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Orchids for Amen

in vetrina
Orecchini in argento rodiato rosa con cubic zirconia bianchi

The orchid family is one of the largest: within it there are about 28,000 species identified by botanists, distributed in about 763 genera. The number of orchid species is nearly equal to the number of fish, more than double the number of bird species, and about four times the number of mammal species. As if…

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Roberto Giannotti, personalized necklace for the mother

in vetrina
Collana in argento personalizzabile

Silver necklace with the Chiama Angeli pendant, symbol of the affordable jewelry brand, signed by Roberto Giannotti. It is the idea for Mother’s Day. The necklace consists of a chain that ends with a silver pendant, a sphere with a carved surface with the symbol of the heart. The pendant also opens and shows a…

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PdPaola flies over nature with Zaza

Orecchini pendenti argento placcato con cubic zirconia

Zaza-mushi is the name of a type of aquatic insect larvae, considered edible by some populations. But Zaza is also the name of a jewelry collection of the Spanish brand PdPaola, which has a link with Eden Project, an educational charity that aims to restore forests and reduce extreme poverty, as well as plant millions…

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The nature of Master Exclusive Jewelery

in alta gioielleria/vetrina
Collezione Animal World, il Cigno nero

Master Exclusive Jewelery, from the deep Russia a Maison that produces extraordinary pieces ♦ ︎ Izhevsk is a city in Russia, capital of the Republic of Udmurtia, not far from the Ural mountains. In short, a city far from the western centers, but also from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Yet here, in 1994, began the…

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Nature seen through Nicholas Varney’s eyes

in ANELLI/vetrina
Anello Mushroom in oro 18 carati con tormalina Paraiba, pavé di diamanti, tsavorite

The jewels of great design by Nicholas Varney, one of the top jewels of the moment ♦ Among the designers who in recent years have reached quotations at the top there is Nicholas Varney. Being born in a rich environment, also from an aesthetic point of view, it meant something in his training. The father…

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Flowers and Nature by Morellato

in ANELLI/Argento/bracciale/COLLANE
Orecchini della collezione Natura

Nature becomes the theme of the new Morellato collection which is called Natura. But it is a floral nature: the stylized petals lead the sign of the 925 silver bijoux and cabochon-cut white stones. Soft geometries, simple proportions, soft colors: these are jewels that adapt well to everyday life. The white synthetic stone recalls the…

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Daniela Villegas: appeal to save the nature of Mexico

in ANELLI/vetrina
Gioielli di Daniela Villegas

Years ago Daniela Villegas defined Mexico, her homeland, a chromatic paradise. A definition that then became a collection inspired by the animal world of the Central American country, in particular that of insects. The love for Mexico, combined with the fantasy of the Los Angeles-based designer, has not left her and the chromatic paradise continues…

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Boccadamo leaves for spring

in ANELLI/Argento/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Boccadamo, collezione Natura. Bracciale placcato oro con decoro foglie di quercia

Silver, also golden, and glitter: the new Boccadamo collection uses these two simple elements to make the new jewels. But not only: there is also everything else, that is, the design and shape of the jewelry. In fact, the brand has chosen green, the environment and the woods as its theme. Boccadamo’s proposed collection for…

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FuturoRemoto, nature is cyber

in Argento/bracciale/COLLANE/vetrina
Anello Grasshopper in argento, oro e smeraldi

The cyber world meets nature in the FuturoRemoto ︎ jewelery collections ♦ For a brand called FuturoRemoto what better ambassador can there be more than one android? In fact, time ago, in Rome, during the symposium of digital geopolitics organized by Elettronica Group, here is Sophia, a completely digital guest star. It’s an android that…

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The nature of Pandora

in /bracciale
Pandora nature 2018

Nature seen through Pandora’s jewels for spring 2018 ♦ ︎ In addition to the Shine collection (see also: The rays of Pandora with Shine) the Danish brand for spring 2018 proposes a series of modular bracelets, but also earrings and necklaces that are inspired by the most classic element of the season, the awakening of…

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The Supernature of Solange Azagury-Partridge

in ANELLI/vetrina
Collana Storm, con labradorite e diamanti

The jewels of the Supernature collection by the imaginative Solange Azagury-Partridge ♦ ︎ The Romans, in antiquity, loved to repeat the phrase «nomen omen». Words mean something like “the name is an omen” or “a name, a destiny”. You can start from here to understand the work of the London designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. Her name…

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Tiffany Save the Wild

in news/Tiffany
Tiffany, bracciale in oro rosa Save the Wild. Prezzo: 3130 euro

Tiffany in favor of elephants (and nature) launches the Save the Wild collection ♦ ︎ After the appeal to Donald Trump in favor of Paris climate agreements, renounced by the US president (see news here), Tiffany get out there still in favor of natural equilibrium. The engagement translates into a pink gold bracelet, which is…

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(Italiano) Morellato mostra la Natura

Orecchini con farfalle pvd oro rosa e fiori in cristalli bianchi. Prezzo: 99 euro

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. La Natura di Morellato fiorisce anche in inverno con una mini collezione. Per chi non ha la possibilità di acquistare un gioiello…

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Lucia Odescalchi natural

in news
Il collier, risultato definitivo

Vintage jewelry revisited by Lucia Odescalchi to help the WWF. Vintage jewelry donated to the WWF on the anniversary of 50 years of activity in Italy. The idea is to Lucia Odescalchi, who devotes to the World Wildlife Fund her artistic project Jewels of Nature, a mini collection of unique pieces made to defense of…

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