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Sanalitro, anello con acquamarina e diamanti

Aquamarine at x-ray

All you need to know about one of the gems most loved by jewelry: the aquamarine, which is also the stone of the month of March ♦ The aquamarine is […]

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Bat Gemelli con onice, oro bianco 18 carati

Villa, cufflinks with double fantasy

The endless series of cuff links of Gioielleria Villa in Milan: for men or women, combines craftsmanship and goldsmith virtuosity. There are jewelry for men that the Big Brother lovers […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con zaffiri non scaldati di diversi colori

Jane Taylor in tandem

Jane Taylor and Cleo are a tandem, mother and daughter, who invents jewels with a great imagination and precise geometry. The jewel of art that passes from mother and daughter […]

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Esame gemmologico di un diamante

The Ukrainian crisis raises the price of diamonds

There are more important things than jewelry, when life is at stake. But this does not take away the fact that the operators of the jewelry, and even those who […]

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Anello della collezione Alphabet in oro giallo 18 carati e lettera dell'alfabeto

Caterina B tailored

CaterinaB: the new collections of the line for young people by Bizzotto Gioielli ♦ Each age has its own points of reference, its tastes, its passions. Even for jewelry. Tastes […]

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Anello in oro con smeraldi di taglio diverso

Gold, emeralds and diamonds: Jemma Wynne’s menu

The jewels of the New York brand Jemma Wynne, between emeralds and precious kisses ♦ New York is one of the big cities, along with Paris, London and Hong Kong, […]

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Anello Sister in oro 14 carati

Zoë Chicco, from Florence to Los Angeles

Zoë Chicco’s new jewels, even those with Gemfields emeralds ♦ Italian surname, but she is born in Pennsylvania: Zoë Chicco has convinced stars like Giselle Bundchen, Sofia Vergara, Cameron Diaz, […]

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Collezione primavera di Michael Kors

Spring in gold color for Michael Kors

Anyone who buys a dress or a jewel signed by one of the fashion companies wants something that stands out from the rest, but not too much. Indeed, most of […]

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Collana in argento dorato a forma di foglie di ginko biloba

The bijoux by Carolina Ravarini

The delicate bijoux by Carolina Ravarini, a Milanese designer. Instead of a lawyer’s gown, Carolina Ravarini wears colored necklaces with semiprecious stones and copper. Bijoux, in short, but graciously from […]

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Anello in argento con madreperla

Sara Loren in space

You can take a journey into space without running dangers with the Cosmos collection by Sara Loren, which is proposed as an alternative to the classic interpretations of necklace, ring, […]

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Anello di fidanzamento indossato

How to choose a jewel for Valentine’s Day

Ten things to know before buying a jewel for Valentine’s Day (but the advice also applies to other days). 1 If you are not sure about the circumference of your […]

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Anello Queen Bee in oro, diamanti, smeraldi

All goddesses with Bee Goddess

Modern jewelry inspired by archaic shapes and talismans by Bee Goddess, from Turkey to Harrods ♦ There are jewels that have a history: the case of the most famous collection […]

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Anello in oro bianco e osso di dinosauro

Monique Péan, homage to art and dinosaurs

A designer, Monique Péan, who is inspired by an artist, one of the main exponents of the artistic current called Land Art, Walter De Maria. The result are collections of […]

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Anello con madreperla

Liquid movement for PdPaola

Being in motion, therefore the opposite of stillness, laziness, boredom. The concept of movement is not easy to translate into jewelry, but it is what the Motion collection, a liquid […]

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Collezione I Mini smaltati, versione viola

The enameled Mini by leBebè

Spring news for leBebé Gioielli, which expands the catalog with new proposals. One of these concerns the I Mini enamelled line. Also in this case, as is the tradition of […]

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Un anello format Harry Winston e disegnato per Lisa Christiansen.  
Un grande diamante con zaffiri e Moissanite

Diamonds: are better originals or fake?

There are stones that look like diamonds, so much so that it is difficult to distinguish. For example, the moissanite. It could be an interesting choice, but before you must […]

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Anello della collezione Quadricuore

Love is a four-leaf clover with Amen

True love, pure love, perhaps represents the pinnacle of spirituality. This is also assured by Amen, an Italian jewelry company that offers collections inspired by the world of religion and […]

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Bracciale con perline di agata rossa

Merci Maman for a customizable Valentine’s Day

A new collection of ten pieces inspired by love, with red agate and rose quartz beads. In view of Valentine’s Day, the Merci Maman brand also proposes a new idea […]

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Ciondoli della capsule collection per San Valentino

Stroili with a capsule collection for Valentine’s Day

A limited edition dedicated to Valentine’s Day, to make the gift even more interesting. This is Stroili‘s idea in view of the feast of lovers. The jewelry line proposed for […]

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Rosato, bracciale in argento 925%, galvanica oro rosa con cuori e cubic zirconia bianchi

The hearts of Rosato for Valentine’s Day

Hearts, many hearts, hoping that they are not broken on the most loving day of the year, February 14th. Rosato, a brand of the Bros Manifatture group, also chooses the […]

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