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Anelli della collezione Cristal Magique

Sovrani’s bijoux

Silver and gold-plated brass are the elements that make up the menu of Sovrani, an Italian brand of bijoux and jewelry at an affordable price. Chains, stones and crystals, simple […]

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Collana il Moro in ottone dorato, argentato, con scialle e turbante con perle, rubini, cristalli Swarovski

Alcozer, Florentine style bijoux

The unmistakable style of luxury bijoux signed by Alcozer, a Florentine Maison ♦ ︎ In Florence, brass is like gold: it becomes a luxury material thanks to the precise and […]

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Anello con madreperla

Art Deco and modern design in Arte Facta bijoux

According to the dictionary, in the Italian language the word artifact refers to a work that derives from an intentional transformation process by man. A definition that is also perfect […]

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Anello con moissanite

Nervous jewels

The jewelry that reproduce the nerve tissue reconstructed through 3D printing and a complicated algorithm. In the jewelery every so often overlook new ideas, both as regards the materials, which […]

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Anello in ottone, galvanica oro rosa, cristalli Swarovski amethyst, light amethyst e crystal

Brosway for Christmas

Brosway rings and earrings for the Christmas holidays: brass with gold and Swarovski crystals ♦ ︎ Bros Manifatture celebrated its first 40 years and, precisely for this reason, continues to […]

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Rendering di un anello creato via web

Create your gold ring with 3D

The Internet offers many possibilities: for example, to design a jewelry in silver, gold, bronze or titanium in 3D ♦ If you have ever dreamed to make yourself a gold […]

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Bracciale River

Emi & Eve, give peace a chance

New jewels by Emi & Eve, the brand of an Italian designer born in London to help the Cambodian population ♦ ︎ Emi & Eve jewels are born from the […]

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Orecchini grandi della collezione Heaven

The spring paradise of Stroili

Heaven, the new Stroili collection of bijoux: images and price ♦ ︎ The new season of Stroili begins with a heavenly magic. Heaven is the line of bijoux proposed by […]

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Hervé Van der Straeten, collana in metallo dorato

New Hervé Van der Straeten’s design

The new golden brass jewelry of one of the most quoted and versatile designers in Paris: Hervé Van der Straeten ♦ Artist and designer Hervé Van der Straeten, in jewelery […]

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Anello in ottone riciclato

The good heart of SeeMe

The jewels that are also fair: these are the heart shapes of SeeMe: a story to know ♦ When one person is good, it is said to have a big […]

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Orecchini in ottone con zirconi colorati

Brosway, embroideries in Corinth

The Corinto collection by Brosway: interweaving of light metal with white or colored zircons ♦ ︎ Corinth: a name that evokes History, Greece, maybe even the school memories. The city, […]

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Collezione Ingranaggi

The gears of V Design Lab

The gears (and not only) of V Design Lab, by the young Milanese designer Valeria Vigliani ♦ ︎ Sometimes the wheels turn in the right direction even in jewelry. Especially […]

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Collezione Unity, anello con onice nero e zaffiro

Emi & Eve, jewels for peace

The jewels made of brass (gold-plated) made with the projectiles found in Cambodia: Cassandra Postema realizes them with her Emi & Eve ♦ ︎ Cassandra Postema graduated in Fashion and […]

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Orecchini Halley

The mom in Stroili version

Special versions of Stroili bijoux for Mother’s Day ♦ ︎ Everyone loves their mother, and all mothers love their children. But, at the cost of sounding insensitive, not everyone loves […]

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Orecchini con pietre blu

An anemone for Lebole

For Spring 2018 an Anemone blossoms among the earrings of Lebole Gioielli ♦ ︎ Spring returns and Lebole Gioielli returns to Japanese inspiration. The kimono silks, but also the taste […]

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Bracciale in ottone e argento. Prezzo: 658 euro

Giorà alternative

Giorà, a jewelery brand of Arezzo which was founded by Giovanna Raspini. Make jewelry in gold country and not to use gold. Yet GiovannaRaspini, classic name of Arezzo, has followed its way […]

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Rosie Kimber, collana collezione Sugar

Necklace or candy?

Remember the candy bracelets? It was every’s little child dream but, it seems, continue to be appreciated by the older girls. As the Scottish designer, Rosie Kimber, which creates earrings, necklaces, […]

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Le due misure del bracciale Jacqueline e le varianti in ottone placcato oro rosa e palladio

That bracelet is a loom

Jacqueline is the name of a bracelet designed by PP from Longwy infinitely customizable. Just use a needle, a thread and a lot of imagination. By using the bracelet as […]

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Arte Facta, anello in ottone e pasta di vetro marmorizzata blu

Arte Facta Est

Wide curves on geometric setting: the collection Art Facta (brand of Milan) for next season is inspired by art deco. Use the brass and vitreous marbled paste, black, gray and […]

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Il ciondolo lente Jelly Series creato da TaliaYStudio

Jelly Series, a pendant for photos

Is inspired by old filters used on lighting in theaters, the Jelly Series collection created by TaliaYStudio: it features three handblown glass pendants in yellow, magenta and cyan blue set […]

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