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Orecchini con rubini cabochon della Groenlandia

Those beautiful drops by Erica Courtney

The jewels of Erica Courtney, American designer known for her passion for colored precious stones ♦ She has earned herself the reputation of a queen of luxury, of the kind […]

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The first 15 years of Sylva & Cie

The first 15 years of Sylva & Cie

The Sylva & Cie jewels, Maison in Los Angeles founded in 2007 ♦ ︎ Fifteen years old Sylva & Cie, a brand made in Los Angeles, but with a long […]

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Bracciale in oro 14 carati della linea Go Outside. Look inside

Sydney Evan’s successful mix

Rosanne Karmes is a precocious woman: she began her career in jewelry when she was still in high school, working for Marvel Jewelry, an American jewelry manufacturer. An experience that […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con disco, finitura lucida

Alice Pierre, all in the family

Family jewels often become a professional legacy as well. As in the case of Alice Basteguian, who together with her brother Pierre decided to continue the family business in the […]

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Collana con ciondolo a forma di teschio di cervo in oro 18 carati e diamanti

Feral and the prehistoric jewels

From mammoth’s bones to walrus teeth: the rarest nature is Feral’s raw material ♦ ︎ A jewel made with a bone of mammoth is no longer a novelty. But maybe […]

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Collana in oro 22 carati e tormalina verde-blu

Dale Hernsdorf, 22-karat creativity

There are many jewelers who, like Dale Hernsdorf, studied painting (and in this case, also photography) before turning to earrings, rings and necklaces. A sign that sensitivity to the visual […]

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Anello in oro 14 carati con diamanti e zaffiri

Jacquie Aiche’s new boho-chic jewels

With an Egyptian father, but born in the USA, Jacquie Aiche is a strange mix of hippie culture (she also organizes yoga classes in her boutique), boho-chic and luxury. She […]

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Anello Eye of Chrona in oro 18 carati, argento rodiato, zaffiri verdi, diamanti grigi

The design of Vram

The wearable sculptures of Vram, a Los Angeles jewelry brand with a Couture Award ♦ ︎ In 2018 he won one of the Couture Awards in the Best in Debuting […]

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Current earrings, in argento e perle

Leigh Miller’s liquid sculptures

Quicksilver. Soft, liquid, natural. The jewelry by Leigh Miller is different from others. And they don’t cost much either. Everything was born (and continues) from her passion for sculpture. But […]

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Orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti su oro bianco 18 carati

Jewelry for self pleasure with María José

A tweet from María José, Mexican gemologist and founder of the jewelry brand with her name, sums up her perspective: “I’m so happy to live between Los Angeles and New […]

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Anello in oro con pavé di rubini

Fashion is Established

The jewelry rap star style (and not only) by Established, an American brand founded by Nikki Erwin ♦ ︎ Jewels follow the evolution of taste, fashion and style. Next to […]

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Anello in oro giallo 14 carati con turchese e diamanti

The legacy of Adina Reyter

All thanks to great-grandmother: the Adina Reyter brand in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, has conquered a place among the favorite jewelers of women, and not just Hollywood stars, even its […]

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Bracciale in oro con onice, madreperla e diamanti

The vintage jewelry of today with Jenna Blake

Designing jewelry in Los Angeles today. Jewels of yesterday. Or, rather, that they have a slightly vintage flavor. This is what Jenna Grosfeld, who founded her brand Jenna Blake, does. […]

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Robert Procop con Angelina Jolie

Robert Procop, Angelina and the others

Who is Robert Procop, the jeweler of Angelina Jolie, but also Ronald Reagan. His name has returned to the fore when the couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt it is separated. […]

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Anello in argento rodiato, oro e diamanti

Ring Around the Rosie with Spinelli Kilcollin

Spinelli Kilcollin‘s mission: to stay in the center of the circle ♦ Like Barack Obama, Yves Spinelli was born in Honolulu. But he, the son of Italian hairdressers, instead of […]

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Orecchino in argento gommato e diamanti

Where Flowen flows

Digital design and more shapes of nature: between Los Angeles and Italy, this is is the Flowen mix ♦ Flowen is a digitally grown jewelry in Los Angeles. What does […]

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Ciondolo con perla di Tahiti intagliata e gemme

The carved pearls of Galatea

Carve the pearls. It may be sacrilege for someone. For Chi Huynh, founder of Galatea, it is an art. The idea originated in the late nineties, when the designer of […]

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Anello della collezioen Sophistiquée in oro rosa e corallo bianco

The multiculture of Nana Fink

The new jewelry collection by Nana Fink, from Switzerland to Los Angeles, via London and Beirut ♦ ︎ From old Europe a stone’s throw from Hollywood, Los Angeles. But the […]

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Anello in bronzo e opale nero australiano

The West in Lisa Eisner’s eyes

Cheyenne. New York. Paris. Los Angeles. Former Vogue editor. Fashion expert. Rodeo photographer. Book publisher with Greybull Press. And finally, jewelry designers. Lisa Eisner, who lives and works in the […]

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Anello Lollipop con onice e tanzanite

A lollipop for Retrouvaì

New Los Angeles-based Canadian designer jewelry Kirsty Surian with her Retrouvaí ♦ The designer debuted four years ago and has already attended Las Vegas Couture. She wastes no time. The […]

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