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Theodora’s lines

in vetrina
Anello Entos in argento placcato oro e diamanti, indossato

In Athens, the designer Theodora Daraklitsa creates jewelry outside the box. And she surprises ♦ ︎ Theodora is a Greek designer from Athens, one of those cities in the world that concentrates a large number of highly creative jewelry makers. To this elite of innovators belongs Theodora Daraklitsa, who founded her brand Theodora D. She…

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Yannis Sergakis, simple architecture

in vetrina
Collana in oro giallo e nero, diamanti

The Greek designer Yannis Sergakis from the jewelery store at the contemporary art exhibition Documenta 14 in Kassel. And the new collection called Solaire ♦ Among the winners of the Awards at the Couture Show 2016 in Las Vegas it is also Yannis Sergakis (you can read the article here). Yannis is a descendant of a…

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The bijoux by Katerina Psoma

in /bracciale/COLLANE
Orecchini in ottone placcato argento e oro

Innovative bijoux by the Greek designer Katerina Psoma, between fashion, design and classicism ♦ When she was 15 Katerina Psoma loved spending time in her mother’s fashion boutique in Athens. In particular, she liked the clothes of Moschino, one of the most innovative Italian designers. In short, Katerina Psoma fell in love before fashion, then…

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Alkemeya’s alchemy

Anello in oro 18 carati con ametista menta

For Greek mythology, Daphne was a nymph associated with fountains, wells, springs, rivers, streams and other bodies of fresh water. And this is because, for a charm by Cupid, she was harassed by the god Apollo who wanted to make love with her. For this she asked her father, the river god Penaeus, of her…

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Etho Maria, high jewelery with a Greek accent

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello multi band con diamanti e ceramica

Etho Maria, Greek expression that sounds like “come here Maria” is an international jewelry brand originating from Athens, Greece, where it still has a headquarters. But today it also has branches in Milan and Florida. Etho Maria, a brand born in 1992 as Lithos, shuns so much to make its history known, and to give…

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Ileana Makri’s blades of grass

in ANELLI/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Orecchini a cerchio in oro giallo lucido e smeraldi

Green and the Greek sun in the Grass collection by Ileana Makri: gold and emeralds with a pinch of champagne diamonds ♦ ︎ The Greek islands, immersed in an intense blue of Mediterranean Sea, seem burned to the tourists who crowd their sunny beaches during the summer. But actually they are green the rest of…

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