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Gianmaria Buccellati 2001, spilla Panda con corpo formato da grande perla barocca , oro bianco, incassato in brillanti, con germoglio di bambù in oro giallo inciso. Diamanti fancy agli occhi

All about baroque pearls

The baroque pearl guide. How to recognize the different forms of irregular pearls ♦ Okay, they gave at you a necklace with baroque pearls. But do you know exactly what it […]

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Orecchini della colelzione La Mer en Majesté presentati a Couture di Las Vegas 2018. Oro bianco che simula la schiuma dell'acqua, zaffiri, perle dorate

Jewelmer, the Miracle of the Golden Pearl

The golden pearls by Jewelmer, the ultimate in luxury when they are combined with gold and diamonds. Get joint the word jewel, with the word which is French for sea, […]

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Orecchini della colelzione Totem, con opale australiano e perle

Margot McKinney the queen of the opal

From Australia to the United States: exceptional pearls and opals are the work tools of Margot McKinney ♦ ︎ In Australia it is an authority and not just as a […]

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Chanel, anello con leone scolpito in cristallo di rocca, oro bianco e diamante

Lions under the sign of Chanel

A new collection of jewelry roars with Chanel: Sous le Signe du Lion ♦ ︎ The lion roars for the third time. And the majestic sound of the king of […]

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Anelli Calypso, in oro rosa e perle rosse

The rare pearls by Schoeffel

Jewelry and pearls by Schoeffel, German jeweler who turn a century. At the jewelry auctions, if the larger diamonds are the kings, pearls are the queens. Necklaces and bracelets made […]

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Orecchini in oro, diamanti e perle dorate

Galactic Autore

Stars, moon and galaxies are transformed into pearls in the collection by Autore ♦ ︎ From Australia to the Moon. It is not the space travel of a mission of […]

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Yvone Christa, orecchini in argento e perle

The circles of Yvone Christa

Watermarks from the Hoops Retrò collection by Yvone Christa New York ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro September is an opportunity to launch the new winter collections. This is the case of Yvone […]

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Anello in argento con perla della collezione Idole

Pearls and silver with Christofle

Christofle expands the Idole collection with the addition of silver jewelery and pearls ♦ ︎ Silver can be as precious as gold, as long as its design adds value to jewelry. […]

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Kate Middleton al battesimo del principe Louis

How to choose pearl earrings

How to choose pearl earrings? To decide, look at what Kate Middleton wore ♦ ︎ Pearls, especially earrings, have always been an obligatory choice for queens and princesses. When, for […]

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Anello con diamanti brown

The time has stopped with Ferrarese

The tradition is sacred with the Neapolitan brand Ferrarese Gioielli ♦ There are jewelers pervaded by the desire to create something new. And there are others who aspire only to create […]

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Maxìma d’Olanda con la tiara e gli orecchini della parure di zaffiri

The crown jewels of Holland

Even the royals of Holland can boast a good number of important jewels. Here are what are ♦ Maxìma di Olanda was included by Time magazine among the 100 most […]

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Anello in oro bianco con perla di conchiglia rosa, diamanti e zaffiri rosa

The precious Mikimoto’s bows

Mikimoto’s new high jewelery collection: Jeux de Rubans ♦ ︎ Mikimoto took advantage of the Paris haute couture week in July to present a large collection of high jewelery. It […]

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Collezione Cherry Blossim, bracciale in vermeil oro rosa, diamanti e perle

Elaborate Shaun

Light jewels, with a curious contrast between art nouveau and minimalism, in full London: here is the work of Shaun Leane ♦ London, a short walk from Bond Street: if […]

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Anello Aurora, oro bianco, zaffiri, perle Akoya, perle dei Mari del Sud

The Tasaki’s zen pearls

The luxury jewelry by Japanese Tasaki, design and pearls ♦ If the Japanese Zen gardens will be transformed into jewelry, you probably could find it among the Tasaki collections. Pearls, […]

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Anello Venus Heart

Alessio Boschi poet of Venus

The waves of the sea, Venus, the pearls, the shell of a shell that holds a secret: here are the latest creations by Alessio Boschi ♦ ︎ The Thalassa collection […]

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La collana vincitrice al Couture di las Vegas per la categoria Best in Pearls

A dragon by Autore

The Chinese dragon becomes a necklace in gold and baroque pearls in the imagination of Rosario Autore ♦ ︎ At the Couture Design Awards 2018 it won a piece of […]

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Collana con acquamarine, perle, zaffiro e diamanti

The nature of Mikimoto

Nature is queen in the high jewelery collection of the Japanese Mikimoto ♦ ︎ Mikimoto is the best known name of the Japanese high jewelry. La Maison specializes in pearls […]

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Pendente in vermeil, agata e perle

The flying pearls of Misaki

From the airplanes to the Principality of Monaco: the pearls inspired by the swing and jazz music of Misaki ♦︎ Those of Misaki are jewels to be taken on the […]

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Meghan Markle con gli orecchini di perle regalati dalla regina

The queen’s pearls to Meghan

Queen Elizabeth gives a pair of pearl earrings to Meghan Markle ♦ ︎ The jewels of Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, continue to intrigue. In […]

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Rivière, orecchini della collezione Savoir Faire

Rivière’s savoir faire

Other jewels from the Savoie Faire collection by Rivière, which presented new pieces with diamonds and sapphires at Couture Show ♦ ︎ Savoir Faire is a French expression that indicates […]

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