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The Louvre in Vacheron Constantin watches

Are you art lovers? How about wearing a Rubens? It is possible, if you have an adequate bank account. Vacheron Constantin proposes the idea of work-watches It is the development of the A masterpiece on the wrist initiative: a limited edition of a single Les Cabinotiers timepiece, whose dial can be decorated with the enamel reproduction of a work of art of the Louvre Museum chosen by the buyer. A story that the Swiss Maison (Vacheron Constantin was born in 1755) has already started in 2019, with a partnership with the Louvre Museum, which allows it to offer customers an experience that goes far beyond personalizing a timepiece.

Vacheron Constantin, Les Cabinotiers – Omaggio a Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l'étendard de la Bataille d'Anghiari
Vacheron Constantin, Les Cabinotiers – Omaggio a Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l’étendard de la Bataille d’Anghiari

The idea is the result of the example of the limited edition watch Les Cabinotiers, Homage to Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l’étendard de la Bataille d’Anghiari, coming from the Bid for the Louvre auction of 2020. It is haute horlogerie that becomes the motif of a prestigious collection.

Studio preparatorio per l'orologio
Preparatory study for the wristwatch

The processing is particularly complex. After using line drawing to clearly outline the details of the contours, the Maison’s master enameller traced the outline of the dial. During the following stages, he tried to recreate the great delicacy of Rubens’ drawing through very clear and muted shades and halftones. The master enameller used around 20 shades of brown, gray brown, sepia brown and cream brown: a surprising number, which corresponds to as many firings at 900 degrees Celsius. The first layers were fired very lightly, just to start the vitrification, so that subsequent firings would not alter the first shades.

Cerca Trova
Cerca Trova

For the watch, grisaille enamel was used, the result of years of practice in Limoges, to reproduce the sensitivity of the work of art with countless tiny details connected to each other and replicated identically, maintaining the graphics and specificities of the original work. The combination of miniature enamel and grisaille enamel, as original as it is brilliant, has given rise to a timepiece powered by the Manufacture caliber 2460 SC, whose oscillating weight is engraved with the east facade of the Louvre. The motto Cerca Trova, which dates back to the 17th century, is engraved on the hinged case back.

Massa oscillante in oro rosa 22 carati con incisione della facciata est del Louvre
Oscillating weight in 22-carat pink gold engraved with the east facade of the Louvre

Les Cabinotiers – Tribute to Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l’étendard de la Bataille d’Anghiari

Caliber 2460 SC
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Self-winding mechanical
26.2 mm (11 1/4 lines) in diameter, 3.6 mm thick
Oscillating weight in 22-carat pink gold engraved with the east facade of the Louvre
About 40 hours of power reserve
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations/hour)
182 components
27 rubies
Timepiece certified with the Hallmark of Geneva
Indications Hours, minutes and seconds in the centre
Rose gold case
Caseback with hinge and line engraving
40mm in diameter, 9.42mm thick
Miniature dial on enamel and grisaille enamel
Rose gold hands
Strap Brown Mississippiensis alligator leather
Buckle Rose gold pin buckle
Box set Les Cabinotiers box set
Edition limited to one copy only
Certificate of authenticity for the reproduction of the masterpiece issued by the Louvre.
Warranty certificate issued by Vacheron Constantin.

Vacheron Constantin, Les Cabinotiers – Omaggio a Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l'étendard de la Bataille d'Anghiari
Vacheron Constantin, Les Cabinotiers – Omaggio a Pierre Paul Rubens, La lutte pour l’étendard de la Bataille d’Anghiari

Vacheron Constantin, new Overseas with retrodate date

Vacheron Constantin is the oldest watch manufacturer in the world: it was founded in 1755, obviously in Switzerland. But that doesn’t mean he gives up on opening up new challenges. At Watch and Wonders 2023 in Geneva, the Maison presented its first sports watch with a retrograde date display. In other words, instead of traveling a 360-degree circle, a hand moves in a narrower arc, numbering from 1 to 31. Another distinctive point is the technical complexity in a sporty-chic style.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas fasi lunari data retrograda
Vacheron Constantin Overseas fasi lunari data retrograda

