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Boucheron, earcuff Nuri indossato. Titanio, oro giallo, acquamarina,  berillo,  tsavoriti, onice, lacca nera, zaffiri, diamanti, gialli e bianchi

Titanium jewelry: should you buy them?

Titanium jewelry: they are the last frontier of jewelry. Beautiful, but also difficult to make. Should you buy them? ♦ Long live titanium, which has become synonymous with creative audacity […]

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Rosé del gruppo Blackpink, volto di Tiffany

Tiffany City HardWear also in titanium

News for the summer signed by Tiffany & Co. The American company has expanded the catalog of one of its best-known collections, Tiffany City HardWear. The collection was launched in […]

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Orecchini della collezione After Party, in oro giallo 18 carati, titanio e zaffiri

The fine Greek titanium of Anastasia Kessaris

She has a degree in architecture, she worked as an architect in London, eventually becoming a senior interior designer at Harrods. So what could Anastasia Kessaris‘s next step be? Designing […]

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A titanic Valentine’s Day for Gi by Giselle Effting

A titanic Valentine’s Day for Gi by Giselle Effting

Who wouldn’t want a solid, strong love, capable of withstanding the shocks of life? It seems like a titanic purpose. And, perhaps, it is a goal that can be approached […]

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Anello in oro, titanio e kunzite

The meta-jewels by Regina Gambatesa

Why limit yourself to considering a jewel as something that is worn over the body, when it can also be something that conceals a meaning within it? If the philosophy […]

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Anello indossato in titanio e diamanti

The sinuous jewels of Gi by Giselle Effting

Jewels that follow the body, but which are also a metaphor for our life: it is never linear. For Gi by Giselle Effting, the thread of existence, rather, adapts to […]

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Orecchini in titanio, tormaline rosa e diamanti

Titanic Margherita Burgener

Handcrafted and high jewelry, made in Italy: it is that of Margherita Burgener, admired and appreciated all over the world, also thanks to the precious use of titanium ♦ ︎ […]

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Orecchini lampadina

Suzanne Syz leaves the jewelry world

It’s time to say goodbye to a great jewelry designer. But, thankfully, it’s not that kind of goodbye. Instead, it is a greeting and a wish: Suzanne Syz, a Swiss […]

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Anello Trottola in oro rosa e titanio nero

The spinning top by Vhernier continues to spin

The Trottola collection by Vhernier  never stops: now it adds a ring to the successful jewelry line of the Valenza fashion house. The collection is inspired by one of the […]

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Modella com collana e bracciale Phiten

The necklace for those who play sports is called Phiten

There is also a necklace that maybe helps who is sporty: it is called Phiten and, in the intentions, is an accessory that makes calm if you are nervous, trusty […]

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La collana fred Velvet

Vhernier’s new extraordinary velvets

Vhernier presents new necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ring from the Velvet line ♦ ︎ The Blue Velvet song was played by American singer Bobby Vinton in 1963. It was a […]

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Orecchini Lustre, con 200 diamanti taglio baguette

Jacob & Co, luxury that sways

Luster earrings by Jacob & co: a cascade of diamonds that sway ♦ Fanciful, a bit strange for jewelers with long pedigrees, loved by rap artists: Jacob Arabo and his […]

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Come evitare allergie e vivere felici

Jewelry and allergy

Do you have jewelry that causes skin allergy or irritation? Here’s how to solve your problem and avoid a nickel allergy ♦ Some say allergies are on the rise. As […]

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Wallace Chan, anello Onde. Diamanti e titanio

The new hi-tech jewels

Not only gold and silver: this is why super-technological materials are increasingly used in jewelery ♦ Carbon fiber, titanium, nanoceramics, volcanic lava and even the rediscovery of aluminum: the use […]

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Lugano Diamonds, anello in titanio con diamanti

All about titanium jewelery

Do you want to buy a titanium jewel? First, you must read this guide to find out the benefits, price and features of titanium jewelry ♦ ︎ From some years […]

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collana CALLA in oro bianco, diamanti, zaffiri grigi e kogolong

Vhernier extends Calla

A new necklace in kogolong and sapphires is added to the Calla collection by Vhernier ♦ Do you know which flower never fade? The calla. Or, better, the Calla with […]

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Bracciale Calla in oro rosa e diamanti

Calla bracelets by Vhernier

The Calla bracelets by Vhernier, the newcomers to the Maison’s most classic collection ♦ They are called Calla, because the shape of jewels resembles that of the delicate flower with […]

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Syz Fireworks, the fantasy doubles

Syz Fireworks, the fantasy doubles

The jewels of the new Syz Fireworks brand, founded by Suzanne and Isabelle Syz. With the debut in GemGèneve ♦ ︎ Some say that a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law never agree. […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, anelli in titanio con zaffiri blu o verdi

Giovanni Ferraris extends Titanium

New rings from the Titanium collection presented by Giovanni Ferraris at Baselworld ♦ ︎ Titanium is a light metal but very durable. And judging by the Titanium collection by Giovanni […]

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Hemmerle, orecchini in alluminio anodizzato con cavità in cui sono inserite acquamarine

Hemmerle’s new extraordinary creations

The extraordinary creations of Hemmerle, queen of high jewelry design ♦ ︎ It is not a case when a marriage lasts 22 years. And if, more, the union is not […]

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