sail with the Duke of Westminster ♦ ︎ The fashion show in Paris is also the occasion for many great Maison to present the […]

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Alta gioielleria Fabergé, anello della collezione Secret Garden

Fabergé between gardens and colors

Fabergé between secret gardens for a few and colors for someone more ♦ ︎ On May 30, 2017 was celebrated the 171th anniversary of the birth of Peter Carl Fabergé, […]

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Bracciale di Etho Maria indossato da Rihanna

Rarefied Etho Maria

The latest creations of Etho Maria, refined jewelery for very few ♦ ︎ The jewelery brand Etho Maria has a little known history. It was born by a Greek company […]

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Collana Ola, diamanti e zaffiri

Qayten on the wave

Waves and Passion in the great design of the small Maison Bolognese Qayten: here are the novelties ♦ What is creativity, if not an inspiration invading your spirit as a […]

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De Simone, orecchini in corallo pelle d'angelo, zaffiri, smeraldi e brillanti

De Simone, coral and over

The coral specialists De Simone propose a new collection that is the sum of their goldsmith skills: Krim. They are defined coral specialists, but the definition is narrow. Certainly the […]

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Valentina Lodovini sul red carper del Festival del Cinema di Venezia

Action for Crivelli

Autumn on the red carpet for Crivelli, with some new pieces. News in this hot autumn for Crivelli, Maison of Valenza that has a special feeling with diamonds (and not […]

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Collezione Epoca, anello

The Epoch of Stefan Hafner

Epoca collection by Stefan Hafner: diamonds and delicate sapphires. For Stefan Hafner, the 2017 will be an Epoca. Not only because the brand of high jewelry announces a wealth of […]

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