The in-house caliber 2460 R31L/2 has precision moon phases, which only require a one-day correction every 122 years, presumably when the watch will be from another owner. The retrograde indication is a function that is part of Vacheron Constantin’s heritage, but is used for the first time in the Overseas line. However, the new model retains the characteristics that characterize the collection: hexagonal bezel evoking the Maltese cross, fluted crown, polished and satin finishes, translucent lacquered dial, luminescent hour markers and hands, to which it associates the retrograde date and precision moonphase .
Quadrante traslucido laccato blu, finitura satinata soleil e rehaut con finitura effetto vellutato Indici delle ore e lancette delle ore, dei minuti e della data in oro bianco evidenziati da Super-LumiNova blu
Quadrante traslucido laccato blu, finitura satinata soleil e rehaut con finitura effetto vellutato
Indici delle ore e lancette delle ore, dei minuti e della data in oro bianco evidenziati da Super-LumiNova blu

The Overseas collection continues the design history, with new calibres, of the original model born in 1996. The idea is to combine Haute Horlogerie and casual elegance. Over the years, the different versions of the Overseas have kept hexagonal bezels, in-house self-winding movements and interchangeable bracelet-straps. All features present in the new Overseas model with retrograde date and moon phases. At the heart of the 41 mm diameter steel case is the Manufacture caliber 2460 R31L/2, which for the first time in this collection combines a retrograde date and a highly precise moonphase. The blue lacquered dial creates a play of light thanks to the rehaut, the outer part on which numbers and additional scales such as the tachymeter scales are engraved, with a velvety finish and sunray satin center. The complications are legible with great clarity.
Cinturino aggiuntivo in caucciù blu
Cinturino aggiuntivo in caucciù blu

It took several months of aesthetic research to combine a precision moon phase and a retrograde date in a sporty yet elegant case, while ensuring high legibility and balance. The first step was to integrate the retrograde date, the Maison’s signature, into a sports-inspired watch.
L'orologio mostra ore, minuti, data retrograda, fasi lunari di precisione, età della luna
L’orologio mostra ore, minuti, data retrograda, fasi lunari di precisione, età della luna

The self-winding Manufacture caliber 2460 R31L/2 has a 40-hour power reserve. The movement, which has 275 components, can be viewed through the sapphire crystal case back. In particular, the pearly surface of the plate and the 22-karat gold oscillating weight adorned with a stylized wind rose recalling the themes of travel and exploration. The phases of the moon are visible through an aperture at 6 o’clock, with a graduated scale from 0 to 29½, which serves to count the days since the last new moon. This complication, known as the age of the moon, corresponds to the rotation of our satellite around the Earth, which takes 29 days, 12 hours and 45 minutes.
Il calibro è meccanico a carica automatica. Massa oscillante Overseas in oro 22 carati 27,2 mm (11 linee e 1/2) di diametro, 5,4 mm di spessore. Circa 40 ore di riserva di carica
Il calibro è meccanico a carica automatica. Massa oscillante Overseas in oro 22 carati 27,2 mm (11 linee e 1/2) di diametro, 5,4 mm di spessore. Circa 40 ore di riserva di carica

A retrograde date indication with a central hand occupies the top of the dial. To ensure optimal use, all functions are set via the crown: winding, date correction, moon phase and time adjustment. The timepiece is delivered on a steel bracelet accompanied by two calfskin and blue rubber straps.

Acciaio (maglie lucide e satinate a mezza Croce di Malta) dotato di una chiusura déployante a tripla lama in acciaio inossidabile con pulsanti e sistema di regolazione
Acciaio (maglie lucide e satinate a mezza Croce di Malta) dotato di una chiusura déployante a tripla lama in acciaio
inossidabile con pulsanti e sistema di regolazione

Dragons and phoenix at the time of Vacheron Constantin

The biggest watch collectors are found in Asia. And in China the dragon is a mythological animal full of meanings. In the West, on the other hand, it is the phoenix, a bird reborn from its ashes, that has entered mythology, even if the bird is also present in Chinese tradition. Two aspects that prompted Vacheron Constantin to create three Traditionnelle tourbillon timepieces in a limited and numbered edition of 16 pieces for each type of watch, inspired by these two symbolic animals. On the hand-guilloché dial, the phoenix and dragon take the form of sculpted rose gold applications.

