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Donald Trump

Give back the ring? Here are the rules

Paris Hilton e Chris Zylka

In case of separation or divorce must return the ring and jewelry received as a gift? Here is what the law says. And the common sense ♦ ︎ When you browse through the album of memories, everything looks so beautiful. He, she, the smiles, the happy moments. But love does not always last long. Divorces,…

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The Hollywood diamonds

Anne Hathaway

The jewels of Hollywood stars, including diamonds that seal the marriage and others that do not serve to stop the breakup ♦ It seems that jewels, especially those with diamonds, are the favorite partners of Hollywood actresses and starlets and, more generally, in the entertainment world. Of course, they are also faithful and sought after…

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Graff attack, data on Trump stolen and …

Lo stand di Graff a Baselworld

Can a jewel cause an international crisis? It is the risk of a hacker attack on one of the greatest jewelers, Graff. The Londoner Maison, founded by Laurence Graff and now run by his son, Francois Graff, was the victim of an attack by a (presumably Russian) gang of computer pirates. As in the now…

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Kara Ross’s stones between Trump and Obama

Anello con topazio e peridoto

Kara Ross says that she fell in love with the precious art of girlish jewelry, after a trip to Africa from which she returned with a precious stone. In Philadelphia, where she was born, her mother took her to a jeweler who made the first jewel by Kara Ross: a square cut ring on an…

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Ivanka Trump, jewels with mystery

A financial intrigue behind the jewelery brand linked to Ivanka Trump ♦ ︎ The jewelry brand tied to Ivanka Trump, daughter of the US president, Donald Trump has a problem. A commercial failure? Maybe. But in the United States on the flop of the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry brand, menacing shadows are gathering. Read also:…

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Tiffany appeals to Donald Trump

Tiffany vs Trump

Tiffany invites Donald Trump to comply with climate agreements ♦ There are curious coincidences in the world. Some concern Tiffany, the world’s largest jewelery group. Here are some: Tiffany is one of Donald Trump’s favorite jewelry brands. And Tiffany’s headquarters in downtown New York are just steps away from the Trump Tower, main residence, before the…

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The jewels by Trump (Ivanka)

Her name is Ivanka Trump, 36 years old, and is the holder of an American brand of jewelry. But, let’s face it: most of the world knows it too because it is the daughter of Donald Trump, the billionaire who decided to go into politics and and won for the US presidency. This increase the…

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