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Antonini, anelli in oro satinato della collezione Anniversary100

Antonini in yellow and gray

The choice reflects a bit the atmosphere of 2021: a gray present (for some even black) with the hope of a bright yellow future. Pantone, in short, seems to have […]

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Antonini, anello della linea extraordinaire in oro rodiato nero, zaffiro di 7,8 carati e pavé di diamanti

Antonini’s Extraordinaire novelty for Voice

The preview of a piece of high jewelery that Antonini will present at Voice (12-14 September), the event that replaces Vicenzaoro with a format adapted to the circumstances. It is […]

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Anello in oro giallo satinato e diamanti

A capsule for Antonini’s Anniversary100 collection

In 1919 Antonini celebrated the century of its history with the Anniversary100 collection. It has been successful, not only for the symbolic aspect of this vast jewelry collection, but also […]

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Antonini, collana con smeraldo di 17 carati

The new Extraordinaire jewels by Antonini

New unique pieces for Antonini, a Milanese brand that stands out for its rigorous and innovative jewelry design. In short, Antonini’s jewels are included in two lines: those of collections […]

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Antonini, anello in oro rodiato nero, diamanti e perla

Extraordinaire pearls by Antonini

Antonini presents new pieces, with pearls, of the Extraordinaire haute couture line ♦ ︎ With small steps in haute couture. These are the ones performed by Sergio Antonini, designer of […]

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Bracciale Anaconda di Vendorafa

Here are the winners of the Couture Design Awards 2019

The appointment is eagerly awaited, but also with concern from many designers. Those that are present at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. But in the end, even this year […]

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Collezione Anniversary100

Antonini, birthday Cento100

Antonini’s secular birthday celebrated with the Cento100 collection in gold and diamonds ♦ ︎ To have a hundred years and not to feel them. The recipe for longevity is simple: […]

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Collezione Extraordinaire, orecchini con smeraldi e diamanti

Antonini, luxury is green

Earrings with 12 emeralds by Antonini and other Extraordinaire jewels made with the green gem ♦ ︎ One thing is certain: green is an extraordinary color. It is the hue […]

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Antonini, anello Extraordinaire con smeraldo taglio pan di zucchero

Antonini on the sugar loaf

A few more pieces of Antonini’s Extraordinaire line presented at the Couture Show in Las Vegas ♦ ︎ New unique pieces by Antonini. They are jewels of the Extraordinaire line, […]

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Anelli della collezione Etna

Antonini brings Etna to Las Vegas

Antonini at the Couture in Las Vegas with new pieces from the Etna collection: gold, diamonds, black rhodium silver ♦ ︎ From the Etna of Antonini a new creative pouring. […]

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Anelli della collezione Troi et Moi

Antonini goes for three

Moi et Troi rings, composed of three gems mounted on gold: mini collection with a touch of humor ♦ ︎ They passed almost in silence, “hidden” by the other stronger […]

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Large ring white matt gold and diamonds pavé

Antonini under the volcano

Antonini under the volcano with the Etna collection: gold, rhodium silver and diamonds ♦ ︎ From Matera to Syracuse, from Syracuse to Etna, the volcano that overlooks Catania, in Sicily. […]

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Anello in oro con smeraldi di diversi tagli

Antonini Extraordinaire again

The unique pieces of Extraordinaire, the haute couture line by Antonini ♦ ︎ What is not usual, though precious, is Extraordinaire. The philosophy of Antonini, in fact, has for some […]

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Antonini, collezione Siracusa, anello in oro bianco e zaffiri

Antonini returns to Syracuse

Among Antonini’s new products presented at VicenzaOro January there is also a capsule collection of the Siracusa line ♦ Last year the jewels won an International Palladio Award as Best […]

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Antonini, choker della collezione Matera

Two choker for Antonini

Antonini adds two choker to the Atolli and Matera collections. Images and price ♦ ︎ The multi-awarded collections Atolli and Matera of Antonini expand for the summer with an eye […]

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Anelli Troi et Moi in oro rodiato e smeraldi

Antonini Extraordinaire

The new unique pieces, presented at Couture, by Antonini ♦ ︎ They are described as jewels of sober design, but the adjective should be removed from Antonini’s pieces. Not sober, […]

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Las Vegas, Jck Show

Las Vegas plays jewelry

Las Vegas is the capital of jewels with Jck Show and Couture: there is also a piece of Italian jewelery industry ♦ In Las Vegas is the time of the Jck […]

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Pendente in oro, diamanti e giaietto

Antonini on the Atolli

Antonini and Atolli collection: gold, white diamonds and gold jewels with circular shape ♦ Antonini on the atolls, but without going on vacation. Indeed, to achieve his Atolli collection, the designer […]

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Sergio Antonini alla premiazione dei Palladio Awards

Palladio awards to Koulis, Mennella and Antonini

At Palladio Awards, win prizes the creatives Nikos Koulis, Faraone Mennella and Antonini. Call them the Oscar of jewelry. Definition easy to understand, but inappropriate. If only because Italy has […]

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Campagna Antonini

(Italiano) Il 2017 visto da Antonini

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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