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Bracciale tubogas con orologio, oro e diamanti

Falcinelli, Italy with taste of the East

The jewels of Falcinelly Italy: from Tuscany to the rest of the world a wide range of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets ♦ Fabrizio Falcinelli: when Arezzo rhymes not only with […]

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Bracciale Ninfee in oro rosa e diamanti

In Florence the embroidery by Massai Orafi

The ancient tradition of the chisel in the laboratory of Massai Orafi in Florence ♦ The art in Florence is not only one found in the halls of the Uffizi, under […]

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Collana a forma di coleottero in oro e diamanti

The free diamonds by Glik

From Brazil to New York, vacuum-sealed and mobile diamonds of Moritz Glik ♦ To Moritz Glik (do not be fooled by the German-Polish name: he is a Brazilian native jeweler who […]

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Anello con diamanti brown

The time has stopped with Ferrarese

The tradition is sacred with the Neapolitan brand Ferrarese Gioielli ♦ There are jewelers pervaded by the desire to create something new. And there are others who aspire only to create […]

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Collana Celestial in argento sterling, bronzo oppure oro 14 carati

These gold rings are made in 3D

Gold or silver jewelery created with a 3D printer and with the design you prefer. By Spring and Wonder, a service of Shapeways ♦ 3D Jewelry made in gold 14 […]

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Collana in oro di Giordini

Giordini Embroideries

The gold of Arezzo seen through the jewels of Giordini, a story begun in 1964 ♦ In 1964 Olga Giordini founded the company that bears his name and which lies […]

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African Queen, Anello serpente in oro rosa

5 rules for selling your gold jewelry

Is it a good idea to sell your jewelry? How do you sell a ring, a necklace or earrings? Here are the things to know before selling your precious jewels: […]

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Anello in oro bianco e diamanti a forma di fiore

Salvatore Arzani, hearts, flowers and fantasy

Pavé diamonds, gold, sapphires … These are the classic materials used to make Salvatore Arzani jewels ♦ One of the many luxury craft workshops that are found in Valenza is […]

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Anello con zaffiri, diamanti, ametista

The world different for Alex Sepkus

Between precision design and medieval art: the world different of jewelry by Alex Sepkus ♦ ︎ Says Alex Sepkus about his colleague, Stephen Webster: “He’s a fanatic; the intelligences he […]

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Anello in velluto rosso, oro e diamanti

Casato extends Daphne

Casato adds more pieces to his Daphne collection: velvet rings with gold trim and diamonds ♦ Daphne is the name of one of the historic lines of Casato, a Maison […]

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Il distributore automatico installato nel Brooklyn Museum

A vending machine for jewelry

Silver and gold jewelery sold with a vending machine. Here’s where ♦ ︎ Take a break to have a coffee, a snack and buy a necklace. But only if you […]

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Orecchini in oro giallo, diamanti neri, zaffiri gialli, perla, citrino

The bees of Delfina Delettrez

The bees of Delfina Delettrez fly in the form of rings, necklace and earrings. And they don’t sting ♦ ︎ After the beetles, here are the bees. Delfine Delettrez in […]

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Pandora, collezione Signature

A signature for Pandora

Signature collection by Pandora for summer 2018: images and prices ♦ ︎ When a brand becomes famous, it can allow itself to transform its logo into an icon, that is, […]

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Anello con diamanti un po' largo

How narrows or widens a ring

You can tighten a ring, or enlarge it: read when and how you can do it ♦ What to do when the favorite ring has become too narrow or too […]

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Anello Four Stega in oro (immagine da Facebook)

Imogen Belfield on a rock stage

The rock jewels of Imogen Belfield, among gold, silver and the lunar design ♦ She’s like a rock band, and he also happened (he won the first prize in the […]

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Anello Leon, in oro giallo, diamanti grigi, tsavoriti, onice

The roots of Yvonne Léon

New Jewelery by Yvonne Léon, a French designer who is climbing the jewelery steps ♦ For those who are not French, it is good to point out that Esmod is […]

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Clean the jewels at your table

Clean the jewels at your table

Tomato ketchup, vodka or beer to clean your jewelry. Yes, you can. If you do not have anything better at hand … ♦ At the table with jewels. To clean […]

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Anello con grande citrino, oro, argento, diamanti brown, tsavoriti

The monkeys of Bibi van der Velden

The monkeys by Bibi van der Velden: luxury and irony walk together ♦ ︎ Bibi van der Velden has become famous for jewelry fans who love innovation also for the […]

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Anello in oro bianco e rosa con diamanti

Salvini doubles the wedding ring

Engagement or wedding rings, earrings and necklaces doubled with Salvini’s Euforia collection ♦ ︎ What can cause euphoria? An icecream? Too little. A dress? It depends on which. But for […]

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Pendente in vermeil, agata e perle

The flying pearls of Misaki

From the airplanes to the Principality of Monaco: the pearls inspired by the swing and jazz music of Misaki ♦︎ Those of Misaki are jewels to be taken on the […]

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