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Anello Zip con pietra di luna, zaffiri, diamanti by Manalys

Everything on the moon stone

The moonstone, so used for its pale shade, but little known by those who buy the jewels. Here is a quick guide to the moonstone, which is also considered stones […]

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Ciondolo in oro con diamanti, spinello rosa e viola, tormalina magenta

The palette of Campbellian

Fabulous stones, strong colors, magical combinations: here are the jewels of Bella Campbellian, specialist in unusual combinations ♦ Do you like earrings and rings with very colored gemstones? In this […]

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Collana-bracciale della collezione India

Tamara Comolli, autumn nuances

Tamara Comolli colors her collections with the nuances of autumn ♦ ︎ What are the autumn colors of a German designer with an Italian surname? Answer: they are shades ranging […]

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Sofragem, anello con tanzanite cabochon e diamanti

New gems from Sofragem

Sofragem’s gems in two new collections: directly from Bangkok ♦ ︎ Sofragem has earned a name in the jewelry world: it is at the same time a producer for third […]

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Bracciali con pietra luna e acquamarina

Nanis, lightness on the wrist

Nanis Bangle Lovers: simple yellow gold bracelets with light blue, pink or white stones ♦ ︎ About Nanis’s Dancing in the Rain we have already talked about (see also: Nanis […]

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Anelli della collezione Girotondo

Vhernier, design dagli anni Settanta

Vhernier propone gioielli di fascia alta con un design forte e diretto. Non sono (volutamente) pezzi per tutti: sia per il prezzo, che per la forma ricercata. D’altra parte, il […]

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