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Anello Rose in oro 18 carati fairtrade

The delicate abstractions of Ute Decker

If you are planning to change your life, perhaps to become a jewelry designer, know that it is never too late. Ute Decker, German, started at 40, after studying political […]

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Anello Solar Duo in oro 18 carati e tormalina verde

Yael Sonia’s movements

The geometrical and kinetic jewels by Brazilian Yael Sonia, who has known success in New York ♦ There are children who never are stop. But there are also jewels that are […]

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Orecchini in oro 22 carati ispirati all'antico strumento musicale greco, la lira

The classical Greece of Christina Soubli

The proposals by Christina Soubli, a Greek designer who combines tradition with modern jewelry trends ♦ Greece, a holiday destination, home of classical philosophy and, unfortunately, in recent years has […]

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Bijoux C&S in stile Disney per bambini

Which jewel to give to children?

How to choose a jewel to give to a child for communion, confirmation, birthday? Maybe you are looking for an idea? Here are the right tips to choose a jewel […]

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Anello della collezione Chillout

Relax with Chillout for Verdi Gioielli

Verdi Gioielli alongside its classic jewels with colored precious stones, such as tanzanite, turquoise and coral, outlined with black enamel frames, on the occasion of Haute Jewels Geneva the Maison […]

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Anello in oro bianco e giallo

Two-color Fope Essentials

Two matching gold colors. The idea of ​​jewelry using different shades of the precious metal is a classic. But, of course, new ideas can also be found in tradition. And […]

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I medaglioni con i segni dello zodiaco

Roberto Coin’s zodiac

What hasn’t changed in a thousand and more years now? The idea that fate is determined or influenced by the stars. In other words: the belief that astrology is a […]

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Una passata edizione di Premiere a Oroarezzo

Oroarezzo ready to go

More than 300 brands are expected in Oroarezzo, the event organized by Ieg, which resumes in attendance (7 to 10 May) after the blockade of the two pandemic years. Despite […]

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Bracciale Rainbow in oro con diamanti e gemme multicolori

Shimmering Shay

The glitzy jewelry by Shay, a Californian brand specializing in jewelry with many zeros (in the price) ♦ One of the songs that have characterized the sixties was California Dreaming. Those […]

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Anello con diamanti della collezione Lucciole

Valentina Callegher’s jewels

The classic jewels of Valentina Callegher – Digo Valenza: novelty in the tradition ♦ ︎ The jewelry of Valentina Callegher, founder and designer of the collections, are part of the […]

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Bracciale in oro giallo, rosa e nero

Vittorio Cenzi in the tradition

Gold finished in the tradition of Vicenza jewelery: it is the philosophy of Cenzi Vittorio ♦ ︎ Among the many jewelery companies that crowd the area around Vicenza, Cenzi Vittorio, […]

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Collana con medaglione Fabula Rouge in oro giallo e bianco, diamanti, smalto rosso

Arthus-Bertrand, medal and jewels

A French Maison with behind more than 200 years of history: here are the jewels designed by Arthus-Bertrand. Turn the hands of the clock back and you will arrive at the […]

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Anello in oro con rubini della collezione Formula X

Do the math with Hermien Cassiers

The jewels of the Belgian designer Hermien Cassiers: are the result of complicated mathematical calculations. Experimenting is not a sin. And sometimes the gamble, exploring unfamiliar roads, leads to surprising […]

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Anello Spannring in oro bianco e diamante

Niessing, lord of the rings

The Bauhaus lives again in Niessing jewelry: the refined simplicity of design copyright. Germany is the country where he was born Bauhaus. And that rationalist design movement emerged from Walter […]

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Anello incrociato in vetro, sormontato da un mazzo di fiori dorati

Anand Shah, yellow fantasies

The prodigious gold jewels of one of the greatest Indian designers: Anand Shah ♦ ︎ He is one of the great jewelry designers of India, the country that more than […]

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Pendente Skin in oro 18 carati e diamanti

Cell effect for Luisa Rosas

The Be collection of the Portuguese designer Luisa Rosas is inspired by cellular constitutions. With an amazing effect ♦ ︎ In the north of Portugal there is a special gold, […]

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Anello in argento smaltato con quarzo rosa

Mary Ching, pop jewelry

The jewels of the designer Alison Mary Ching Yeung with her fashion brand Mary Ching ♦ ︎ To exaggerate is not a sin: Alison Mary Ching Yeung in 2009 founded […]

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Earcuff con zaffiri di diversi colori

The new Blenda road

Claiming that covid also had positive aspects is certainly wrong. But, in a certain sense, it has forced many people to have more free time, perhaps thanks to smart working. […]

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Nanis, catena della collezione Icon indossata

The Icon soft chain by Nanis

Can a chain be as soft as love? Do metal rings manage to achieve the roundness of female forms? And how interesting can it become to invent something that has […]

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Anello in filigrana d'oro

The romantic filigree of Allgold

The romantic story of AllGold, from the Italian province to the international market ♦ ︎ The story begin (almost) always just with little or nothing. But when the talent and […]

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