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Anello con smeraldi

Anticoa changes silver to gold

The ancient Roman Maison Anticoa proposes silver jewelery bathed in 24-karat gold, with precious stones ♦ ︎ It is called Anticoa, but not because it offers jewels from another era. […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti della collezione Imago

Labor Jewels from Rome to Baselworld

The Labor Jewels collections worn by Benedetta Mazza at Baselworld ♦ ︎ Labor Jewels was founded in 2001 by a rib of Artifex, a Roman company that deals with the […]

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Anello con madreperla e acquamarina

Gaia Caramazza, perfume of jewels

The fragrance of Sillage, the new collection by the Roman designer Gaia Caramazza ♦ ︎ Sillage is a word that in French means to wake up. But also means the […]

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Anello Queen con corallo e acquamarine

Fraleoni, back to the future

Fraleoni, jewels that come from the past to go to the future ♦ ︎ The saying goes: a thing is born by thing. The old popular adage is also valid […]

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The geometries of Riviére

The geometries of Riviére

The Savoir-vivre collection of the Roman Maison Riviére: geometries in gold and precious stones ♦ ︎ Riviére, a Roman Maison that has been back in the foreground from few years […]

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Collana di passamaneria e giade colorate. Prezzo: 475 euro

Anna and Alex, artistic bijoux

Anna and Alex, the author’s jewelry that are fun like many jewels can not be. Two girlfriends, the same passion: the artistic bijoux. Those that are not accessories that are […]

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Spilla con peridoto, pietra luna, acquamarina e diamanti su platino

Eleuteri, vintage jewelry from Rome to New York

Vintage jewelry signed by prestigious Maison: it is Eleuteri’s specialty, which has now also opened a showcase on Madison Avenue, in New York ♦ ︎ There is Bulgari, there is […]

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Anello Vertigo, indossato

The 3D by Valeria D’Annibale

Valeria D’Annibale, hi-tech designer but without giving up the personal touch ♦ ︎ From Rome (Italy) to Sidney (Australia) to design and produce bijoux with 3D printer technology. Valeria D’Annibale […]

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Orecchini in oro bianco con diamanti e ambra verde

Angeletti caput mundi

Angeletti, a jeweler of Via Condotti, Rome, who looks at the foreign market ♦ ︎ In Rome, via Condotti is the luxury shopping street. Here, in 1940, Angeletti’s boutique was […]

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Bracciali in oro e diamanti

The track of Rivière to the bracelet

The Hook collection by Rivière, modern and classic bracelets at the same time ♦ ︎ The Roman Maison Rivière Gioielli, brilliantly launched few years ago, has already up on international […]

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Collier in oro giallo e diamanti

Casato in pink and white

Casato’s vie en rose is with white diamonds ♦ ︎ The Vie en rose is a French song known worldwide, written, interpreted and brought to success by Édith Piaf. But […]

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Ciondolo in argento Ogiva Meditation

Lucia Odescalchi zen

The charm of the East in the new jewels of the Roman designer Lucia Odescalchi ♦ ︎ «Orientalism. A new way of approaching jewels. Meditation tools». This is how is […]

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Joanne Burke

Joanne Burke’s Grand Tour

Jewelery inspired by ancient Rome (but not only) by british designer Joanne Burke ♦ Once upon a time, there was what was called the Grand Tour. Young nobles and intellectuals of […]

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Orecchini con topazio bianco e peridoto. Prezzo: 880 euro

The Baroque Rome of Diego Percossi Papi

Percossi Papi jewelry were choose to Trendvision 2018, a jewelry style selection ♦ In the seventeenth century of Bernini, the stage were squares and churches. Now the stage is that […]

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Collezione Route 66, anello in ottone placcato oro e cristalli Swarovski

Giuliana Mancinelli on the right route

The jewels of the collection Route 66 by Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia ♦ ︎ Fashion and bijoux. Fashion and jewelery. Fashion and architecture. If you combine these three elements into one […]

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Spilla Granchio

Three new boutiques for Vhernier

Vhernier expands in Italy with three new boutiques ♦ ︎ Vhernier, Maison of Valenza specializes in high jewelery design, expands. Indeed, it multiplies with new boutique openings. In Sardinia, Vhernier […]

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Anello Viva l’Arte, in oro rosa 18K con spinelli rossi, zaffiri viola e diamanti. Lavorazione con piume

Piaget, sun of High Jewelery

Sunlight Journey, light waves on the highly jewelery crafted by Piaget ♦ Sunlight Journey, a secret diary of sunlight shining on the Amalfi Coast. Piaget has so called his new […]

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Orecchini della collezione Burst

Explosive Emanuela Duca

Emanuela Duca, jewelry with roots in Rome, spirit in New York and podium in Las Vegas with the Burst collection ♦ From Rome to New York: a journey that is […]

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(Italiano) Antonella Ferrara tra mare e terra 

(Italiano) Antonella Ferrara tra mare e terra 

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Menorah di Jar, sotto forma di un ramo di mandorlo in fiore, con fiori di smalto rosa e un bocciolo centrale con un mix di pavé con diamanti bianchi e oro, zaffiri blu e viola, rubini rosa

Jar in Rome for Menorah

A unexpected jewel by Jar at the Rome exhibition dedicated to Menorah ♦ Shock, surprise: Jar is in an exhibition that originated 2088 years ago. The jeweler has made a special […]

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