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Emma Watson con orecchini by Tatiana Verstraeten

Enchantment by Emma Watson with Tatiana Verstraeten

Okay, forever gluing an actress to a role she has held in the past is a mistake. A good actress does not have to be the icon of one of […]

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Anello in argento placcato, malachite e turchese

The jewels by Ti Sento Milano

Ti Sento Milano is a brand with an Italian name, but owned by the Dutch group Ibb. Now the brand presents the new spring / summer 2022 collections. It is […]

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Anello eternity in oro e diamanti baguette

Lizzie Mandler’s made in Los Angeles design

Lizzie Mandler says she has been involved in jewelry since she was 16 years old. A passion she hasn’t lost, so much so that she has turned her passion into […]

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Orecchini della collezione Coucher du Soleil

In the blue hour with Vhernier

Photographers define blue hours as those moments that precede nightfall and which offer a somewhat mysterious atmosphere. With greater romanticism, the Italian Maison Vhernier called Coucher du Soleil (sunset) its […]

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Orecchini placcati oro 14 carati con radici di smeraldo

Begum Khan’s earrings

There aren’t many jewelry jewelers who start with cufflinks. Begüm Kireoglu, a refined designer from Istanbul with her brand Begum Khan, is perhaps a unique case. She was born into […]

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Orecchini con oro di provenienza etica 18 carati, pietra luna, argento, cammeo, madreperla, conchiglia, strass

The Irish myths told through Grainne Morton’s compositions

Compositions that seem to come from a Kandisky painting inspired by Calder’s sculptures: Grainne Morton’s earrings and necklaces are a kaleidoscope of shapes, colors and, above all, ideas. Forget precious […]

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Collana ex-Voto in argento, onice nero

IDoni for those who want to believe

The brand IDoni was launched by Nuova Jolly Oreficerie, a Arezzo-based company leader in the production of medals with the image of the Madonna and crosses: “The idea is that […]

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Bracciale in smalto verde, oro rosa, diamanti

Bee Goddess lucky ladybirds

When, after winter, the plants start to thrive again, the insects get ready for the banquet. And in the new Ladybug collection by Bee Goddess it is about ladybugs, lucky […]

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Collana grande della collezione Tuareg

Tuareg jewels by Giovanni Raspini

A tea in the desert with Giovanni Raspini. Or, better, with one of the collections debuting for the spring-summer 2022 season. It is the Tuareg collection, inspired by the exotic […]

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Orecchini con cordoncino  avvolto a manoc e catena di cristallo

The large and light earrings by Rebecca de Ravanel

Which is woman does not envy Rebecca de Ravanel? Quick summary of his life: childhood in the Bahamas, with British mother and French dad. You study in Paris, while today […]

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Anello della collezione Alphabet in oro giallo 18 carati e lettera dell'alfabeto

Caterina B tailored

CaterinaB: the new collections of the line for young people by Bizzotto Gioielli ♦ Each age has its own points of reference, its tastes, its passions. Even for jewelry. Tastes […]

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Collana a catena della collezione Grace

The Opsobjects chain inspired by Grace

Grace Kelly, actress, hapless princess and icon. In her name, and in her myth, equally legendary bags and, now, a series of bijoux signed by the Italian brand Obsobjects have […]

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Orecchini con pvd oro rosa

The bees of Amen

A collection of bijoux dedicated to bees, such as the one proposed for spring 2022 by Amen, has illustrious ancestors. The image of bees living in communities has been used […]

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Anello in oro rosa con diamante e rubino

The stars with Poesia Gioielli

Consult the stars with a ring, necklace or bracelet. It is an idea to experiment with the Astra collection by Poesia Gioielli, a brand created by the company from Valenza […]

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Orecchini Albero dei sogni, argento con cubic zirconia

Ottaviani for spring

Ottaviani, a name that has become a symbol in the world of bijoux. First of all, because the brand of the company from Recanati (Macerata, Italy) is capable of offering […]

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Anello in argento con madreperla

Sara Loren in space

You can take a journey into space without running dangers with the Cosmos collection by Sara Loren, which is proposed as an alternative to the classic interpretations of necklace, ring, […]

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Bracciali Pois Moi Luna in oro rosa e bianco con pavé di diamanti

Roberto Coin on the moon with Pois Moi

One of the funniest collections by Roberto Coin, Pois Moi, is renewed and adds a new line. Pois Moi Luna adds variations to the collection that was born from the […]

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Collana Andromeda

Ayala Bar ready for the summer

Ayala Bar is an Israeli designer who sells jewelry all over the world. In fact, she has a style that is recognized and appreciated internationally (she participates in something like […]

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Pendente della collezione Passage in oro bianco, diamanti, tormalina verde, acquamarina

Mathon’s abstractions

The collections by the Parisian jeweler Mathon: gold, diamonds and colored lacquers ♦ ︎ It seems like a story you can read in the books of George Simenon, except that […]

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Anello con madreperla

Liquid movement for PdPaola

Being in motion, therefore the opposite of stillness, laziness, boredom. The concept of movement is not easy to translate into jewelry, but it is what the Motion collection, a liquid […]

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