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Anello Battito di Salvini

Valentine’s Day with Battito

Salvini for Valentine’s Day proposes Battito, a ring with diamond. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Valentine’s Day arrives, comes the right-duty to give a jewel, it’s time to choose. On […]

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Zoë Chicco per Gemfields, orecchini in oro, smeraldi e diamanti

Zoë Chicco, from Florence to LA

Zoë Chicco’s new jewels, even those with Gemfields emeralds ♦ Italian surname, but she is born in Pennsylvania: Zoë Chicco has convinced stars like Giselle Bundchen, Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, […]

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Lettere che compongono la parola Amore

The words of Valentine’s Day with Morellato

Silver and cubic zirconia to compose words or phrases of love: it is the Valentine of Morellato with the collection Ricordami ♦ ︎ A, B, C and D are the […]

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Gala Rotelli, bracciale Planets

Gala Rotelli, jewelry for dreamers

The Dreamers collection, jewels by Gala Rotelli, among abstract painting and design ♦ ︎ A very concrete dreamer. Despite her latest collection is called The Dreamers, Gala Rotelli is a […]

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Orecchini in vermeil con gemme create in laboratorio: smeraldi verdi, peridoti, granati arancio, diamanti bianchi e zaffiri rosa con fiori intagliati di madreperla e foglie di smalto dipinte a mano

Anabela Chan in flight with Butterfly

The precious butterflies of Anabela Chan: synthetic colored stones, diamonds, gold and spring air ♦ ︎ When it’s cold, you think of spring. When it’s hot, you think of spring. […]

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Minou, anello solitario in oro bianco. Prezzo: a partire da 1490 euro

Damiani, the 10 least expensive rings

The ten cheapest rings for marriage or engagement signed Damiani ♦ ︎ Lunch, invitations, guests, decorations, organization, relatives, friends, colleagues and… Marriage can be transformed (and often happens) into a […]

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Collana in metallo con finitura rodio e cristalli Swarovski. Prezzo scontato del 50%: 74,50 euro

(Italiano) Swarovski in saldo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Annoushka, Il bracciale con tutti i ciondoli della collezione The Charms

Annoushka and the vampire’s wife

A gothic collection of Annoushka inspired by the songs of Nick Cave ♦ ︎ Vampire teeth, an electric chair, a gun. All in gold and precious stones. No, it’s not […]

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Collier in oro e diamanti collezione Splendori. Prezzo: 999

Bliss Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Bliss’s jewels dedicated to lovers. Images and prices ♦ ︎ For love there is no date, there is no age, no borders are closed. Yet there is […]

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Bracciale in acciaio rosa e cristalli della collezione Sensazioni

Sensations with Morellato

The simple Sensazioni collection by Morellato: knitted steel bracelets and pendants for 50 euros ♦ ︎ What feelings do you try to wear a jewel? And how long do they […]

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Anello in argento e ametista viola. Prezzo: 450 euro

Pianegonda subliminal

The Sublimia collection by Pianegonda, spaces empty, full and amethyst purple or green. Images and prices ♦ ︎ The subliminal word is used in psychology to describe those of sensations […]

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Anello Eye Light, pendente in oro rosa con diamanti bianchi, blu e neri

All goddesses with Bee Goddess

Modern jewelry inspired by archaic shapes and talismans by Bee Goddess, from Turkey to Harrods ♦ There are jewels that have a history: the case of the most famous collection […]

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Orecchini in argento e onice. Prezzo 130 euro

From Antwerp to Desideria Milan

The jewels of Desideria Milano, from Antwerp to Lombardy for love (of design) ♦ ︎ There are Milanese enchanted by the Nordic countries and there are, conversely, Nordics who are […]

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Linhardt, anello in oro giallo e diamanti

Inside New York with Lisa Linhardt

In New York the politically correct and tailor-made jewels by Lisa Linhardt ♦ New York is one of the great centers of world design: it’s where the brand Linhardt has […]

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Angels Collection (da Instagram). Creative Director: Mika Mizutani. Photography Satoshi Saikusa

On the wings of Cristina Ortiz

Fear to fly? Not for Cristina Ortiz, who has turned the wings into luxury jewelry ♦ How did Cristina Ortiz to grow in the remote island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, […]

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Collana di passamaneria e giade colorate. Prezzo: 475 euro

Anna and Alex, artistic bijoux

Anna and Alex, the author’s jewelry that are fun like many jewels can not be. Two girlfriends, the same passion: the artistic bijoux. Those that are not accessories that are […]

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Anello Knot Jumbo, oro giallo e diamanti. Prezzo: 16500 dollari

Carelle, the pleasure of the knot

The Knot collection by Carelle, Made in New York jewelry by Chana Regev ♦ ︎ In February 2015, the mayor of New York, Bill De Blasio, promoted an investment of […]

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Bracciale leone in oro

Will 2018 be golden?

What will be the price of gold in 2018? Here are the experts’ forecasts ♦ ︎ Will 2018 be another year of gold? Who owns jewels will be pleased to […]

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Gina, bracciale in argento. Prezzo: 350 euro

Needle, thread and Keep Out

The sewing thimble turns into a silver pendant with Keep Out ♦ ︎ Who sews by hand, with needle and thread, knows that it is easy to sting a finger. […]

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Anello Splatter in oro giallo e diamanti. Prezzo: 3340 dollari

Swati Dhanak, from the desert to New York

From the desert to abstract art: the jewels of the New York designer Swati Dhanak ♦ ︎ From Dubai to New York, but of Indian origin, Swati Dhanak is a […]

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