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Anello dedicato alla terra, in oro e diopside

Four Elements for Magerit

Earth, water, air, fire: these are the Elements that inspire the new Magerit collection, to celebrate the 25 years of the Maison ♦ ︎ Fairy tales, legends, myths: the Spanish […]

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Magerit, anello in oro giallo, diamanti, onice

The feline shadows of Magerit

The Shadow collection by Magerit: a ferocious puma of gold and diamonds turning in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings ♦ ︎ If you go to the parts of Madrid, be […]

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L'area Design Room a VicenzaOro September

In 12 in the Design Room

Here are the 12 creators present in the Design Room at VicenzaOro January 2019 ♦ ︎ VicenzaOro warms the engines and anticipates the names of the 12 creatives who will […]

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Anello Passion in oro, diamanti, zaffiri rossi

Magerit declares Eternal love

The stories of eternal love in the Eternal collection of Magerit: goldsmith virtuosity and a lot of feeling ♦ ︎ To get back happy there is nothing better than an […]

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Noor Fares, anello Flower of Life, pietra luna, oro giallo, pietre di colore e diamanti

VicenzaOro Design Room, who will go and who will not

Who is there, who is not there and who you must discovered among the 11 designers invited to VicenzaOro January in the Design Room ♦ ︎ Aida Bergsen, Akillis, Fernando […]

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Pendente King Tyson

The tough Magerit pendants

Three bad guys are pendants in the Magerit Black Black Essence collection ♦ Magerit is a Spanish Maison who loves two things: fantastic characters and a jewelery that becomes a […]

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Pendenti Bacanal, in oro giallo o bianco e diamanti

Magerit, the skull tells a story

The Magerit skulls of the Black Essence collection tell a story with their form ♦ Horror enthusiasts, thrill lovers, followers of the transgression: here is a collection specially designed for […]

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Anello Germina

Magerit in the Gea myth

The Earth in the myth told by Magerit with imaginative Gea collection ♦ Some people are not content to draw a precious jewel. There’s people who want to present something different. […]

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Masterpiece della collezione. Simboleggia la magia del momento in cui Odette cerca di liberare se stessa dall'incantesimo. Tormaline verdi, oro giallo, diamanti

The Magerit fairytale

The Swan Lake fairytale on Magerit stage: the Hecizo collection by the Spanish Maison revives the myth. An old Russian fairy tale, Swan Lake, with time has become inspiration of a […]

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Collana Venice di Qayten

In VicenzaOro the design wins

The Design Room in VicenzaOro January 12 outstanding authors of tomorrow’s jewelry. One of the best innovations of VicenzaOro January edition was the introduction of the Design Room. While some […]

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Spilla in oro con smeraldo e diamanti

The neo-classical mythology Magerit

The old Spain and the noblest traditions of the Spanish capital: Magerit is the ancient name of Madrid and is also to one of Europe’s most sophisticated jewelry brands. Founded […]

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