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How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold and precious stones

How to clean gold, diamonds and other precious stones? Here is a quick guide with what you need to know about how to clean your jewelry ♦ Of course, a […]

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Orecchini Lolli Bijoux indossati

Three methods for cleaning earrings

It is necessary to clean jewelry regularly, but it is even more necessary to clean earrings. And the main reasons why you have to clean your earrings often are two: […]

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Pulizia di una collana di perle

How to clean cameos, pearls, emeralds, opals, crystals

How do you clean a fragile piece of jewelry, which can easily be ruined? Here are the rules to follow to clean a jewel without damaging it ♦ Maybe you […]

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Un bracciale in argento che si è ossidato

How to clean silver jewelry

How to remove the patina that tarnish your silver jewelry and black that is formed on the surface with four quick moves. Your silver jewelry that they have become blacks? […]

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Collana Ciel de Minuit in oro bianco 18 carati, lapislazzuli, zaffiri e diamanti by Van Cleef & Arpels

All about lapis lazuli

The story of a rock, lapis lazuli, which has been transformed into a stone also used in high jewelery. But also in works of art, objects, elements of architecture. Here […]

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Anello a bagno

Clean gold with ammonia?

How to clean gold jewelry with a simple system: a bathroom with water and ammonia. Here’s how. Your relationship as a couple has tarnished? Or, perhaps, it is only the […]

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Amrapali, collana in oro 18 carati, argento sterling, diamanti e perle

How to clean and store silver jewelry

Some helpful advice on silver: what does the number 925, how to clean the jewelry, allergies. Silver has legions of fans: not only because the jewelry made with this metal […]

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Cleopatra Necklace, perle e tormaline verdi

How to clean pearls (to always have them shiny)

Pearls are among the most delicate components of jewelry. So how do you clean pearls? How do you prevent them from getting ruined? Here are the useful tips to keep […]

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Naomi Sarna, anello in oro con citrino intagliato a mano e zaffiri rosa

All About Citrine

If you like colored stones, you certainly love citrine. It is one of the most fashionable stones and, not least, among the most cheerful. Here’s all you need to know […]

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