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Pendente King Tyson

The tough Magerit pendants

Three bad guys are pendants in the Magerit Black Black Essence collection ♦ Magerit is a Spanish Maison who loves two things: fantastic characters and a jewelery that becomes a […]

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Stefan Hafner, collezione Maioliche. Bracciale in oro rosa, diamanti neri e turchesi

The Maioliche by Stefan Hafner

New jewels from Stefan Hafner’s Maioliche collection: black diamonds, pink gold and turquoise ♦ ︎ In the year that he turns off 50 candles, Stefan Hafner takes out a series […]

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Pendente dragone

Thomas Sabo on the dragon

Thomas Sabo climbs on Chinese dragon with a new collection. Images and prices ♦ ︎ China is close, even in the spirit of jewelery. This time the German brand Thomas […]

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Collezione Jaclyn, anello in oro rosa, diamanti bianchi e agata. Prezzo: 4103 dollari

Giamore with agate and onyx

The Jaclyn collection by Giamore, the creature of Danilo Giannoni ♦ ︎ Danilo Giannoni remembers a romantic story: years ago he met a special woman. He wanted to give her […]

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Bracciale, collana e anelli in  Pandora Rose, con pietre trasparenti e cristalli rosa sfumati 
incastonati da intagli a forma di cuore

Pandora is getting more and more golden

Luxury jewelery is in decline? Maybe. Meanwhile Pandora’s silver makes gold business ♦ ︎ Sometime it needs to realize how the world goes, including the jewelery world, and it is […]

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Ciondolo in argento Ogiva Meditation

Lucia Odescalchi zen

The charm of the East in the new jewels of the Roman designer Lucia Odescalchi ♦ ︎ «Orientalism. A new way of approaching jewels. Meditation tools». This is how is […]

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Giulia Barela, pendente

The Air collection by Barela still blows

New pendants for the Air collection by Giulia Barela , images and price ♦ ︎ The Air collection of the Roman designer Giulia Barela has long been one of the […]

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Pendente Dragonstone con labradorite. Prezzo: 260 euro

Jewelery on throne

The jewels of Game of Thrones for fans of the fantasy series ♦ The seventh series of Game of Thrones is ready to renew the enthusiasm of thousands of enthusiasts. If […]

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Collezione Forever, bracciale in oro rosa e  cavo grigio

Colored cables for Charriol

The new collection of Charriol, Forever, with classic cables that are brightly colored ♦ ︎ Charriol is a brand of jewels and watches in Geneva. What distinguishes it from other […]

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Giovanni Ferraris, orecchini vincitori al Couture

Giovanni Ferraris, surprise at Couture

Giovanni Ferraris, Couture’s Design Awards winner earrings and new jewels ♦ Giovanni Ferraris, Maison of Valenza, presented himself at the Couture in Las Vegas with a collection (among others), called Tiramisu. […]

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Bracciale con cristalli colorati. Prezzo: 49 euro

(Italiano) Enjoy con Morellato

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Pendenti Bacanal, in oro giallo o bianco e diamanti

Magerit, the skull tells a story

The Magerit skulls of the Black Essence collection tell a story with their form ♦ Horror enthusiasts, thrill lovers, followers of the transgression: here is a collection specially designed for […]

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Anello con smeraldi in oro bianco e diamanti

Recarlo flowering with Gardenia

The Gardenia collection by Recarlo is based on three precious stones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds (but also some diamonds) ♦ An eye-catching gardenia on the suit has for decades been the […]

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Anello trilogy in oro bianco e rosa

Isabella marries Recarlo

The collection Isabella by Recarlo: diamond rings for engagement, wedding or anniversary, pendant and earrings ♦ Isabella marries Recarlo. But it’s not a young promise of marriage. Isabella is the name […]

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Collezione Charms

(Italiano) Virgola guadagna punti

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch […]

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Anello in oro giallo e onice

Carrera y Carrera Taoist

Carrera y Carrera uses the sign of the Tao for the Aqua collection. The Tao is the Way or the Path, and it is one of the main concepts of […]

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Emma Watson con collana

The Beauty and the Beast pendant

From the movie Beauty and the Beast with six diamonds to other jewelry inspired by Disney characters. The films, from some time, they are also an opportunity to merchandising, ie […]

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Orecchini Couture Chic. Lava nera intagliata. Prezzo: 8000 dollari

Amedeo, the cameo is glam

From the school of Neapolitan jewels to the center of New York: is the story of Amedeo, a designer who revived the cameo style. Amedeo is the son of art: […]

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Labriola Gioielli, Monogram

Labriola’s alphabet

Labriola in spring-summer version with the Monogram collection: jewels to be personalized with an alphabetical letter. The Labriola brand offers jewelry since 1979. It is shortly, then, to the birthday […]

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Collezione Edera

Stefan Hafner blooms with Edera

A new collection of Stefan Hafner: it is called Edera (Ivy) and is made with diamonds and precious stones. Flowers for spring by Stefan Hafner. La Maison Valenza, among the […]

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