Il retro dell'orologio
Il retro dell’orologio

The three versions of the model are different starting from the galvanic treatment of the dial: it can be black, dark blue and silver. The pink gold case has a diameter of 41 millimeters, and is engraved with cloud-shaped scrollwork on the bezel and lugs, forming a low-relief motif on the caseband. The watch uses the self-winding caliber 2160 with tourbillon and consists of 188 elements. The ultra-thin movement is just 5.65 millimeters thick thanks to the peripheral rotor, which guarantees an 80-hour power reserve. The case has a sapphire crystal case back, through which the details of the finishes can be admired.
Traditionnelle tourbillon di Vacheron Costantin
Traditionnelle tourbillon di Vacheron Costantin

The Traditionnelle tourbillon watch therefore reproduces the dance of the phoenix and dragon around the pearl, one of the typical symbols of Chinese tradition. The finish of the watch evolved along the way: initially the pearl had to be polished and the flames sandblasted, but in reality, due to its very small thickness (3/10 of a millimetre), the Maison decided to do the opposite . The mythical creatures are represented through rose gold applications, printed and finished by hand with the ramolayage technique, which involves modeling with a burin and the subsequent smoothing of the parts in relief with a file. The exquisite details and precise operations used to depict the plumage of the rooster-headed phoenix, symbol of the Chinese empress, and the undulating body of the scaled dragon, emblem of the emperor, orchestrate a celestial choreography.
Una fase della lavorazione del segnatempo
Una fase della lavorazione del segnatempo

The whole scene comes to life thanks to the Maltese cross-shaped movable tourbillon cage, emblem of Vacheron Constantin, while the regulator acts as a support for one of the dragon’s legs, and the beating of the phoenix’s wings seems to mark the rhythm. On the lunette and on the handles, the sky is symbolized by a series of volutes carved in bas-relief.
Retro del Traditionnelle tourbillon
Retro del Traditionnelle tourbillon

Traditionnelle tourbillon
References 6040T/000R-B959
Caliber 2160/1
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Mechanical, self-winding, peripheral rotor
31 mm (13 1/2 lines) in diameter, 5.65 mm thick
About 80 hours of power reserve
2.5Hz (18,000 vibrations/hour)
188 components
30 rubies
Timepiece certified by the Hallmark of Geneva
Indications Hours, minutes, small seconds on the tourbillon cage (colored screw)
Rose gold case
41mm in diameter, 11.21mm thick
Hand engraved bezel and lug sides
See-through sapphire crystal caseback
Waterproof tested at a pressure of 3 bar (about 30 meters)
Gold dial, hand guilloché, silver/dark blue/black galvanic treatment
Hand engraved and applied rose gold phoenix and dragon
Strap Brown/dark blue/black Mississippiensis alligator leather with alligator lining, hand-stitched, topstitched, large square scales
Buckle Rose gold folding clasp
Polished half Maltese cross
Limited edition consisting of 16 individually numbered copies.
Available exclusively at Vacheron Constantin Boutiques.
Lavorazione del Traditionnelle tourbillon
Lavorazione del Traditionnelle tourbillon

L'orologio indossato
L’orologio indossato

Una delle tre versioni dell'orologio
Una delle tre versioni dell’orologio

The second edition of Vo Vintage is already scheduled

A great little success. The first edition of Vo Vintage, a mini fair inside the VicenzaOro fair, met with great public interest. The area dedicated to watchmaking and vintage jewelery was, in fact, a gamble. Organized in a floor open to the public of VicenzaOro (which is instead an event reserved for operators), and in a more limited period (18-20 January) it saw the participation of 30 exhibitors. A success that pushed the organizers of Ieg to already plan the next edition.

Al piano superiore Vo Vintage, sotto VicenzaOro. Copyright:
Al piano superiore Vo Vintage, sotto VicenzaOro. Copyright:

Vo Vintage has attracted collectors of vintage jewelry and watches, a growing market estimated in our country at 1 billion euros. Not only fair, however, but also cultural events, such as Vo Vintage Talk, a dialogue between Michele Mengoli, one of the greatest Italian watchmaking experts and Sandro Fratini, famous Italian collector of vintage watches, with a heritage of over 2000 pieces from the worth approximately 1 billion euros, among which the Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet brands stand out. The new format could also count on the valuable contributions of Giulio Papi, director of Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, Stefano Mazzariol, one of the greatest experts of Rolex Daytona in the world, and Bruno Bergamaschi, with his Watches & Passions forum, Ugo Pancani of the Foundation de la Haute Horlogerie, by the president of Assorologi Mario Peserico.

