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Rays of light in the shape of a jewel with Piaget

in alta gioielleria
Anello e orecchino indossati

In a period that, due to the energy crisis, considers light a luxury, Piaget takes care of illuminating the hands and faces of women. At least what the jewels of the Sunlight Radiant Infinity capsule collection will be able to wear, together with the Limelight Gala watch. Light, in fact, has been the leitmotif of…

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Bulgari in the Garden of Eden

in alta gioielleria/vetrina

What do you imagine can be found in the Garden of Eden? Apples with a terrible sin included? Fortunately no. Today in the Garden of Eden you can find the new Bulgari high jewelery pieces. The collection of the Italian Maison, which is part of the French group LVMH, includes jewels that, each, required hundreds…

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The British bees of Olivia Burton

in Argento//bracciale/vetrina
Orecchini placcati in oro rosa

Across fashion, jewelry and watches: eight years after her debut, Olivia Burton is now a successful start-up. The brand was launched by two friends: Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings, classmates at the London College of Fashion, then fashion buyers and, finally, businesswomen with a precise idea in mind: to conquer vintage lovers of all ages.…

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Bulgari’s Mysterious Serpents

in bracciale/vetrina
Bracciale con orologio a nascosto all'interno della testa

The Serpenti by Bulgari are one of the icons of high jewelery. The bracelets, however, can be of two types: simple ornaments, or they are also interpreted as watches. But, of course, they mainly remain high jewelery, even if the mechanical aspect of haute horlogerie is by no means secondary. As evidenced by four new…

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It’s Tiffany time

in bracciale/Tiffany/vetrina
Tiffany Eternity in oro bianco, diamanti, cinturino in gros grain nero

Watches or precious jewels? Perhaps the ones presented by Tiffany & Co. are both together. Tiffany Eternity are diamonds surrounded by timepiece mechanisms, made to please, amaze and show off. On the other hand, since everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, they certainly don’t need to look at their wrists to know what time…

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Caoro’s anniversary

in vetrina
Anelli della collezione Bouquet

Caoro celebrates 25 years and begins to count the time with new proposals. Anniversaries are important: not only because they are moments of reflection, but also because an anniversary such as 25 years of activity is an opportunity to propose something new. And that’s exactly what Caoro did, a Venetian company founded in 1996 “by…

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Chiara Ferragni marries Morellato

in news
Chiara Ferragni

From blogger to worldwide influencer and businesswoman. From a company that manufactures straps to an international group in accessible jewelery and watchmaking: Chiara Ferragni and Morellato have two success stories that now come together. In fact, Massimo Carraro’s company has been awarded a worldwide license to produce and distribute the first line of jewelery and…

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5 rules to match watch and bracelet

in bracciale/da sapere
L'abbinamento della designer Carolina Bucci, i suoi bracciali assieme a un orologio Audemars Piguet

x How to combine watch and bracelet? Here are five tips for wearing a perfect combination ♦ ︎ A watch is not always a clock. In fact, for women it is above all a jewel that, among other things, also marks the hours. But the first aspect that matters is that it must be beautiful,…

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The diamonds that mark the hours of Coronet

in news
Reena Ahluwalia con l'orologio diamante di Coronet

x There are several watches with diamonds. But a watch that has a diamond-shaped face is new. The idea comes from Coronet Diamonds, a brand of the Aaron Shum group based in Hong Kong, but which sells its diamond jewels all over the world. Coronet has launched a new range of diamond watches that actually…

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Van Cleef & Arpels renews Alhambra

in bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Orologio-bracciale in oro rosa e madreperla

In 1968 Van Cleef & Arpels proposed the first Alhambra necklace, inspired by the shape of the four-leaf clover, the symbol of the Maison. A jewel, in short, but also a good luck charm. And, in fact, the collection brought good luck to Van Cleef & Arpels, since this line of precious jewels, but also…

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The flexible time of Fope

in bracciale/vetrina
Orologio bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti

Combining business with pleasure: perhaps this is the philosophy of Lady Fope, the line of the Venetian Maison Fope, which has decided to combine the bracelet element with that of a timepiece. Basically, Lady Fope uses bracelets with Flex’it technology, the gold mesh that hides hundreds of invisible hooks inside that make the jewel soft,…

