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Bracciale in argento sterling. Prezzo: 59 euro; charm in argento, prezzi a partire da 39 euro

In the tropics with Pandora

Tropical blue and green, palms and turtles: like every year Pandora offers a collection for summer rich colors and marine subjects, that this year are even more scintillating. In fact, the […]

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Civita, Nummeri moneta in argento con anellino d'oro e conrno in smalto rosso, numero 20 'A Festa. Prezzo 130 euro

(Italiano) Queriot gioca al lotto

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Tatuaggi flash con il disegno di bracciali dorati

The flash-tattoo jewel it’s coming back

Metallic tattoos that mimic and replace the real jewels and disappear after a few days: existed by long, but apparently could be the trend of summer 2015. The new interest […]

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cLover, bracciale in acciaio rosé con perle in agata rossa e chiave. Prezzo: 19 euro

Marlù for all

New collection for Marlù, the brand of jewelry created in San Marino in 2001 by Fabbri sisters. Once again, Morena, Monica and Marta as it is in their style have […]

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De Architectura, orecchini in metallo e stoffa rosa a pois bianchi  con sagoma Italia e Duomo di Milano. Prezzo: 100 euro la coppia

Newness by Lebole: the jewel cities

The first monument represented in the new collection of jewelry by Lebole, named De Architectura, could only be the Duomo of Milan. A jewel that is a tribute to Expo 2015, […]

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Collezione II, anello in oro rosa e full pavé di diamanti. Prezzo: 14 mila euro

Dauphin, royal collection

She debuted last year with her jewelry brand Dauphin, taking into the French scenery a novelty in the minimalist trend. In fact, the bracelets by Charlotte Dauphin de la Rochefoucauld, granddaughter of […]

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Charm bandiere. In argento Sterling 925 e smalto hanno un prezzo a partire da 39 euro

All Pandora

Pandora, Pandora lovers, Pandora mania: the Danish brand that specializes in modular bracelets is booming. It proposes a new burst items to add to her jewelry easy to wear. There’s […]

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Anello intrecciato rose gold con cristalli e logo. Prezzo: 129 euro

Michael Kors summer 2015

Jewellery by Michael Kors, is very popular in Europe, at least according to the company’s financial results, which showed a sales increase of 41% amounting to 237.9 million dollars. A proof […]

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Giorgio Visconti, solitario linea Icona

Visconti, aring under x-ray

If you are  looking for a solitary of character, the one of Icona line by Giorgio Visconti 2015 edition certainly is. It disproves the opinion that this kind of rings stand out […]

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New King ring, anello in Gold Noble e diamanti brown

King and Queen on finger with H.Stern

According to the Brazilian jeweler H.Stern crowns can be worn on fingers not just on head. So then, here a tiny collection of two rings named King and Queen, inspired […]

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Bracciale Be Mom, in bronzo disponibile in color oro, rosato e argento e medaglia in bronzo color argento. Prezzo: bracciale 24 euro, medaglia 19 euro

Ideas (simple) for mom

There are so many ways to say ‘I love you’ to a mother, for example, with a flower like the stylized rose by Pandora in Sterling Silver 925. It is decorated with […]

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love mama tous, ciondolo in oro giallo 18 carati, madreperla e un diamante. Prezzo: 285 euro

Tous loves mama

Like every year  the “love mama tous” a special collection for Mother’s Day, is back. The anniversary falls on different dates depending on the country. If you have not celebrated or, […]

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Eden, anello a 2 giri in oro rosa e  ceramica nera

A new Eden for Damiani

Black ceramic and rose gold for a more wearable, more affordable, more contemporary Eden. So Damiani updates and proposes again, with a collection of rings, bracelets and earrings, one of […]

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Tuxedo, anelli con diamanti bianchi in cinque diversi tagli e diamante nero taglio princess, ossia ottagonale

Recarlo is wearing a tuxedo

Black and white, enamel and five different diamond cuts for Tuxedo, the new collection by Recarlo. The contrast just hint, the slender chains and settings and the simplicity of the […]

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Orecchini pendenti in oro nero, con due smeraldi centrali 15 carati, zaffiri 20 carati e diamanti. Prezzo: 20 mila dollari

Sutra: the new Houston Gothic

Chicly gothic, so Arpita Navlakha, designer and founder of Sutra, the brand that also Michelle Obama likes ((http://gioiellis.com/gli-orecchini-di-michelle/), defines her jewelry. Of course, with all that gold black setting in […]

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Piume, collana con pendente a forma di farfalla in oro bianco con diamanti

Precious feathers for Salvini

Extremely light and precious, candid or blue and white: these are the Piume ( feathers) by Salvini. The new collection was presented in Basel. Colorless diamonds and very dark sapphires […]

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Monogram Idylle, composto di tre anelli singoli ciascuno in oro rosa, bianco e giallo con un diamante da una parte e dall’altra un fiore tondo, un fiore a quattro punte e un fiore inserito un diamante. Prezzo: 2400 euro

Louis Vuitton for three

A flower, a star, the letters L and V: you have already understood, this is the Louis Vuitton monogram. From bags to belts is recognizable at glance in every object […]

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Anello Battito d'ali in argento sterline e zirconia cubica

Ethereal Pandora

Abstract, asymmetrical and ethereal: according to Pandora jewelry is not actually have to be balanced to be perfect. So gently outlines a structure in sterling silver openwork, New Beginnings, to represent […]

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Sorprendila, anello Trilogy  in oro bianco con 3 diamanti da 0,12 carati complessivi. Prezzo: 649 euro

Bliss, Sorprendila with the price

Are defined illusion setting and perhaps the setting used by Bliss for line Sorprendila are really a little magic: for the solitaire, the stone is 0.9 carats, but looks larger. […]

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Phlox, orecchini in filigrana argento con perle blu. Prezzo: 331 euro

Yvone Christa’s blooms

In nature it is a plant that provides spectacular blooms, but in the creations by Yvone Christa New York is the symbol of sharing, solidarity and mutual support. It is […]

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