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VicenzaOro January, visitors. Copyright: gioiellis.com

More foreign to VicenzaOro January

The budget of VicenzaOro January: the jewelery fair is more and more international ♦ ︎ Turned off the lights of VicenzaOro January, closed the display cases where the jewels have […]

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VicenzaOro January 2019

Sustainable jewels in VicenzaOro January

VicenzaOro January in an edition dedicated to sustainable jewelery. With many new features ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro January it’s back (Friday 18 – Wednesday 23). For the main italian fair dedicated […]

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Il brand di VicenzaOro

New look for VicenzaOro

Ieg changes VicenzaOro’s look with a gold leaf on a purple background. That’s why ♦ ︎ With a superficial glance reminds of a chips, round, golden and very tasty: ones […]

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Padiglione Italia al Jck di Las Vegas

Italian jewelry is extra-ordinary according to Ieg

Agreement between Italian Exhibition Group and Confindustria Federorafi to communicate the extraordinary nature of Italian jewelery ♦ ︎ Italian Exhibition Group and Confindustria Federorafi sign an agreement to enhance Italian […]

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Da sinistra, Matteo Marzotto, Lorenzo Cagnoni, Ugo Ravanelli, ad di Ieg

VicenzaOro, among the news there is the farewell of Marzotto

The vice president of Ieg, Matteo Marzotto, leaves the company with controversy, while they preparing the edition of VicenzaOro January ♦ ︎ There are already the first changes for the […]

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Interno di OroArezzo. Photo: Lorenza Ricci Studio

New dates for OroArezzo

OroArezzo changes date: in 2019 it will be held from 6 to 9 April. Here is why ♦ OroArezzo changes and anticipates. In 2019 it will be immediately after Baselworld (21-26 […]

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Banner di VicenzaOro ©Gioiellis

VicenzaOro: numbers in black and white

The VicenzaOro September numbers: the balance seems pink. But there is some shadow ♦ ︎ It is said that silence is golden. But even optimism shines a lot. In VicenzaOro’s […]

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It’s time for Vicenza Oro

VicenzaOro expands: here are the events planned inside and outside the Fair pavilions ♦ ︎ The result can be drawn at the end. But VicenzaOro September 2018 seems to be […]

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Alessio Boschi

VicenzaOro, the magnificent eight of the Design Room

Who will be in the Design Room of VicenzaOro: Alessio Boschi makes his debut, comes Garavelli and … ♦ ︎ In the countdown in view of VicenzaOro September, organized by […]

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Uno dei booth di VicenzaOro January

Goodbye Jck, VicenzaOro goes to the Couture Show

VicenzaOro moves in Las Vegas: leaves Jck and makes an agreement for the Couture Show ♦ ︎ Bye bye Jck. VicenzaOro has planned a move to Las Vegas. A few […]

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VicenzaOro January 2018

VicenzaOro widens

Italian Exhibition Group presents the project that gives more space to the exhibition center that hosts VicenzaOro ♦ ︎ A strategic plan to make VicenzaOro shine more. Italian Exhibition Group […]

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Bracciale a OroArezzo 2017

OroArezzo wants to shine again

OroArezzo at the start with the usual business and jewelery formula. The theme also for 2018: the bracelet ♦ ︎ OroArezzo restarts (5-8 May). This is the 39th edition of […]

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Da sinistra, Matteo Marzotto, Lorenzo Cagnoni, Ugo Ravanelli, ad di Ieg

With Ieg a Ceo for VicenzaOro

A strong man for IEG: to new managing director Ugo Ravanelli the operating powers ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro or, better, Italian Exhibition Group, a company that also organizes the jewelery fair […]

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Bacheche a OroArezzo

OroArezzo comes back and the bracelet goes again

OroArezzo returns with Premiere, the dedicated competition (again this year) to the ︎ bracelet ♦ OroArezzo returns (5-8 May 2018). The appointment, since last organized by Italian Exhibition Group is […]

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OroArezzo 2017. Credits: Lorenza Ricci Studio

OroArezzo, is already count-down

OroArezzo returns, the business of the yellow metal seen through the jewelery ♦ ︎ The countdown has already begun. The second life of OroArezzo (6-8 May), entrusted from last year […]

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Uno dei booth di VicenzaOro January

The VicenzaOro January figures

The number of buyers and presences increased at the 2018 edition of VicenzaOro January ♦ ︎ Down the curtain of VicenzaOro January. How did it go? The official numbers of […]

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VicenzaOro January 2017

VicenzaOro is came back

VicenzaOro starts, between luxury and technology (with a bit of worldliness) ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro (19-24 January) is came back.Ieg group, that organizes the fair, defines it as “the biggest European […]

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Laboratorio Garavelli, la scelta delle pietre

The 2017 was a golden year for Italian jewelery

On the eve of VicenzaOro, the IEG Observatory on Gold and Jewelry photographs the situation: sales increase. And between Valenza, Arezzo and Vicenza wins … ♦ ︎ Countdown to VicenzaOro […]

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Modella allo stand di pasquale Bruni a VicenzaOro January 2016

VicenzaOro attracts jewelers from Baselworld

VicenzaOro attracts more luxury brands (+ 10%) and nine brands from Baselworld. Here is the program for the next event ♦ ︎ There is no war between VicenzaOro and Baselworld. […]

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VicenzaOro September

The novelty of VicenzaOro

The novelty of VicenzaOro September, the largest Italian appointment for jewelery ♦ ︎ Doubling of buyers (500 hosted ones) and doubling the hope of filing the crisis of recent years, […]

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