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Piaget’s dazzling bracelet-watch

in alta gioielleria/bracciale/Orologi/vetrina
Orologio à secret in oro bianco 18K con 1 diamante fancy vivid giallo taglio radiant (circa 5,20 carati), 1 diamante fancy giallo taglio radiant (circa 5,15 carati), 491 diamanti taglio marquise (circa 87,23 carati) e diamanti taglio brillante (circa 0,91 carati) Quadrante con diamanti incastonati a neve Movimento al quarzo di Manifattura Piaget 56P

Piaget’s joyful journey to a fantastic land of magic and mystery, romance and rarity, the Wings of Light high jewelery collection, continues. The new step, after the fascinating ones announced in June, is called Ecstatic Dance. The result is a secret watch-bracelet. In short, one of those jewels of exceptional beauty, value and creativity that…

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Rosefield for four

Orecchini Amber

Rosefield is a company from Amsterdam, the Netherlands that mainly produces fashion watches at very moderate prices. But, alongside the timepieces, it also offers jewelry lines, also at very affordable prices. For spring-summer 2020, for example, Rosefield presents four different collections. The first collection is called The Ray, and is made with Swarovski crystals in…

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For Graff it is time of diamonds

in alta gioielleria/bracciale/Orologi/vetrina
Lavorazione dell'orologio-bracciale Threads

Graff’s Threads collection is enriched with watch-bracelet with diamonds ♦ ︎ For Laurence Graff, it’s always time to do something exceptional. For example, you can watch what time it is and say: wow. The series of high watchmaking bracelets, great jewels that are unique pieces also able to indicate the passing of time, is enriched…

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The Sicis daisy

in bracciale/vetrina
Sicis, orecchini della collezione Daisy

Bracelets, jewel watches, ring and earrings by Sicis inspired by the most cheerful flower: the daisy ♦ ︎ Browse the daisy to see if she or he loves you. A habit that is best left aside if you choose to wear pieces from the Sicis Daisy collection. The Ravenna-based company, specializing in jewelry made with the…

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For Van Cleef & Arpels it is Perlée’s time

in ANELLI/COLLANE/Orologi/vetrina
Ciondolo orologio in oro rosa e diamanti

Van Cleef and Arpels adds jewel-like watches to his Perlée collection ♦ ︎ Proposed in 2008, Van Cleef & Arpels’ Perlée collection is inspired by the 1920s when, for the edge of some jewels, an Egyptian style decoration was used, that became fashionable after the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb (1922). Also read: The new Perlée…

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Palmiero between sun, reflections and cinema

in alta gioielleria/vetrina
Rays of Sun: anello in diamanti bianchi su oro rosa e una banda interna di smalto rosso

Palmiero’s new fine jewelry, with a tribute to the world of cinema ♦ ︎ Born in 1963, Carlo Palmiero developed a passion for beautiful objects and precious gems as a boy. A passion that led him to open his own private atelier, with sales by appointment only, in Rome in 1985. But Palmiero also cultivates…

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Cover for Apple Watch by Damiani

in bracciale/Orologi/vetrina
Apple Watch con cover in pavé di diamanti

Precious covers for Apple Watch in gold and diamonds: this is how Damiani combines the goldsmith tradition with hi-tech ♦ ︎ Last year, 2018, Apple shipped around 40 million Apple Watch. And 2019 started even better: The smartwatch market continues to grow, and that of the Cupertino company continues to be the best selling, even…

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New petals for Van Cleef & Arpels

in COLLANE/Orecchini/vetrina
Orecchini Folie des Prés in oro rosa, rubini, diamanti

New great jewels in the traditional Folie des Prés collection by Van Cleef & Arpels ♦ ︎ Van Cleef & Arpels also is blooming in spring. Or rather, it flourishes again. Because the Folie des Prés fine jewelry collection has been a classic for years now. But, just like in spring, new colors bloom in…

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Sector, no Limits to saving

in /bracciale
Bracciale Soul Sister

Not only watches: Sector no Limits also offers metal and crystal bracelets at very low prices ♦ ︎ Sector No Limits is a brand that has an adventurous history, consistent with the image of its products. The company was founded in Naples in 1973 by Filippo Giardiello, grandson with the same name as his grandfather,…

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