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The Light of Africa Diamond

Light of Africa Diamond, Jar and historical jewels in New York with Christie’s

New top jewelry auction at Christie’s in New York. On June 8, other Magnificent Jewels will be on stage, with jewels from private collections, along with jewels signed by Bhagat, […]

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The Light of Africa Diamond

A 103-carat diamond for sale in New York

Another diamond for collectors is ready to challenge the Magnificent Jewels auction in New York, on June 8, as part of Christie’s Luxury Week. The diamond, like all special gems, […]

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Collana in oro giallo e diamanti della linea Champagne Bubbles

The second life of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry

Working for 40 years in the world of finance, between mergers and acquisitions, can be exciting. But in the end she gets tired. Thus, after having worked in several companies […]

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Il De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond

Sotheby’s sells the third most expensive diamond ever: 57.5 million

The 3 most expensive grams in the world: in Hong Kong the De Beers Cullinan Blue Diamond was sold for just under 57.5 million dollars. The diamond weighs 15.10 carats, […]

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La Tiara Fürstenberg

Two big diamonds and princely tiaras at Christie’s auction

The catalog is now completed. And for fans of exceptional jewelry and gem collectors, who are a particularly popular type of investment in difficult historical times, Christie’s sale of Magnifxicent […]

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The red Cross diamond, di oltre 205 carati

The large yellow diamond of the Red Cross is on sale

A yellow diamond for the Red Cross. In times marked by wars and casualties, support for organizations involved in victim assistance becomes essential: this is why Christie’s announces the sale […]

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L'anello con diamante verde ricevuto da Jennifer Lopez

The 6 rings by Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez‘s engagement rings: she has collected six. The most valuable is … ♦ ︎ Is there anything better than a wedding with the man you love? The answer is […]

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The Rock, diamante a forma di pera da 228,31 carati

The Rock, the record diamond auctioned by Christie’s

The one referred to as The Rock announces itself as one of the most precious diamonds put up for auction. Christie’s will put it on sale in Geneva on 11 […]

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Anello in oro bianco con diamante taglio smeraldo

Pure Inspiration for Crieri

Minimalist, essential and, perhaps also for this reason, precious jewels. The intention of Crieri, Maison di Valenza (Italy), is deduced from the name of the Pura collection: that is, without […]

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Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

How to change the ring

Do you want to modify your engagement ring? Ideas and suggestions ♦ ︎ There are many reasons that can lead a woman to change or modify the engagement ring. If […]

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The De Beers Cullinan Blue ha una stima di 48 milioni di dollari

Sotheby’s presents a record-breaking blue diamond

It’s record time for diamonds. This time in the most precious competition in the world, Sotheby’s came first, presenting The De Beers Cullinan Blue, the name of an extraordinary natural […]

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That’s how tough your diamond

That’s how tough your diamond

You want to know how tough is your diamond? In this video, a diamond is crushed by a hydraulic press. Look what happens. How tough is the diamond of your […]

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Diamante ovale impeccabile D Color da 102,39 carati

All about diamonds and carats

Why are diamonds measured in carats (as well as for transparency, cut and purity)? And why are the carats of diamonds different from the carats that are used for gold? […]

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Anello L'Amour, con diamante Crisscut classic

Diamonds, an Amour with 77 faces

A diamond with 77 facets: it’s called Crisscut and is mounted in the jewels of the L’Amour collection by Christopher Designs ♦ Love is true love only if it is […]

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Anello con montatura Floeting Diamond

Brighter jewels with the Floeting Diamond

Even an ancient and seemingly eternal technique can be innovated. The setting of a diamond on a ring seemed, until yesterday, something without too many possibilities to change. The most […]

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Fedi eternity in diamanti

Why are they called diamonds (and 21 more surprising news)

Diamonds, the most known and loved gemstone, hides many secrets: here are 22 of them you need to know ♦ ︎ You know that diamond is the hardest material that […]

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Margaux Hemingway

Le Soleil d’Or, super diamond signed by Fred

In the French group LVMH, the largest cluster of luxury brands, from Tiffany to Dior, from Bulgari to Chaumet (but the complete list would be very long) there is also […]

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Grace Kelly e l'anello di fidanzamento

The power of Grace Kelly’s ring

The story of one of the most famous rings: that of Cartier given by Prince Ranieri to Grace Kelly History and power of a ring. The statement ring with a […]

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Bracciale Hope in oro rosa 18 carati, tra i finalisti ai Couture Awards 2021

John Apel’s American Dream

Before judging John Apel jewels, you need to know the true passions of the founder of the American brand, John Apelian: oil painting and gardening. It is not a very […]

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Anelli Desert Rose in oro rosa e diamanti

Les petites by Annamaria Cammilli

It is not always necessary to think big. Indeed, there are times when you need to think small. For example, when you want to keep costs down or make something […]

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