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Anello da falange in bronzo placcato oro o argento

Ten useful tips before buying a jewel

How to choose a jewel to give or buy for you? Here are ten useful tips for those looking for a diamond or gemstone ring ♦ ︎ When buying a […]

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Bee Goddess, anello con la figura dell'occhio in oro rosa e diamanti neri e grigi

Amulet or talisman jewelry

The jewels in the shape of an amulet or talisman. But you can wear them even if you are not superstitious ♦ Were jewels first made as ornaments or used […]

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Diana Zhang, Un anno in Cina: Winter, indossato

How to choose a jewel with 9 step

Do not you know which jewel to choose? If you are unsure about which ring, necklace, earring or bracelet choose, read these nine tips: they will help you choose the […]

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Il dispositivo Leaf indossato come collana

The biotech jewel for woman

Bijoux which also have the function of monitoring the female biological cycle, contraception, etc. It’s called Leaf ♦ There is the bracelet that sends the sms, the ring that monitors […]

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Calcagnini Gioielli

A jewel contemporary to design in Milan

In Milan, jewelry and art at the Rossini Gallery on the occasion of Design Week ♦ ︎ For a week, every year, Milan becomes the capital of design. Salone del […]

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Anello pasticcino

A diet with jewels

Maybe you like food, but have you eaten too much lately? Or are you passionate about cooking? You can just wear these food-shaped bijoux by Norihito Hatanaka ♦︎ Melon, zucchini, […]

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Vetrina a VicenzaOro

Food, music and jewelry with VicenzaOro

With Vioff many opportunities for food, culture and entertainment in the city that hosts VicenzaOro (22-26 september) ♦ ︎ Jewels to taste. Or, better, jewelry combined with gastronomy, culture and […]

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Gio' Pomodoro, bracciale, 1980, oro giallo, oro bianco, smalti, zaffiri, diamanti. Photo: Michele Porcari

Gio’ Pomodoro’s jewels in Vicenza

Gio’ Pomodoro’s jewels: wearable sculptures at the Vicenza Museum ♦ ︎ If you go on a trip to Vicenza, until September 2 you can combine jewelry and sculpture art. The […]

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Diana Zhang, Un anno in Cina: Winter, indossato

10 tips for Valentine’s Day

Ten things to know before buying a jewel for Valentine’s Day (but the tips are also valid for later). 1 If you are unsure of the size of the fingers […]

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The hour is Allegra con de Grisogono

The hour is Allegra con de Grisogono

Allegra, the jewel-watch signed by de Grisogono 25 years after the debut of the Maison ♦ ︎ His name is Allegra. But, in reality, it is easier than it is […]

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A  jewel for safe

A jewel for safe

A small technological anti-aggression jewel: it could be useful and has been designed in the USA. It is also sold online ♦ It’s a good or bad news the launch, […]

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Fateme Safar Talab, collane serie Lady Pomegranate

Persia of jewels on exhibition

The jewels of ancient and modern Persia at the Bijou Museum of Casalmaggiore ♦ ︎ Persia is not just one of a thousand and one night. And it is not […]

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Carrie Fisher con la collana Planetoid Valley

Star Wars necklace is back

The necklace worn by Princess Leia’s in Star Wars is 40 years. And is back ♦ ︎ Star Wars in 2017 has reached 40 years. But it does not show […]

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Letizia Maggio, In a colourful world. Photo: Alice Brazzit

The volume’s of jewels in Venice

Art and Jewelery: a marriage destined to last. Indeed, a n alliance that is regularly renewed with events, exhibitions, performances. Also on the avant-garde wavelength, as evidenced by About Volumes, […]

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Orologio polipo, con madreperla, diamanti, zaffiri

Octopus’s time

A jewel-watch signed Zannetti, in addition to the jewels of the Italian Maison. There are watches that are not clocks: to use them to control what time it is almost […]

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Anello in oro giallo con diamanti neri

The leopards of Jack Vartanian

The glam jewels of Brazilian designer Jack Vartanian. As well as hosting competitions of the Olympics, in Brazil there is another kind of race: among jewelers. In a country rich […]

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Orecchini della collezione Anamorphose

Maison Margiela, simple complications

The high fashion, sometimes, is a bit ‘quirky, and extends increasingly the brand in the jewelry business: among the big names that have made the plunge is also Maison Margiela. […]

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Inaugurazione mostra

In Milan, the art of jewelry on exhibition

If you are near Milan, maybe to visit the Expo, do not miss the exhibition called Gioiello – arte e nutrimento dell’anima (Jewel – art and food of the soul). […]

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Gioiello disegnato da De Chirico, esposto alla mostra «L'arte e il gioiello» a Valenza

In Valenza “The art and the jewel”

The art and jewelery, in the homeland of goldsmiths. That is, an exhibition dedicated to the artists who performed and still compete to translate their creativity into necklaces, rings, bracelets. […]

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Chantecler, ciondolo Love Letters in argento e smalto rosso

Chantecler messenger of love

There are no only e-mail and Whatsapp: a message of love with stamps, precious, is more valuable: is Love Letters a Chantecler collection. It is composed of two pendants, both […]

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