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Fope, orecchini della collezione Panorama in oro e pavé di diamanti

Fope with Panorama renews Flex’it

The panorama of Fope’s jewels is even wider. It’s a play on words, because the new collection of the Venetian brand is just called Panorama. And it’s lovely. The new […]

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Anello Be Here in oro 14 carati e diamante

Alo Yoga meditation jewels

Jewelry for yoga. But it is not necessary to wear them while practicing an asana exercise. The idea comes from Alo Yoga, an American company specializing in clothing dedicated to […]

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Collier della collezione Lux

The Lux by Alunno & Marcantoni

In the Italian gold district, Arezzo, there is a long goldsmith tradition, but also a desire for innovation. These two elements, craftsmanship and industrial technology, are summarized by Alunno & […]

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Ciondolo con il segno della Bilancia

The signs of Zodiac by Verdura

The zodiac signs are one of those themes that jewelry never tires of reproposing, alongside flowers, hearts and eyes that chase away evil spirits. This time it is the Verdura […]

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Collana in argento in bagno d'oro

Giovanni Raspini, Petra collection

Petra is a Latin word that means rock. It is also the name of an ancient city with buildings carved directly into the mountain in Jordan. But now it is […]

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Helix, anello con diamante da 16,23 carati

Jessica McCormack plays with Livewire

There is an old game, widespread in the Anglo-Saxon world, called Buzzwire. It consists of guiding an electrically controlled metal circle along a cable that has an irregular path. It […]

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Collana Beyou in oro rosa. e bianco, con diamanti

The sound of Giorgio Visconti’s love

What is the sound of love? Everyone is likely to have one, private. The own sound. Now, however, he can decide to share this music with Giorgio Visconti‘s new collection […]

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Anello Foglie in oro rosa e oro bianco, diamanti

In Florence the embroidery by Massai Orafi

The ancient tradition of the chisel in the laboratory of Massai Orafi in Florence ♦ The art in Florence is not only one found in the halls of the Uffizi, under […]

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Anello in oro L'amour sauvage, premiato al concorso Prémiere 2020 nell'ambito della edizione digitale di Oroarezzo

Giordini Embroideries

The gold of Arezzo seen through the jewels of Giordini, a story begun in 1964 ♦ In 1964 Olga Giordini founded the company that bears his name and which lies […]

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Anello con zaffiro rosa e diamanti

The free diamonds by Glik

From Brazil to New York, vacuum precious stones and furniture by Moritz Glik ♦ For Moritz Glik (don’t be fooled by the German-Polish name: he’s a Brazilian-born jeweler, where he […]

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Pendente Lifesaver in oro a forma di lingotto, 5 grammi

Will the price of gold go up again?

As we wrote in this article almost a year ago, the price of gold has shot up. At the beginning of August 2020, therefore, it passed the fateful threshold of […]

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Pendente in oro bianco con acquamarina, citrini e diamanti

Gucci roars with Lion Head collection

With Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, the jewelery collections of the Italian brand have also been renewed. The latest work is called Lion Head and takes up the motif of […]

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Set di tre anelli in oro rosa, giallo e bianco, con zaffiro blu, rosa e diamanti

Imogen Belfield on a rock stage

The rock jewels of Imogen Belfield, among gold, silver and the lunar design ♦ She’s like a rock band, and he also happened (he won the first prize in the […]

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Bracciale Orchard in oro 18 carati, zaffiro e diamanti

The world different for Alex Sepkus

Between precision design and medieval art: the world different of jewelry by Alex Sepkus ♦ ︎ Says Alex Sepkus about his colleague, Stephen Webster: “He’s a fanatic; the intelligences he […]

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Anelli in oro bianco con pavé di diamanti

Salvatore Arzani, hearts, flowers and fantasy

Pavé diamonds, gold, sapphires … These are the classic materials used to make Salvatore Arzani jewels ♦ One of the many luxury craft workshops that are found in Valenza is […]

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Anello vincitore a Premiéere 2019

The gold of Loto Preziosi

In the Italian gold district, in the Arezzo area, Loto Preziosi is one of the companies with the greatest tradition: in fact, it is about to turn half a century. […]

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Collana in oro con peridoto, citrino, ametista, acquamarina

The hi-tech gold of Nuovi Gioielli

In 1985, in Mussolente, a small town in the province of Vicenza, Ivano Torresan and Giovanni Berton founded Nuovi Gioielli. It is a goldsmith company that produces high quality jewelry […]

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Hidden,  anello in oro rosa lucido con diamante

Diamond hunt with Dipoi

A line of rings with hidden diamonds: the minimal idea of ​​Korean brand Dipoi ♦ ︎ Lord Brummel, the British nobleman who invented the character of the dandy, fashionable, but […]

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Orecchino singolo Massai in oro bianco 18kt con diamanti

Vanryck’s Parisian minimalism

A designer with a name of Portuguese origin, Lise Ferreira, for the Nordic design of Vanryck, who however is a Parisian Maison. From this mix comes the simple and clean, […]

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Lingotti d'oro

Gold: US super banks still expect a hike

Is it time to invest in gold, the yellow metal used in jewelry? But also the oldest symbol of wealth and investment objective? This is why the question periodically returns: […]

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