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Bracciale brasiliano multicolore con strass

The beach on your wrist with Hipanema

It is the most famous beach in the world: the strip of sand on the sea that bathes Rio de Janeiro. And Hipanema is the brand born in Paris, but […]

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Collezione Hydra di Roberta Risolo indossata

A Hydra for Roberta Risolo

Hydro in Greek means water, a word that gave birth to names such as Hydruntum, the ancient name of Otranto, an Apulian town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Hydra, a new […]

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Anello con rara perla di ostrica spinosa Spondylus viola  e striscia blu assieme a spinelli ovali viola su platino

Assael’s rare pearls

Le perle rare e i gioielli straordinari di Assael, Maison con base a New York ♦ Le storie dei grandi gioiellieri sono spesso intrecciate alle storie di grandi commerci di gemme. […]

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Anello in oro giallo 18 carati con 36 diamanti

In Rajasthan with the rich jewels of Sawansukha

The large, luxurious, traditional Indian jewelery gifts signed by Maison Sawansukha ♦ For nearly two centuries the name Sawansukha was associated with the diamond trade. You do not know, probably, […]

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Ciondolo in oro bianco, diamanti, perla di Tahiti

The Jörg Heinz secret

Mobile jewels, which make precision an extra treasure: those of the German Maison Jörg Heinz ♦ When you say «made in Germany», you often think to mechanical industry, for example […]

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Africa. Spilla in oro bianco, perla naturale conch, zaffiro, granato, onice, diamanti

The wonderful nature according to Mikimoto

Geography lesson according to Mikimoto. What are the five continents of the world? Africa, America, Australia, Eurasia, Antarctica. The new high jewelry collection of the Japanese Maison, famous for its […]

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Orecchini con perle e rubini

Little H’s sandwich pearls

Pearls that hide rubies or emeralds: the jewels of Little H are really different from the others ♦ ︎ The cult of pearls originated in Japan, but not all Japanese […]

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Orecchini Galaxy, in oro giallo, diamanti perle del Mari del Sud

Autore’s pearls

Autore’s best pearl jewels, the result of a story that began 30 years ago. At the table ♦ Oil, tomato and a plate of pearls. Or, better, a plate of […]

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Girocollo con gemme naturali dal taglio a cuore, perle d’acqua dolce e boule d'oro giallo 18 carati

Mothers in Paradise with Marco Bicego

Mothers go to heaven with Marco Bicego. But make no mistake: without losing contact with the Earth. The Venetian brand, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, presents an abstention from […]

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Orecchini a cerchio in oro bianco, diamanti e perle rosa

Pearls in Eclipse with Yoko London

There is not only high jewelery, such as the necklace worn in the Bridgerton tv series, which is set in England during the Regency period, among the most interesting novelties […]

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Pulizia di una collana di perle

How to clean cameos, pearls, emeralds, opals, crystals

How do you clean a fragile piece of jewelry, which can easily be ruined? Here are the rules to follow to clean a jewel without damaging it ♦ Maybe you […]

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Orecchini con corallo e diamanti

Aucella in red from four generations

Coral and cameos: they are the specialty of one of the most traditional jewelers of Torre del Greco: Aucella ♦ Coral for four generations grown in the Neapolitan pole of […]

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Orecchini con fiori in legno di sawo intagliato e perle barocche indossati by Alexandra Mor

All about baroque pearls

What are baroque pearls? Here is a quick guide to baroque pearls and how to recognize the different shapes of irregular pearls ♦ Okay, they gave at you a necklace […]

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Bracciale della collezione Eleganza in argento placcato oro rosa e perla

Miluna’s new jewels

Miluna jewels, brand of the company Cielo Venezia 1270, are made in Italy. Not only does the name of the brand refer to the love poem of a seventeenth-century Venetian […]

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La collana di perle dorate Palawan South Sea

24 things you don’t know about the pearl necklace

Do you want to buy a pearl necklace? Or do you have earrings with pearls in your drawer, or a ring with a beautiful pearl? Like diamonds, pearls are one […]

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Anello in oro, opale nero, zaffiri orange e yellow, diamanti

Margot McKinney the queen of the opal

From Australia to the United States: exceptional pearls and opals are the work tools of Margot McKinney ♦ ︎ In Australia it is an authority and not just as a […]

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Orecchini con fiori in legno di sawo intagliato e perle barocche indossati by Alexandra Mor

Luxury Rudraksha by Alexandra Mor

Alexandra Mor and the rudraksha. You may not know what it is: rudraksha a stone-hard fruit produced by some large evergreen trees of the genus Elaeocarpus. The dried fruit is […]

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Orecchini in argento e corallo

Confuorto, sun, tradition and coral

Among the Italian jewelers who fly from one international fair to another there is also Confuorto. A brand that has long been operating in the world of jewelry and, to […]

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Collana a cinque fili di perle di Viren Bhagat, venduta da Christie's per 1,6 milioni di dollari

How to choose a real pearl necklace

Do you want to buy a real pearl necklace? Do you want to add a natural pearl necklace to your drawer because you are missing this indispensable jewel? Good idea. […]

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Utopia, collana di perle, dettaglio

Utopia in Aqua

Pearls are born from different shell families. But all shells have one thing in common: they live in water. The Aqua collection by Utopia is dedicated to the natural element […]

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