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Pendente della collezione Fili

Giovanni Raspini on the Silver Thread

x One of Giovanni Raspini‘s new collections for spring 2021 is called Fili (threads) and is made, like others, with the lost-wax casting technique. As it is known, it is […]

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Collana con un motivo a farfalla composta da 30 rubini taglio ovale e diamanti pera e marquise

Faidee’s dream rubies

x Roop Chand Lunia. It may be that this name means nothing to you. Yet he is linked to the world of jewelry: born in 1895, he is considered the […]

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Anello in argento placcato oro 18 carati, cubic zirconia gialli e smalto

Charm of Africa for Misis

x She works in Vicenza, in a city not far from the sea of ​​Venice. And, in fact, Claudia Piaserico, designer of Misis, loves beaches and waves. But also travel, […]

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Orecchini in oro, tanzanite, diamanti

Kathryn Elyse’s second life

x Her favorite phrase is from Claude Monet: “Color is my obsession, joy and torment for the whole day”, said the king of the Impressionists. A statement that is shared […]

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Anelli della collezione Pandora Garden

Pandora between spring and Unicef

x Flowers and spring are almost a synonym. And if the flowers fade, flower-shaped jewels make spring last all year round. New jewels are now added to the Pandora Garden […]

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The canonical jewels by Fabio Collection

The canonical jewels by Fabio Collection

x Tennis bracelets, eternity rings, diamonds with emeralds, rubies and sapphires: the goldsmith tradition is at the heart of the jewels of Fabio Collection, a company active in jewelery founded […]

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Collana in oro con cristallo di quarzo

The dreamy crystals of JiaJia Jewelry

x Before being cut according to geometric shapes decided by man, the gems of jewels are crystals. So why not keep their original shape? A consideration that Jia-Jia Zhu, who […]

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Pendente in oro rosa e diamanti di Alex Ball

New spheres with Alex Ball

x Alex Ball renews its jewelry proposal. Without betraying the love for the spheres. In Valenza, an area of ​​Piedmont where most of the jewelry companies were born, Guerci Pallavidini […]

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Anello contrarié della collezione Rockstar, disponibile in cinque colorazioni di oro

A star shines in Milan

x There are those who create collections inspired by the stars and those who are called Stella (star). It is fortunate to have a surname that immediately recalls something bright, […]

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Bracciale in snakewood, oro rosa e bianco, diamanti

Picchiotti presents a special bracelet to celebrate the Xpandable line

x High jewelry, but comfortable. Starting from this principle, five years ago Picchiotti introduced the jewelry line with the Xpandable brand, which already indicates the solution to the problem. The […]

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Serafino Consoli, bracciali e anelli

Serafino Consoli, jewels without size

Rings that widen to become a bracelet, thanks to a patent and a refined technique: they are those of Serafino Consoli ♦ History of a brand, which is also the […]

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Bracciale della collezione Terra

On Earth with Albert M.

x The Mystery of the new Albert M. brand, belonging to the Milor group: silver, stones and, moreover, an exotic technique ♦ ︎ The brand is called Albert M. Where […]

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Bracciale in oro, diamanti, malachite, lapislazzuli e crisoprasio

The new Gem Dior 2021

x The Gem Dior 2021 collection by Victoire de Castellane amazes those who expected from the artistic director of the Maison a jewelry line that is cousin to last year’s. […]

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Orecchini con diamanti e smeraldi

Passage to India with Bapalal Keshavlal

x Extraordinary jewels designed and manufactured in Mumbai for diamond and precious stones enthusiasts from all over the world: this is the mission of Bapalal Keshavlal ♦︎ For the uninitiated, […]

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Sposa con tiara

What jewelry to wear at the wedding

x What jewelry to wear on your wedding day? If you are thinking about what to choose besides the wedding ring, read this article. The first rule is … ♦ […]

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Anello Mimosa in oro giallo e diamanti

Damiani’s mimosa blooms again

x Mimosa blooms again. And it is not only that of the flower symbol for Women’s Day, which is celebrated on 8 March. Instead (but the coincidence about calendar is […]

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Bracciale in argento placcato oro giallo con cubic zirconia

Michael Kors’ new spring chains

x Chains redesigned, embellished, enriched, plated, polished, set with crystals. The global brand Michael Kors has prepared a series of jewels with variations on the theme of the chain for […]

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Il bracciale-anello Soffio Gitano by Nanis

The Gypsy Breath of Nanis

x Forget the restrictions, the uneasy climate of the last few months and dream of freedom. Or, better, the normality of free walks, travel, friendships. All this lies behind Laura […]

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Bracciale della linea Cime

Les Georgettes is inspired by nature

x French style bracelets. Les Georgettes by Altesse presents the novelties for spring-summer 2021. The brand, born in 2015, specializes in accessories including jewelery, as well as bags, wallets and […]

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Bracciale in argento con perle di conchiglia di buccino

In the fishing net of Halibut

x Halibut is the Norwegian name for a family of fish that ply the glacial waters. But it is also the name of a newborn bijoux brand, which recently opened […]

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