Lavoro su orologi d'epoca a Vo Vintage. Copyright:
Lavoro su orologi d’epoca a Vo Vintage. Copyright:
Gioielli d'epoca a Vo Vintage. Copyright:
Gioielli d’epoca a Vo Vintage. Copyright:
VicenzaOro January 2020
VicenzaOro January 2020

Gioielli d'epoca a Vo Vintage. Copyright:
Gioielli e orologi a Vo Vintage. Copyright:

Mattioli svizzera, ma esotica

[wzslider]A gennaio ha fatto scalpore la vendita dell’azienda a un gigante del lusso come gli svizzeri di Richemont, gruppo svizzero che comprende brand come Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai e Montblanc. A sette mesi di distanza il brand Mattioli ha girato pagina e, con la nuova gestione, si appresta a lanciare una raffica di novità: sono venti le collezioni in produzione. E la linea guida sembra essere quella dell’esotismo: si va da Tibet (si ispira ai fili di felicità in uso nel Paese asiatico), a Siriana, che invece evoca l’harem di Istanbul (anche se non si sa se le donne ne abbiano nostalgia).  African Queen è invece una linea dedicata alle donne Masai. Insomma, molte novità che sono state anticipate in un lungo articolo sul Sole 24Ore da Licia Mattioli, che continua a guidare l’azienda. Il nuovo progetto riguarda una serie di anelli dedicati agli animali. La collezione si chiama, appunto, Urban Animals: «Si tratta di una serie numerata di anelli dedicati a cinque animali. Ne realizzeremo cinque esemplari per ognuno, ed è una traccia di lavoro che seguiremo e implementeremo nei prossimi mesi, accanto alla creazione delle linee vere e proprie». L’imprenditrice spiega anche la sua filosofia: «L’idea è quella di affiancare le collezioni che creiamo ogni anno a pezzi unici, per clienti esclusive». La storia della Mattioli affonda le radici nell’Ottocento: il punzone 1TO, ottenuto dall’Antica Ditta Marchisio, è il primo rilasciato dalla Città di Torino. La famiglia Mattioli ha rilevato la società negli anni Novanta. «Siamo come un vaso d’argilla tra vasi di ferro i nostri concorrenti sono colossi come Pomellato, Buccellati, Bulgari. Combattiamo con dei giganti ma restiamo un’azienda con una forte connotazione di ricerca e design, cercando però di non innamorarci troppo della “nicchia” perché di nicchia si può anche morire», conclude l’imprenditrice. U.A.

ukMattioli swiss way, but exotic

In January, he made ​​headlines the sale of the company to a giant of luxury as the Swiss Richemont, the Swiss group, which includes brands such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger- LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai and Montblanc. Seven months after the brand Mattioli has turned the page, and with the new management, is set to launch a flurry of news: there are twenty collections in production. And the guideline seems to be that of exoticism, ranging from Tibet (inspired by the threads of happiness in use in the Asian country), a Syrian, who instead evokes the harem of Istanbul (although it is not known if women do have homesickness). African Queen is instead a dedicated line to the Masai women. In short, many new features that have been brought forward in a long article on newspaper Sole 24 Ore by Licia Mattioli, who continues to lead the company. The new project involves a series of rings dedicated to animals. The collection is aptly named Urban Animals: “This is a numbered series of rings dedicated to five animals. I realize five copies for everyone, and is a track of work that will follow and we will implement in the coming months, alongside the creation of the lines true. ” The entrepreneur also explains his philosophy: “The idea is to complement the collections every year we create unique pieces, exclusive to customers.” The story of Mattioli has its roots in the nineteenth century: the punch 1TO obtained from Ancient Ditta Marchisio, is the first issued by the City of Turin. The Mattioli family took over the company in the nineties. “We are like a clay pot between iron pots our competitors are giants like Pomellato, Buccellati, Bulgari. We fight with the giants but we remain a company with a strong research and design, but try not to fall in love too much of the “niche” niche because you can die, “concludes the entrepreneur.

