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Anelli nuziali

3 tips to choose the ring of marriage

How to choose the wedding ring? Before you choose a ring you have to think of it: here are three tips to make the right decision. It may seem strange, […]

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Collezione Tiffany 1837. Prezzo: 280 euro

The 15 less expensive Tiffany’s rings 

A Tiffany’s ring. How would you like it? And here are the 15 Tiffany rings that cost less. Prices are updated in April 2017. How many women dream of receiving […]

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Fedi intrecciate in oro bianco e oro rosa e bianco, con diamante

Orsini’s circles

The novelties of Orsini, Valenza’s goldsmith company specializing in wedding and solitary rings ♦ Gold, diamonds, precious stones, but also silver: the ingredients of classic jewelry are those that Orsini […]

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Anelli nuziali in oro

Clean gold with ammonia

How to clean gold jewelry with a simple system: a bathroom with water and ammonia. Here’s how. Your relationship as a couple has tarnished? Or, perhaps, it is only the […]

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Anello deformato

If the ring is warped

What to do if a ring is warped? There are easy remedies, but not always. Here are the solutions. It can happen after lifting a suitcase or a bag of […]

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Jacob & co, anello cocktail

The 10 kind of the most popular rings

What ring choose? Each form has its own meaning and its own name. Read what are the 10 types of the most worn rings and what they symbolize. There are […]

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De Beers, anello Forefer, oro bianco e diamante

Wedding rings, how to choose

Wedding rings, guide to choosing the wedding ring (and 15 ideas) ♦ Jewelry has always played a decisive role in relationships, not only from the frivolous point of view, as […]

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Damiani, Minou, anello solitario in oro bianco. Prezzo: a partire da 1490 euro

Damiani, the 10 least expensive rings

The ten cheapest rings for marriage or engagement signed Damiani ♦ ︎ Lunch, invitations, guests, decorations, organization, relatives, friends, colleagues and… Marriage can be transformed (and often happens) into a […]

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Anelli in Platinum Gold

Platinum and gold for wedding rings

Platinum and gold: it’s a precious metal alloy proposal for the wedding rings by the British brand Domino. You want a ring made in gold or in platinum? From now […]

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Pomellato: fede della collezione Lucciole in oro bianco sabbiato con diamante. Prezzo: 490 euro

The 19 best bridal rings

The jewels have always played a decisive role in the relationship, not only in terms of more frivolous, as one of the most appreciated gifts a man can do a […]

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Anello in oro rosa e diamanti

Unoaerre, 90 with wedding rings

Turn 90 years old and not hear, indeed celebrate lightly: 2016 is a historic year for Unoaerre. For this reason the Arezzo company decided to celebrate the birthday with a […]

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Elena Santarelli e Bernardo Corradi alle prese con l'Amore

The striker, the model and Amore of Pasquale Bruni

He is Bernardo Corradi, a former striker with a habit of scoring goals at the heart of admirers. She is Elena Santarelli, television presenter and model. After years of engagement […]

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Collezione Recarlo Fresh

Esclusivo: ventata Fresh per Recarlo

Una mano amica ha fatto pervenire in redazione le immagini esclusive della ultima collezione di Recarlo, presentata nei centralissimi locali della maison, a Milano. Diciamo subito che Recarlo si è […]

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