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Alana Hadid con i gioielli di Colette

The Santos y Cielos collection by Colette

Perhaps it is no coincidence that Colette’s new collection, Santos y Cielos, was unveiled when the coronavirus kills thousands of people around the world. The jewels of the French-Mexican designer […]

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Orecchini a cerchio in oro annerito e diamanti

The celebrated jewels of Ofira

To get to know the Ofira jewelery brand, one must start from the Schwartz family, the name of an American family associated with diamonds and jewels with large, colored and […]

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Gigi Hadid con gioielli di Messika

Messika with Gigi Hadid

From Messika capsule collection Move Addiction with supermodel Gigi Hadid ♦ ︎ Messika is a jewelery Maison among the most famouses in Paris. Gigi Hadid is a front-page supermodel. Together […]

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