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Collana con tormalina watermelon, smeraldi, spinelli rosa, granati viola e diamanti

Brooke Gregson’s jewelry

London-and Los Angele based designer Brooke Gregson: high-end jewelry with a mysterious flavor. ♦ Brooke Gregson was born in Los Angeles and works between London and California. The designer became […]

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Pulizia di una collana di perle

How to clean cameos, pearls, emeralds, opals, crystals

How do you clean a fragile piece of jewelry, which can easily be ruined? Here are the rules to follow to clean a jewel without damaging it ♦ Maybe you […]

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Anelli Dune di Annamaria Cammilli in oro di diversi colori e diamanti

Five myths wrong

How many colors does gold have? Are diamonds really indestructible? Are precious stones everytime more expensive than others? Discover the answers and debunked the myths regarding the jewelry ♦ Even […]

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Anello in oro con acquamarina

Dalben jewels are born on Lake Como and arrive in the USA

In Como, an Italian town on the Lake that George Clooney also likes, there is the Dalben atelier which, like the nearby body of water, is very popular with Americans […]

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Anello in oro, opale nero, zaffiri orange e yellow, diamanti

Margot McKinney the queen of the opal

From Australia to the United States: exceptional pearls and opals are the work tools of Margot McKinney ♦ ︎ In Australia it is an authority and not just as a […]

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Bracciale Twig Talon con perle di Tahiti e diamanti

K.Brunini between Sicily and California

The nature of Sicily and the air of California are in a mix by K. Brunini Jewels. The Katey Brunini jewels are conceived in California. But their birth is not […]

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Anello in oro con opale nero

Two designers for Tenthousandthings

Tenthousandthings, many things together. Or, rather, many jewels created by a pair of designers Ron Anderson and David Rees, who unlike many of their colleagues are self-taught and have experience […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati con tormalina Paraiba, diamanti e perle

Freedom and jewels by Victor Velyan

If you meet him on one of California’s wide roads, riding his powerful Easy Rider-style motorcycle, you would never say Victor Velyan is a renowned jeweler and fine jewelry designer. […]

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Bracciale con turchesi

The gems of Pamela Huizenga

The dance of the stones drives Pamela Huizenga fantasy: unique pieces with gems at the center of her creativity ♦ At 16, in Florida, Pamela Huizenga had already shown her […]

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Anello Galaxy con opale boulder

The occasions of Amàli

Among the inhabitants of Astoria, a corner of Queens, New York, there are also Sara Freedenfeld and her husband Daniel Tishbi. Sara is the founder of Amàli, a jewelry brand […]

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Bracciale, pezzo unico, in oro rosa con opali etiopi e acquamarina

Traveling with Yael Designs

A very personal design that of Yehouda Saketkhou and his San Francisco-based Yael Design. Starting from the name, a tribute to the disabled sister ♦ His name is Yehouda Saketkhou, and […]

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Orecchini con opale e diamanti su oro con rodio nero

Kimberly McDonald’s natural stones

The stones, often rough, but of exceptional impact, by Kimberly McDonald ♦ jewels Kimberly McDonald is also famous because many of her jewels went to brighten up famous clothes and […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con opale

Swedish Geometries in New York with Annika Inez

From Sweden with love (for design). Annika Inez comes from a Swedish family of designers, but she grew up in New York, where she attended Parsons School of Design, a […]

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Nina Runsdorf’s fossil opals

Nina Runsdorf’s fossil opals

x Nina Runsdorf, one of the most respected luxury brands in the US, started making jewelry. She started with silver working in the kitchen of her parents’ farm in upstate […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, opale di fuoco brasiliano, tormalina e diamanti champagne

The colors of Texas with M.Spalten

x Texas: wide-brimmed hats, boundless spaces, oil wells. And the colored gems of M. Spalten, a small Maison in San Antonio, a city in south-central Texas and the seventh most […]

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Anello con perle di rubino

Goshwara, drops of India in New York

India reborn with the colored gems under the skyscrapers of New York with Goshwara ♦  The Indian taste for gold and precious stones transported in the shadow of skyscrapers in New […]

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Orecchini in argento sterling stratificato con oro 24 carati e pietre di quarzo druzy

Gurhan, fable with 24 carat

A 24-carat gold and hand-crafted worked by the jewelry designer Gurhan. As in fairy tales, there is a humble artisan who lives in a distant country, Istanbul. And there’s a […]

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Cartier, anello in oro bianco, diamanti, opale nero, zaffiro, granati

All about opal

Opal is a stone used in jewelery that is back in great fashion. Find out what are the characteristics of the opal and why it is a must among your […]

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Anello in oro rosa 18 carati, oro giallo, opale, diamanti bianchi, zaffiri blu, tsavoriti, perla di Tahiti

The galaxies of Bibi van der Velden

According to quantum mechanics, the incredibly small things (the elementary particles that make up everyday reality) have some analogies with the incredibly large, such as the behavior of black holes […]

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Ciondolo in oro con diamanti, spinello rosa e viola, tormalina magenta

The palette of Campbellian

Fabulous stones, strong colors, magical combinations: here are the jewels of Bella Campbellian, specialist in unusual combinations ♦ Do you like earrings and rings with very colored gemstones? In this […]

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