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Anello con diamanti e smeraldo

How to recognize the emeralds

The emerald is the stone linked to the month of May. It is one of the most precious stones, yet not everyone knows it thoroughly. Here are the essential things […]

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Diamante di Alrosa ricavato da una pietra  grezza di 179 carati

Does war raise the cost of diamonds?

Will the war in Ukraine also raise the price of diamonds? The question is legitimate. In fact, Alrosa, a state-controlled mining giant that controls 90% of the country’s production and […]

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Anelli con gemme di Bulgari

Perhaps you are in possession of one of these five rare gems

Maybe you have a ring with a rare stone on your finger: grandidierite, hessonite, jeremejevite, dumortierite and taafeite. They are gems that are not easily found. Often these stones are […]

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Collana ex-Voto in argento, onice nero

IDoni for those who want to believe

The brand IDoni was launched by Nuova Jolly Oreficerie, a Arezzo-based company leader in the production of medals with the image of the Madonna and crosses: “The idea is that […]

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Esame di un gioiello com diamante

Diamonds? I’ll explain how to avoid bad purchases

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires: which is their value? How to recognize them? Some people buy them to make up for something, someone to love, for others is a safe haven […]

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Anello con diamante a taglio marquise

How much money should you spend on a wedding ring

Do not you know how much is right to spend on an engagement ring? Read here ♦ How much do you have to spend on an engagement ring? It is […]

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Anello Dalmata, in argento e smalto

And the ring did: woof!

If you like dogs here is the ring for you: Dog Fever. Why be surprised? There are ladies who do not leave their pet on all fours even for a […]

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Carolina Herrera,  Falling Jasmine tiara e orecchino a bottone in argento placcato oro e smalto bianco

New Year with a jewel in the hair

Party with something precious in your hair: a tiara. Diadems and crowns are perfect jewels for a special evening ♦ A little courage and a sparkling touch: to feel like […]

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Damiani, anello in oro, zaffiri rosa, diamanti e morganite

Everything about morganite

The morganite is a very attractive pink stone and less expensive than diamonds. Read what are the characteristics of the morganite in this tutorial. The auctions of Christie’s and Sotheby’s […]

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Ciondolo in argento e glitter

Despite everything there are also Happy Thoughts

Time passes and it’s time for Pensieri Felici (Happy Thoughts). This is the name of the brand born as a spin-off of Lowell, a Modenese company specialized in watches. Liliana […]

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Amal Alamuddin e George Clooney

Expensive ring, probable divorce

Have you received an engagement ring? Do you also know the price? We hope it is not too high, because … ♦ A diamond is forever, but divorce also lasts […]

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Nimb indossato

Nimb, anti-aggression ring

Nimb is a ring which sounds an alarm in case of danger ♦ There is a jewel that is most precious of all: safety. Nimb is not the first jewel […]

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Pendente Circle. Prezzo: 170 euro

Tiffany: 10 necklaces cheaper

Do you want to know which are the 10 Tiffany necklaces that cost less? Here are the necklaces of the American Maison that have the most affordable price (prices updated […]

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La piazza di Baselworld. Copyright: gioiellis.com

How much is the postponement of Baselworld

The postponement of an exhibition costs: in Baselworld they have made the budget and determined how much the loss will be for the organization and how much will be borne […]

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Walid Akkad, bracciale in oro

How to choose the cuff bracelet

How to choose a cuff bracelet, covering the whole wrist? There is nothing like a jewel to make a dull dress more sparkling, but not everyone can wear it and, […]

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Anello Blue Moon

De Beers synthetic diamonds, right or wrong idea?

New laboratory diamonds from Lightbox, trademark of De Beers. But what if it’s a strange idea? ♦ Are synthetic diamonds, from a chemical point of view indistinguishable from natural ones, […]

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Rendering di un anello creato via web

Create your gold ring with 3D

The Internet offers many possibilities: for example, to design a jewelry in silver, gold, bronze or titanium in 3D ♦ If you have ever dreamed to make yourself a gold […]

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Carolina Herrera,  Falling Jasmine tiara e orecchino a bottone in argento placcato oro e smalto bianco

Tiaras: a brilliant idea

Diadem and tiaras are all the rage, they can be precious or simple bijoux. Here is a selection and advice on how to wear a tiara or a diadem. And […]

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Anello X Wire in oro rosa e diamante

10 Tiffany from 270 to 970 Euros

Ten jewels by Tiffany from 270 to 970 €: a reasoned choice for a gift. Introductory Note: gioiellis.com not receiving advertisements from Tiffany or is related in any way to Tiffany & […]

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Thomas Sabo, collezione Rebel at heart, bracciali

Autumn rebel with Thomas Sabo

For Fall Winter 2018, Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart collection, for young women and men who love challenges ♦ ︎ Rebels from around the world, unite. Not forgetting to wear […]

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