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Dearest Dior, fine jewelry 77 different ways

in alta gioielleria
Anello in oro, diamanti e zaffiro

Dior, a name that is synonymous with haute couture. And during the Paris week dedicated to high fashion, the Maison presented its new collection, curated as always by the artistic director for jewelry, Victoire de Castellane. The collection is called this time Dearest Dior, has 77 unique pieces, and follows the idea of enhancing his…

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Dior high jewelry with Print

Spilla con zaffiri, diamanti e smeraldi

Victoire de Castellane has the merit of surprising without limitations to the aesthetics of her high jewelry. As is now tradition, Dior presented its couture collections in Paris with a view of the summer. The high jewelery collection this year is called Print. Like the verb to print in English. The creative director’s idea seems…

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The jewelers that close in Russia

in news
Boutique De Beers a Mosca

The real drama is that of human lives lost in vain, of overwhelmed lives, of lives that will never be the same. But the war in Ukraine also causes a smaller, much smaller, but not irrelevant, drama related to jobs, in the West and in Russia, which will be lost to a stupid aggression. Both…

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The stripes of Dior high jewelry

in alta gioielleria/vetrina
Anello Galons Dior, oro bianco, diamanti, rubini, lacca rossa

A galon, in French, indicates a strip of interwoven fabric used as an ornament for clothes or furnishings. For example, stripes that are a hallmark of the ranks worn on the military uniform. From this sign the imagination of the creative director of Dior Joaillerie, Victoire de Castellane, has created the new high jewelery collection.…

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Cara Delevingne wears Rose des Vents by Dior

in news
Cara Delevingne, ambasciatrice della collezione Rose des Vents

The wind rose blows on billboards with British model and actress Cara Delevingne. More than a meteorological indication, however, it is the Rose des Vents collection by Dior, of which Cara Delevingne is the official face. As a brand ambassador, Delevingne wears new pieces from the Rose des Vents collection, a fine jewelry collection designed…

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Roses bloom with Dior

in alta gioielleria/bracciale/vetrina/COLLANE
Anello in oro rosa e bianco, diamanti, spinelli rosa, zaffiri rosa e tsavoriti

The roses in the gardens bloom in spring. And also those of high jewelery. The roses, in this case, are those of Dior and its artistic director Victoire de Castellane, who created RoseDior, a new collection of 54 pieces of high jewelery that arrives just ten years after the Bal des Roses collection. The recurring…

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The new Gem Dior 2021

in bracciale/vetrina/ANELLI
Bracciale in oro, diamanti, malachite, lapislazzuli e crisoprasio

x The Gem Dior 2021 collection by Victoire de Castellane amazes those who expected from the artistic director of the Maison a jewelry line that is cousin to last year’s. But no, the designer has changed her feeling. And the surprise remained intact, because Victoire de Castellane’s inventiveness is always cheerful, despite the difficult times…

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Match different earrings in 4 moves

in Orecchini/da sapere
Orecchini con diamanti bianchi e neri, rubino

Wear different earrings: you can. Here are the tips on how to wear different earrings with success ♦ Have you lost half of a pair of your favorite or precious earrings and sadly wondered what to do with the surviving earring? Well, you are in luck. On the red carpet, there have been many unmatched…

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The new Dior jewels have the face of Cara Delevigne

in news/bracciale/COLLANE
Cara Delevigne indossa la collezione Rose de Vents di Dior

Dior also for winter 2020 has the face of Cara Delevingne. The 29-year-old British model is still an ambassador for Dior’s Rose des Vents jewelery collection, designed by artistic director Victoire de Castellane. The collection, launched a few years ago, is now enriched with new pieces inspired by Christian Dior’s passion for divinatory art. Dior,…

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The influencers who sold fake jewelry

in news

What if the influencers, men or women, weren’t all little angels? It is known that the varied army of influencers, usually beautiful girls or self-proclaimed experts on something, aims to make money by advertising, more or less hidden from the products they show on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok and the like. But it is also…

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Gem Dior, the new high jewelery collection

in alta gioielleria/vetrina/ANELLI
Anello Toi & Moi in oro giallo e rosa con smeraldi, diamanti, zaffiri, granato, peridoto, lacca, perla

The Dior palette is filled with colors with its new high jewelery collection which is simply called Gem Dior. It is a particularly important collection, as always sprung from the mind of the creative director of Dior jewelry, Victoire de Castellane, because it celebrates the French Maison’s 20 years of haute joaillerie. As the name…

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The jewelry of sea

in vetrina
Clip Pesce in oro bianco, con diamanti cabochon e zaffiri neri, onice

The jewels inspired by the sea: perfect to be worn in August, but even better in the other months of the year ♦ The month of August, in the northern hemisphere (ie the one that goes from the North Pole to the equator), coincides with the hottest month, often destined for all or part to…

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Everything about tourmaline

in da sapere
Tormalina watermelon. Copyright:

All you want to know about the most fashionable stone: the tourmaline. Green, blue or red, is the gem of the moment. Here is a quick tour guide ♦ Often confused with other stones, tourmaline is characterized by a wide range of hues and shades. No coincidence that the name comes from a Sinhalese word…

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Dior, high-jewelry three time

in alta gioielleria/vetrina
Anello in oro rosa con diamanti, zaffiri blu e rosa, tormalina e tanzanite al centro

A new collection of high jewelry by the Maison: lace, gold and stones with Dior Dior Dior ♦ ︎ After the gardens of Versailles and the baroque decorations of the great residence of the French kings, here is another noble inspiration from Victoire de Castellane, who leads Dior’s fine jewelry with great expertise. The new…

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Dior, the secrets of Versailles

in Nuove collezioni/alta gioielleria
Dior, alta gioielleria, orecchini in oro bianco, diamanti, berillo verde

At the court of Versailles with the high jewelery by Dior, to search among its secrets ♦ ︎ Versailles is not just a destination for tourists, but a part of French culture and History, written in capital letters. And it is also culture, art, fantasy. Finally, it is also one of the topical places around…

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The jewelery by Gianfranco Ferré

in news
Gianfranco Ferré, spilla con leone

In Turin an exhibition dedicated to 200 jewels designed by Gianfranco Ferré ♦ ︎ Gianfranco Ferré was not only a great designer, but also a great inventor of accessories. Widely used in parades as a complement to dresses, Ferré’s bijoux, which disappeared ten years ago at 63, have the same style as the designer, who…

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Dior in auction from Sotheby’s

in news
Chocker stile Masai in ottone dorato, disegnato da John Galliano

Christian Dior’s fashion jewelry on display and auction online from Sotheby’s Paris ♦ ︎ Dior is one of the great brands of fashion, but also of jewelery. Now it also becomes the first Maison to go online in a sale of Sotheby’s France. The auction concerns a private collection of Christian Dior Jewelery and will…

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Dior to Versailles Gardens

in vetrina
Bracciale.orologio Parterre du Midi, con grande smeraldo quadrato

High Jewelery: Versailles gardens interpreted by Dior. Images ♦ ︎ Assuming not to put yourself in the shoes of Maria Antonietta (finished on the guillotine) it is legitimate to put yourself in the shoes of a queen if you can wear the new pieces of high jewelery signed by Dior. The Versailles Palace was the…

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