france-flagMattioli suisse, mais exotique

En Janvier, il a fait les manchettes de la vente de l’entreprise à un géant du luxe comme Richemont Suisse, le groupe suisse, qui comprend des marques telles que Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger -LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai et Montblanc. Sept mois après la marque Mattioli a tourné la page, et avec la nouvelle direction, est le point de lancer une vague de nouvelles: il ya vingt collections de la production. Et la ligne directrice semble être celui de l’exotisme, allant du Tibet (inspiré par les fils de bonheur en usage dans le pays asiatique), un Syrien, qui évoque la place du harem d’Istanbul (même si on ne sait pas si les femmes font avoir le mal du pays). African Queen est à la place d’une ligne dédiée aux femmes Masai. En bref, de nombreuses nouvelles fonctionnalités qui ont été mises de l’avant dans un long article sur le quotidien Sole 24 Ore par Licia Mattioli, qui continue à diriger la société. Le nouveau projet prévoit une série d’anneaux réservés aux animaux. La collection porte bien son nom urbaines Animaux: “C’est une série numérotée de sonneries dédiées à cinq animaux. Je me rends compte cinq copies pour tout le monde, et c’est une piste de travail qui va suivre et nous allons mettre en œuvre dans les prochains mois, aux côtés de la création des lignes vrai. ” L’entrepreneur explique aussi sa philosophie: ” L’idée est de compléter les collections chaque année, nous créons des pièces uniques, exclusifs aux clients. ” L’histoire de Mattioli a ses racines dans le XIXe siècle: la 1TO de poinçon obtenu à partir de l’ancienne Ditta Marchisio, est le premier émis par la ville de Turin. La famille Mattioli a repris l’entreprise dans les années nonante. «Nous sommes comme un pot en argile entre les pots de fer Nos concurrents sont des géants comme Pomellato, Buccellati, Bulgari. Nous nous battons avec les géants, mais nous restons une société avec une forte recherche et la conception, mais essayons de ne pas tomber en amour trop de la niche ” de niche “, car vous pouvez mourir “, conclut l’entrepreneur.

german-flagMattioli Schweizer, aber exotisch

Im Januar machte er Schlagzeilen, die den Verkauf des Unternehmens zu einem riesigen Luxus als Schweizer Richemont, der Schweizer Gruppe, die Marken wie Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger- LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai und Montblanc gehören. Sieben Monate nach der Marke Mattioli hat die Seite gedreht, und mit dem neuen Management, ist auf eine Flut von Nachrichten zu starten: Es gibt zwanzig Sammlungen in der Produktion. Und der Richtlinie scheint, dass von Exotik zu sein, die von Tibet (inspiriert von den Themen des Glücks in den Einsatz in dem asiatischen Land), einem syrischen, die statt erinnert an den Harem von Istanbul (obwohl es nicht bekannt, ob Frauen zu tun Heimweh haben). African Queen ist vielmehr eine Standleitung zu den Masai Frauen. Kurz gesagt, viele neue Features, die vorn in einem langen Artikel über Sole 24 Ore von Licia Mattioli, der das Unternehmen weiterhin führen gebracht worden. Das neue Projekt beinhaltet eine Reihe von Ringen zu Tieren gewidmet. Die Sammlung ist treffend benannt Stadt Tiere: “Das ist eine nummerierte Serie von Ringen zu fünf Tieren gewidmet. Ich fünf Kopien realisieren für alle, und ist eine Spur der Arbeit, die folgen werden, und wir werden in den kommenden Monaten zu implementieren, neben der Schaffung der Linien wahr. ” Der Unternehmer erklärt auch seine Philosophie: “Die Idee ist, die Sammlungen ergänzen jedes Jahr schaffen wir einzigartige Stücke, die exklusiv für Kunden.” Die Geschichte von Mattioli hat seine Wurzeln im neunzehnten Jahrhundert: Die aus dem alten Ditta Marchisio erhalten Punsch 1bis, ist das erste von der Stadt Turin ausgestellt. Die Familie Mattioli übernahm das Unternehmen in den neunziger Jahren. “Wir sind wie ein Ton-Topf zwischen Eisentöpfe unserer Wettbewerber sind Giganten wie Pomellato, Buccellati, Bulgari. Wir kämpfen mit den Riesen, aber wir sind ein Unternehmen mit einer starken Forschungs-und Design bleiben, aber versuchen Sie nicht, in der Liebe zu viel von der “Nische” Nische fallen, weil man sterben kann “, schließt der Unternehmer.

