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Collana in oro 22 carati e tormalina verde-blu

Dale Hernsdorf, 22-karat creativity

There are many jewelers who, like Dale Hernsdorf, studied painting (and in this case, also photography) before turning to earrings, rings and necklaces. A sign that sensitivity to the visual […]

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Clean the jewels with ketchup, beer and vodka

Clean the jewels with ketchup, beer and vodka

Tomato ketchup, vodka or beer to clean your jewelry. Yes, you can. If you do not have anything better at hand … ♦ At the table with jewels. To clean […]

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Collana in oro giallo e bianco

Bassi, tradition is golden

Vicenza is a historic Italian jewelry district. And in Vicenza for over 60 years Bassi Italian Jewels has been producing gold jewelery with its own collections and on behalf of […]

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Anello eternity con topazio

The affordable luxury of Dana Rebecca

Third generation of jewelry designers, Dana Rebecca Gordon seems to have precious stones in her DNA. And in fact, she debuted with a line at just 16 and right after […]

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Anello Vento in oro giallo e rodio nero

Aria and Vento on the fingers with Antonini

Two rings waiting to return to Las Vegas and Vicenzaoro: Antonini anticipates the debut of two new sculpture-rings in July. The two jewels of the Milanese Maison are a limited […]

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Anello in oro giallo 24 carati, argento sterling, zaffiro blu, collezione Secret Garden

The blow of design for Adel Chefridi

The jewels by Adel Chefridi, from Tunis to New York City ♦ ︎ Jewelers are born in Tunis too. This is the case of Adel Chefridi, who fell in love […]

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Bracciale-collana Libera Soul

Nanis even freer with Soul

Being free women in words is not enough: freedom must also be that of the soul. The designer and founder of Nanis, Laura Bicego, extends the Libera (means free) collection […]

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Anello in in oro 24 carati martellato

24 karat gold jewelry as an investment with Generation

The story of Generation Collection, a brand of Generation Investment Jewelry, is a surprising story. Let’s face it right away: if for you buying a jewel also means investing in […]

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Cordoncini con ciondoli con cubic zirconia

Evolution with ibamboli

There are jewels that are born as bijoux and almost become a status. Others that are born a little against the current and remain so, even if over the years […]

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Orecchini in oro 18 carati

The bunches of Georg Jensen

Georg Arthur Jensen (1866-1935) was a Danish silversmith, founder of the eponymous brand. Georg Jensen stands for silver, refined design, Nordic purity. The company, in addition to jewelry, produces objects […]

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Bracciale in oro rosa e diamanti

Annamaria Cammilli, spring with Velaa

x A Velaa that takes off towards the future. The Velaa line by Annamaria Cammilli, born as a variation of the classic Dune series, now becomes autonomous. Not only that: […]

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Orecchino reggiseno in argento placcato oro

The body art by Anissa Kermiche

Anissa Kermiche, a designer with the temptation of small provocations that enhance the female body, but not just ♦ ︎ From engineer become a jeweler: it is not a usual […]

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Pendenti della collezione B Blossom

The new B Blossoms by Louis Vuitton

B Blossom collection by Louis Vuitton is enriched with new pieces, which are variations on the original theme. The collection was presented two years ago and represented the debut of […]

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I gioielli possono rovinarsi a contatto con l'acqua

Can the jewels be wet?

Can the jewels be wet? Can jewels be damaged? Certainly the sea is a danger for jewels: we talked about it here. But there is not only the sea. There […]

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Orecchini a forma di cuore in oro bianco e diamanti

Belle Époque collection by Damiani is renewed

Belle Époque is the name of a historic Damiani collection. But it is also the name of a period in French and European history, usually dated between 1880 and the […]

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One hundred wedding rings from Stroili

One hundred wedding rings from Stroili

Spring is the period in which the greatest number of weddings are concentrated. And the ring is one of the necessary elements for the event: for this reason Stroili dedicates […]

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Anello con moneta d'oro antica 18 carati

Coins and gold threads, Nina Bukvic’s jewels

Ancient coins and gold threads. At the moment, the jewelry production by Nina Bukvic revolves around these two elements. The coins, in particular, are a constant in her proposal, as […]

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Anello in oro 18 carati

Marlene Juhl Jørgensen, the value of design

The life of a Danish designer has an advantage: whoever wants to create jewels is surrounded by great masters capable of proposing collections with an unmistakable style. Northern European designers […]

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Anello Helix in oro 18 carati e diamanti

Jo Riis-Hansen’s third route

Why force creativity to focus on only one thing if you are capable of doing two? Jo Riis-Hansen, Danish designer, gave way to his inventiveness. The result is 18 karat […]

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Orecchini a forma di cavalluccio marino in oro giallo 18 carati, diamanti, zaffiri e tsavoriti

The roots of Yvonne Léon

New Jewelery by Yvonne Léon, a French designer who is climbing the jewelery steps ♦ For those who are not French, it is good to point out that Esmod is […]

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