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Papaveri of Nouvelle Bague

Papaveri (poppies) in plain sight in Basel: they are proposed by Nouvelle Bague, brand founded in 1976 in Florence by Leopoldo Poli and now part of the group Leading Italian Jewels (which in turn is owned by Gitanjali Group). Gold and enamels are the materials that have accompanied the birth of jewels signed by the Tuscan label. And they are the key materials in the collection to debut at Baselworld 2015. The collection Papaveri finds the style of Nouvelle Bague, in which stand out the whites and black diamonds. The series of jewelry consists of five versions of bracelets. “Around the world, looking for slivers of colour and traces of light. Everywhere, there exists the possibility for grace and beauty. The flower as a word in the universal language, images of spring and beauty. An eternal symbol of the soul, in this collection its precious petals unfold as if to open up to a dialogue of intense, joyous emotions. Represented by a very up-to-date design, the flower expresses the authenticity of knowing how to surprise and how to enhance, the spring, love, harmony and the continual rebirth of life and hope” are the words of Leopoldo Poli. Here is the first image of the collection. Matilde de Bounvilles

I bracciali della collezione Papaveri di Nouvelle Bague
I bracciali della collezione Papaveri di Nouvelle Bague

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