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Un set Pain de Sucre con gemma intercambiabile

Fred, interchangeable tango

Rings with interchangeable stones, or bracelets with an iconic clasp: these are the jewels of Fred, brand of the LVMH group ♦ The tango of interchangeable ring starts from Buenos […]

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Il collier Calibre pierre

The necklace that measures diamonds

Fred re-proposes his caliber-shaped necklace to measure the carats of the diamonds ♦ They gave you a diamond ring. Oh well, how big is the diamond? And has more carats than […]

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Suite Grand Orion, di diamanti e zaffiri

Mouawad arrives in Europe

In Geneva, the first European boutique of Mouawad, one of the gods of luxury jewelry. It is arrived in Europe, with a boutique, one of the giants of the jewel […]

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La pantera di Cartier nella vetrina di Place Vendome

Secrets of Place Vendome

Place Vendôme, one of the mythical places of jewelry. And also a vantage point to understand trends, including those of marketing, for an object so sophisticated and privileged as the […]

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