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Collier in oro e diamanti collezione Splendori. Prezzo: 999

Bliss Valentine’s Day

For Valentine’s Day, Bliss’s jewels dedicated to lovers. Images and prices ♦ ︎ For love there is no date, there is no age, no borders are closed. Yet there is […]

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Collana con perle, diamanti e oro

How to clean the fragile jewelry

How do you clean a jewel, especially if it’s something that can easily be ruined? Here are the rules to follow to clean a jewel without ruining it ♦ Maybe […]

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Spilla di Mikimoto in oro 18 carati, perla e diamanti

Mikimoto, Japanese snow

The snow seen from Japan in a new collection by Mikimoto ♦ The snow in Japan is as light as the one that falls in the United States or in […]

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Orecchini con corallo rosa e zaffiri

Aucella in red from four generations

They works with coral by four generations that have grown in the little town near Naples: Aucella is part of this elite for eighty years. In Torre del Greco, home […]

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Collier della collezione Beatrice

Beatrice rhymes with pearls

Pearls dedicated to Beatrice, the muse of Dante, in the Mayumi collection ♦ Beatrice, a character who has become eternal thanks to Dante. The greatest Italian poet, was in love […]

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White gold ring with diamonds, pink sapphires and tourmaline

Roberto Coin to the top

Roberto Coin’s Haute Couture collection, the luxury that stands out ♦ ︎ If it were a tree, Roberto Coin would be a jeweler with roots in the Veneto and branches […]

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Orecchini perle di Tahiti, diamanti

Autore Timeless

The infinite variations of the pearls of the Timeless collection by Autore ♦ ︎ Jewelery is not a science, but Rosario Autore addresses the cultivation of pearls with a scientific […]

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Anello in argento con perle

Mikiko in silver

Mikiko launches a new silver collection, but pearls are always queens ♦ ︎ The story is a bit winding: in 1991, the European Institute for the Promotion of Perla began […]

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Collana con medaglione, perle, diamanti, smalto

The classic style seen by Marina J

The classic jewel played by an experienced restorer of ancient jewelery: necklaces, bracelets and rings of Marina J ♦ ︎ From Russia to Los Angeles with the same think: jewels. […]

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Collezione Crescent Moon. Prezzo: 455 euro

Yvone Christa on the Moon

The new collection of the Yvone Christa brand presented at VicenzaOro September ♦ ︎ In VicenzaOro September, the Yvone Christa New York brand was inspired by the sky. The two […]

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Orecchini in oro rosa, perle South Sea di Prabang Gurung per Tasaki

Pearls with surprise by Tasaki

The Japanese pearls of Tasaki with the graft of the Nepalese creativity of Prabang Gurung ♦ ︎ After 63 years (it’s founded on January 10, 1954), Tasaki’s pearl giant will […]

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Collana Praise to Nature: oro bianco 18K, perla coltivata in mare, perla Akoya, acquamarina, berillo, zaffiro, diamanti

Praise to the nature of Mikimoto

Nature and sea, here is the high jewelery of Mikimoto ♦ ︎ Praise to Nature: this is the name of the new jewelery necklace of Mikimoto. Great name of Japanese […]

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Chocker di Paula Mendoza

Please do not bite me on neck

A series of chocker, a jewel that has come back fashionable in recent years ♦ The chocker also called collier de chien, gargantilla or girocollo, is back. Because lights up […]

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Sybarite, anello Liberty. In oro bianco, diamanti, onice, perla centrale

Pearls that surprise

The pearls not everytime are used with traditional jewelery, such as the classic one or two-strand necklace. Here are some pearl jewelry that are amazing ♦ Pearls that break the […]

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Yvel, anello con perla barocca

The surprising pearls of Yvel

Yvel creates jewelry in which the pearl is always at the center, but the variety is amazing. In 2017 it won a Couture Design Awards in the Best in Pearls […]

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Marcello Bread literally

Marcello Bread literally

Marcello Pane, the ancient Neapolitan tradition in modern key with the Letters collection ♦︎ The ancient tradition of Neapolitan jewelery also goes through the Marcello Pane brand. The company boasts […]

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Collana in oro bianco, diamanti e corallo rosso

Salvatore Collaro between pearls and coral

Coral and pearls: Salvatore Collaro continues the tradition of jewelry with the sons of the sea ♦ ︎ If you, in italian language, anagram the word coral, you can get Collaro. […]

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La collana di perle Palawan

The finest golden pearls in the world

Is this the most beautiful golden pearl necklace in the world? Yes, it could be that of Jewelmer Joaillerie ♦ ︎ Who knows if it is really the most beautiful […]

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Autore, orecchini con perle

Author’s pearls on the wings

Necklaces and earrings of the Wing line and by Autore: two models only, but with many variants ♦ ︎ The Rosario Autore’s pearls, an Italian that has become a celebrity […]

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Stella arancio, collana con pendente. È molto rara, naturale, frutto della lumaca di mare Melo Melo. È valutata oltre 700.000 dollari

Assael’s rare pearls

The rare pearls and the extraordinary jewels of Assael, based in New York ♦ The stories of great jewelers are often intertwined with the stories of great gem business. And the […]

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