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Charms componibili pacco dono

Pandora for Christmas

Pandora’s Christmas Jewelry: Pink and Sparkling. Images and prices ♦ ︎ Winter is the gifts period and, in particular, this applies to jewels. Pandora is among the brands that most […]

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Bracciale della collezione Frozen

Pandora in ice with Frozen

Ice crystals of Frozen become a Pandora collection. Images and prices ♦ ︎ With the cold, winter is come, and whit cold comes ice, and with ice come jewels in […]

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Charms da aggiungere al braccialer

New Essence by Pandora

Pandora renews the Essence collection with new colored stones ♦ ︎ The essence of Pandora is to propose jewelery from the very affordable and, at the same time, modular price. […]

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Mickey Mouse

Pandora between Minnie and Cinderella

The Pandora Disney collection arrives in 30 pieces. Here are pictures and price ♦ ︎ As anticipated by, Disney’s inspired Pandora collection is now also available in Europe (in […]

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Bracciale Luminose Geometrie di Pandora

Bright Pandora

The new Pandora Geometric Glow collection for Autumn 2017. Images and prices ♦ ︎ For Autumn 2017, Pandora launches the Geometry Glow series. It is a collection that includes, in […]

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Bracciale, collana e anelli in  Pandora Rose, con pietre trasparenti e cristalli rosa sfumati 
incastonati da intagli a forma di cuore

Pandora is getting more and more golden

Luxury jewelery is in decline? Maybe. Meanwhile Pandora’s silver makes gold business ♦ ︎ Sometime it needs to realize how the world goes, including the jewelery world, and it is […]

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Charm Topolino e Minnie

Mickey Mouse is wearing Pandora

Mickey Mouse and Minnie wear Pandora bracelet now also in Europe thanks to the alliance with Disney ♦ ︎ Mickey and Minnie wear Pandora bracelets. They love wear this bijou […]

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Nuovi ciondoli Pandora

Pandora tropical 2017

The tropical paradise of Pandora for Summer 2017. Here are the new collections ♦ Summer in Paradise. Summer in the Tropics. That is, summer with Pandora. The Danish brand, which changes […]

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Emma Watson con collana

The Beauty and the Beast pendant

From the movie Beauty and the Beast with six diamonds to other jewelry inspired by Disney characters. The films, from some time, they are also an opportunity to merchandising, ie […]

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Anello Nodi d'Amore. Prezzo: 69 euro

How to clean Pandora jewelry

The collection of Love Knots and the suggestions to clean Pandora jewelry with the new pink metal alloy. Things you can look under two points of view: a node can […]

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Pandora browse the Daisies

Pandora browse the Daisies

Margherite Luminose (Daisies Bright) for Pandora: here pictures and prices of the collection. Browse daisies now is not just a quirk of love. It is also now the occupation of […]

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Collezione primavera 2017 Cuori Radianti di Pandora

Pandora in seven colors

Pandora bracelets and rings for spring 2017: silver, seven colors of enamel, and cubic zirconia. Images and prices. Pandora has experienced a worldwide success thanks to its modular bracelets. In […]

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Uno dei charm Pandora per San Valentino

Pandora on Valentine’s Day

The Pandora’s proposals for Valentine’s Day 2017: Hearts, Love and Cupid’s arrow, for a pendant customized. It is already time to think of Valentine’s Day. In view of the special […]

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Anello di Pandora

The Pandora’s apology

A employee insensitive and a customer humiliated: so Pandora apologized for a gaffe. We tell this story to mean two things: the first is that a good (or bad) service […]

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Pandora, orecchini componibili in argento e zirconi della collezione Gocce Scintillanti

Pandora glittering

New Pandora collection with drops signed with cubic zirconia, silver or gold. Pandora distilled drops in the shape of jewelry. After the collection Gocce Poetiche, launched last season and inspired […]

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Orecchini in argento Pandora

Pandora, fall in Sky

Pandora, the Stories from Sky silver collection, inspired by the cosmos. Pandora attack. The warm autumn of the Danish brand is marked, among other things, by two initiatives: the first […]

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Anello della linea Cuori Radiosi. Prezzo: 39 euro

Pandora, autumn with hearts

The Pandora rings for fall: with different stones for each month, or with carved hearts. For those with “pandosyndrom”, ie can not resist making the Pandora jewelery collection, which change […]

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Essence, bracciale in oro e bracciale in argento

Golden autumn with Pandora

Even a gold bracelet (799 euro) in the Essence collection of Pandora. Golden Autumn for Pandora. In the Danish brand collection Essence are coming in three new precious charms and […]

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Bracciale dedicato al Brasile. Prezzo: 59 euro il bracciale, 29 i charm

Pandora for summer

The passionate of Pandora are on the rise: suffice to say that in the first three months of the year the brand has sold 36% more than in 2015. So […]

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Ciondolo anguria. Prezzo: 59 euro

(Italiano) Macedonia con Pandora

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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