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La regina Elisabetta indossa la tiara The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland

The jewels of Queen Elizabeth seen up close

Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, which has reigned since February 6, 1952, is celebrated in many ways. One of the scheduled events concerns the exhibition of her majesty her jewels. The […]

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Spilla a forma di galletto, vetro avventurina, oro giallo, oro bianco, diamanti, gemme sintetiche, Italia, 1940-1950

Discovering glass jewels

A jewel that uses glass is not considered precious. Nothing more wrong. Because glass in jewelry is a noble material that inspires creativity and passion. This is testified by an […]

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Spilla disegnata da Jean Schlumberger con diamanti e acquamarina

Tiffany on display with Vision & Virtuosity

Vision & Virtuosity: can you define Tiffany’s work, which has lasted for almost two centuries, like this? The American Maison, now part of the LVMH group, thinks so and has […]

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Arnaldo Pomodoro, Spilla, 1958

Arnaldo Pomodoro’s jewels

Arnaldo Pomodoro is one of the great Italian sculptors, who to date (2021) has reached the beautiful age of 95. For some time he has made many of his works […]

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Collana e bracciale Zip degli anni Cinquanta nella mostra di Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels story in Milan

There are milestones in the history of art, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, or in architecture, such as the Parthenon in Athens. But there are milestones in jewelry […]

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Anello di Augustina Ros

Art design walking to Milan

Special jewels, between art and ornament, for 14 designers: Sara Barbanti, Paula Castro, Laura Forte, Saimi Joutsi, Kaori Juzu, Merıstėma Lab, Valentina Romen, Agustina Ros, Karin Seufert, Yoko Takirai, Giulia […]

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Anello Only for you

Francesca Mo Only for you

Francesca Mo returns to the Subert gallery in Milan (via della Spiga 42) for an exhibition of her jewels (10 November-22 December from Tuesday to Friday from 11 to 18, […]

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Spilla in argento e smalti con diamanti

Art jewels in Lugano

A new appointment between art and jewelery in Lugano (Switzerland). The Kromya Art Gallery (Viale Franscini, 11) hosts the exhibition Precious Perspectives. Works and jewels in dialogue dedicated to the […]

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Collier in oro, platino, diamanti, ametiste, turchesi. Commissionato dal duca di Windsor per la duchessa, 1947

Cartier and Islamic art, wedding in Paris

What unites Islamic art with a luxury jeweler like Cartier? More than you can imagine. An exhibition in Paris (from 21 October 2021 to 20 February 2022) organized at the […]

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Collana Serpente d - Jar in oro, argento, ametiste, zaffiri, diamanti

Fantastic jewels and where to find them (in New York City)

Men and beasts. Or, rather, creatures that are part of the world of nature. And jewelry. Animals are at the center of an exhibition in New York called Beautiful Creatures, […]

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Laura Volpi, orecchini in bronzo satinato

Jewels that amaze on display

Beauty and Astonishment is the name of the avant-garde jewelry exhibition in which 26 designers from different countries participate. The exhibition, curated by designer Luis Acosta, continues until 30 June […]

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Edizione di primavera di Artistar Jewels 2019

Milano Jewelry Week returns in June

Technical restart tests: vaccines and the effectiveness of health measures offer Prodes, the organizer of the Milan Jewelry Week, the certainty of fixing the second edition from 3 to 6 […]

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La composizione Rocher aux merveilles

The gems of wonders with Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels is, among the jewelery houses, one of those that boasts great attention in the choice of precious stones. A testimony of this special attitude is the […]

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Chia Hsien Lin, Smelling Memories

Florence Jewelery Week also canceled

Another event related to jewelry has been canceled: Florence Jewelery Week 2020 undergoes coronavirus quarantine. In fact, it is a non-news, even if it was not official. Since we entered […]

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Bracciale Cuore di Liu Jo Luxury

The Cuore capsule by Liu Jo Luxory in the Be a Sweetheart exhibition in Milan

The capsule collection Cuore presented by Liu Jo Luxury in the Be a Sweetheart, the heart in fashion jewelry, an exhibition organized in Milan, February 8-18 at Palazzo Giureconsulti, by […]

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Spilla Marcelle. Foto: Luigi Briselli

The buttons transformed into bijoux-design by Lea Stein are on exhibition

French Lea Stein is considered an innovative designer in the field of plastic jewelry. An exhibition at the Bijou Museum in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) is dedicated to the designer, describing his […]

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Orecchini della collezione Stagioni in  oro con rubini e foglie di giada

The unique pieces by Antonella Ferrara on show in Milan

Gold, silver, natural stones and pearls, with the ambition of becoming sculptures to wear. They are the result of the work of Antonella Ferrara, who has a long (35 years) […]

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Bulgari, Serpenti, particolare

The history of Bulgari’s Serpents is on show in Venice

Looking at Venice from above, the Grand Canal has the sinuous shape of a snake. So what better place than the Lagunar city for an exhibition dedicated to Bulgari’s Serpenti? […]

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L'allestimento della mostra «il Tempo, la Natura e l’Amore» a Palazzo Reale, Milano. Foto: Santi Caleca

Van Cleef & Arpels in exhibition in Milan

In Milan, 400 jewels by Van Cleef & Arpels in a large exhibition that tells the story of the Parisian Maison ♦ ︎ The great, sparkling, imaginative world of Van […]

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Elena Tiberi, Jewelry Earrings

The Milan Jewelery Week program

The Milan Jewelery Week program with 150 designer-artists and the Artistar Jewels competition ♦ ︎ We must congratulate Prodes, a company that organizes events of different types and its founder, […]

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