flag-russiaМаттиоли Швейцарский, но экзотические

В январе он сделал заголовки о продаже компании в гиганта роскоши, как швейцарский Richemont, швейцарской группы, в которую входят такие бренды, как Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai и Montblanc. Через семь месяцев после бренда Маттиоли превратился страницу, и с новым руководством, готовится к запуску шквал новостей: Есть двадцать коллекции в производстве. И руководство, кажется, что из экзотики, от Тибета (вдохновленный резьбу счастья в использовании в азиатской стране), сирийский, который вместо вызывает гарем Стамбула (хотя это не известно, если женщины делают есть тоска по дому). Африканская королева вместо этого выделенная линия для женщин Масаи. Короче говоря, много новых возможностей, которые были доведены вперед в большой статье о Sole 24 Ore по Licia Маттиоли, который продолжает руководить компанией. Новый проект включает в себя ряд колец, посвященных животным. Коллекция метко назвал Городские Животные: «Это пронумерованы серия колец, посвященных пяти животных. Я понимаю, пять копий для всех, и это след работы, которая будет следовать и мы будем осуществлять в ближайшие месяцы, наряду с созданием линий истинного “. Предприниматель также объясняет свою философию: ” Идея состоит в том, чтобы дополнить коллекции каждый год мы создаем уникальные предметы, эксклюзивные для клиентов. ” История Маттиоли имеет свои корни в девятнадцатом веке:удар 1to получены из Древнего Ditta Маркизио, является первым выданный город Турин. Семья Маттиоли взяла на себя компания в девяностые годы. “Мы, как глиняный горшок между железными горшках наши конкуренты гиганты, как Pomellato, Буччеллати, Bulgari. Мы боремся с гигантами, но мы по-прежнемукомпания с сильной исследований и дизайна, но постарайтесь не влюбиться слишком много из ” ниши ” ниши, потому что вы можете умереть “, заключает предприниматель.

spagna-okMattioli suizo, pero exótica

En enero, fue noticia de la venta de la empresa a un gigante del lujo como Richemont Suiza, el grupo suizo, que incluye marcas como Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger- LeCoultre, IWC, Panerai y Montblanc. Siete meses después de la marca Mattioli ha pasado página, y con la nueva gestión, está listo para lanzar una ráfaga de noticias: hay veinte colecciones en la producción. Y la pauta parece ser la de exotismo, que van desde el Tíbet (inspirado en los hilos de la felicidad en uso en el país asiático), un sirio, que en vez evoca el harén de Estambul (aunque no se sabe si las mujeres hacen tener nostalgia). African Queen es en cambio una línea dedicada a las mujeres masai. En resumen, muchas nuevas características que se han llevado adelante en un largo artículo sobre periodico Sole 24 Ore por Licia Mattioli, que sigue liderando la compañía. El nuevo proyecto consiste en una serie de anillos reservados a los animales. La colección es bien llamado Animales urbanos: “Esto es una serie numerada de anillos dedicados a cinco animales. Me doy cuenta de cinco copias para todo el mundo, y es una pista de trabajo que va a seguir y vamos a implementar en los próximos meses, junto con la creación de las líneas de la verdad. ” El empresario también explica su filosofía: “La idea es complementar las colecciones cada año creamos piezas únicas y exclusivas a los clientes. ” La historia de Mattioli tiene sus raíces en el siglo XIX: la 1Para punch obtenida de Ancient Ditta Marchisio, es la primera emitida por la ciudad de Turín. La familia Mattioli se hizo cargo de la empresa en los años noventa. “Somos como una olla de barro entre las ollas de hierro de nuestros competidores son gigantes como Pomellato, Buccellati, Bulgari. Luchamos con los gigantes, pero seguimos siendo una empresa con una sólida base de investigación y diseño, pero tratamos de no enamorarse demasiado de nicho “nicho ” porque se puede morir “, concluye el empresario.