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Qayten, bracciale Pompidou in oro flessibile e diamanti

Two Pompidou for Qayten

Qayten presents at Couture in Las Vegas bracelet and necklace inspired by the Center Pompidou in Paris ♦ ︎ The small but ingenious Maison of Bologna (Italy) Qayten has planned […]

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Alessio Boschi

VicenzaOro, the magnificent eight of the Design Room

Who will be in the Design Room of VicenzaOro: Alessio Boschi makes his debut, comes Garavelli and … ♦ ︎ In the countdown in view of VicenzaOro September, organized by […]

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Collana della collezione Nexus, con diamanti, tsavoriti e tanzaniti

Precious Nexus with Qayten

A collection to be framed: Nayus by Qayten on the stage of the Couture in Las Vegas ♦ ︎ Nexus, Latin word meaning link. A friendship, for example. Or, even […]

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Noor Fares, anello Flower of Life, pietra luna, oro giallo, pietre di colore e diamanti

VicenzaOro Design Room, who will go and who will not

Who is there, who is not there and who you must discovered among the 11 designers invited to VicenzaOro January in the Design Room ♦ ︎ Aida Bergsen, Akillis, Fernando […]

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Collana Ola, diamanti e zaffiri

Qayten on the wave

Waves and Passion in the great design of the small Maison Bolognese Qayten: here are the novelties ♦ What is creativity, if not an inspiration invading your spirit as a […]

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Orecchini della collezione Jingle in oro rosa e diamanti

Qayten sounding Jingle

Waterfalls, gold falls, poetry and design: the precious Qayten menu for the Jingle collection. You can associate a pair of earrings to a sound? Is it realistic to think that […]

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Collana Venice di Qayten

In VicenzaOro the design wins

The Design Room in VicenzaOro January 12 outstanding authors of tomorrow’s jewelry. One of the best innovations of VicenzaOro January edition was the introduction of the Design Room. While some […]

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Anello della collezione Paisley

Qayten, miracle in Bologna

Qayten was born in Bologna, far from the traditional Italian goldsmith centers, in 2014. The result is almost miraculous: it arrived at the top of the jewellery industry in a short […]

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